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The Tuner Shop, also known as the "Tuna Shop", is a repair shop and car dealership owned by Eddie Marshall. He owns 52%. It is managed by Tommy Cruizer, and its Sales Operations are run by Mary Mushkin, Chip Wheeler and Eddie himself.


The Tuner Shop was started when Eddie Marshall and Otto Delmar met. Otto found out that Eddie designed his own cars and suggested starting a shop in Los Santos. This was ended in early 2020.

The old Tuner shop was demolished and was started afresh by Eddie Marshall when the City was rebuilt afresh, he took over ownership and began scouting for a new location and investors. The new Tuner shop was known to be opening "soon" for 2 months near in a junkyard near the Maze Bank Arena, but was abandoned for a better location near the docks.

Charles Johnson gave up a R35 given to him by the Puppet Master to Eddie (which he scrapped for Delorean parts) in exchange for his 10%. Originally Ramee was to join Cerberus and get the other 40%, but instead he managed to sow enough distrust within both parties and Eddie ended up splitting it with a select few Racers and trusted friends in the CG circle.

A date from the workers of its opening was given, August 27th. Unfortunately, on the 24th it was further delayed for unknown reasons to September 10th. On the 10th September 2021, the Tuner Shop was officially re-opened with fully stocked cars. These cars were not to be handed out to just anyone who had the cash for them, the cars had to be earned as Eddie and his team believed they should find a home that suits them and be in an environment where they will be used to their true potential.

Vehicles Sold

This is a list of vehicles sold by the Tuner Shop. These vehicles are exclusively sold by the Tuner Shop, and some are even custom made and tuned to the customers liking.

The Tuner Shop does not sell vehicles to anyone with the money for it, rather they value the appreciation for the vehicles, and strive to deliver their products only to the most deserving people.

Some cars are one-off's and may only be sold to whomever reserved or ordered it for importation, that includes the DeLorean DMC-12, Brabham BT62-R, Lexus LC500, McLaren 675LT, and Bentley Dragon.

Vehicle Cost Bought By Racing Alias Date
DeLorean DMC-12 $1,000,000 Lang Buddha TimeLord July 17th 2021
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 - Taco Prince (originally owned by Miguel Almerion) Muscle Sept 10th 2021
Nissan Silvia S15 $1,254,000 + 3,300 GNE (495K) Mayumi Himura Samurai Sep 19th 2021
Brabham BT62-R $1,710,000 + 4000 GNE (600k) Ramee El-Rahman xXFatC0ckXx Sept 21st 2021
Nissan GT-R R35 (Rocket Bunny) - Benji Ramos - Sept 23rd 2021
Lexus LC500 $1,550,000 + 3400 GNE (510k) Randy Bullet KillaManShankz Oct 2nd 2021
McLaren 675LT $1,200,000 Vinny Pistone NotADev Oct 3rd 2021
Bentley Dragon $1,700,000 + 4000 GNE (600k) Mr. Kebun Dragon Oct 7th 2021
Nissan GT-R R35 - Octavio Stenberg Goofy Oct 14th 2021
6STR Imponte Ruiner $1,140,000 Chad Brodie - Nov 11th 2021
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6 $850,000 Francis J Francer SUKCOK Nov 18th 2021
Dodge Challenger Raid $1,000,000 + 2655 GNE (400k) Siz Fulker - Nov 18th 2021
BMW M3 E36 $1,335,000 Wayne Biggz - Nov 19th 2021
Nissan GT-R R35 - Juan Carlos Hernandez Bwo Nov 19th 2021
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 - Hutch Hutcherson HeadEyes Nov 21st 2021
Lexus RCF - Jaylen Carter - Nov 22nd 2021
Nissan GT-R R32 $1,150,000 + 3250 GNE (487.5K) Charles Johnson BigHead Nov 29th 2021
Lexus RCF $1,600,000 Randy Bullet (sold through Vultur Lé Culturé Imports) KillaManShankz Dec 21st 2021
Ford GT $1,755,600 Alexander Campbell Soup Dec 22nd 2021
Audi R8 Hycade $1,692,000 + 2025 GNE Tommy Tate BABYFACE Dec 30th 2021
Lexus LFA $1,700,000 Lil Erf - Dec 30th 2021
Lexus LFA $1,700,000 April Fooze - Dec 30th 2021
Honda NSX S1 - Miguel Almerion (originally owned by Taco Prince) - -
Honda NSX S1 - Jupiter Adams Nebula -
Audi R8 Hycade - Tony Corleone DuckerZ -
Nissan GT-R R32 - Harry Brown (currently repossessed due to breach of contract) bLimey -
Nissan GT-R R34 - Eddie Marshall Titanium -
Nissan GT-R R34 - Jackson Wilson Blacksteel -
Nissan GT-R R35 - Dean Watson (Won by Matthew Espinoz on the Casino wheel) - -
Ferrari 488 - Allen Widemann (sold through Vultur Lé Culturé Imports) - -
Ferrari 488 - Eugene Zuckerberg - -
Lexus RCF - Waleed Renting - -
Lamborghini Aventador - Raymond Romanov RayCer -
Dodge Challenger - Adam Peterson AP -
6STR Pegassi Tempesta Custom - Marlo Stanfield financialyStable -
6STR Pegassi Tempesta Custom - Dean Watson (currently on the Casino wheel) - -
Nissan Silvia S15 $1,254,000 + 1,600 GNE Al Saab Badboy Jan 3rd, 2022
6STR Karin Sultan RS V8 $1,300,000 + 1575 GNE Barry Benson - Jan 9th 2022





Additional roles



A Handful of racers own stake in the tuner shop as follows,

Charles Johnson 10%
Randy Bullet 5%
Ramee El-Rahman 5%
Flippy 5%
Phantom 5%
Mary Mushkin 3%
Curtis Swoleroid 3%
Goofy 3%
Taco Prince 2%
Allen Widemann 2%
Radek Merik 2%
Mari Posa 1%
Fast Loans 1%