The Tuner Shop is a repair shop and car dealership owned by Otto Delmar and Joe Caine, and managed by Eddie Marshall.

Despite them being the owners, Otto and Joe have very little involvement in the shop. To most people's concern, Eddie is the owner because he runs everything about the business.


The Tuner Shop was started when Eddie Marshall and Otto Delmar met. Otto found out that Eddie designed his own cars and suggested starting a shop in Los Santos.

When the Tuner Shop first opened it was located on the corner of Las Lagunas Boulevard and Spanish Avenue in West Vinewood. It stayed there for a few months before it moved to a big warehouse on the very east side of Vespucci Boulevard.

The tuner shop specializes in highly modified and custom vehicles that Eddie either imports to the city or builds himself. The shop is also the only place in the city where tuner chips are made .





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