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Tulip Peach is a character role-played by LilyPichu.


Tulip Peach is a bubbly pink-haired woman who sports a white polka-dotted dress with pink flowers and knee-high tawny brown boots. She first arrived in Los Santos on May 3, 2021. Not much is yet known about this young woman other than the fact that she is a zealous dog-lover with a deep-seated disdain for cats and a seemingly tenuous grasp on her own sanity.

In sharp contrast to her giggly sweet voice and disarming disposition, Tulip seems to have a penchant for violence and a disturbing preoccupation with murder. Since purchasing her first knife only a couple hours into her arrival to the city, almost every single friend she made has, in one way or another, found themselves on the deadly end of that blade. She innocently maintains they they all somehow "trip onto the knife" each time it happens. However, she can often be heard gleefully singing songs reminiscing about the bloody incidents with relish soon after each occurrence.

She also has a fixation on her own moral character, often soliloquizing about whether or not she is truly a good person. She seems to be caught up in some kind of self-delusion, always managing to find ways to justify her violent thoughts and actions, eventually reaching the conclusion that she is, indeed, "good".

She has expressed interest in becoming a pop star, and wants to audition to become an artist for Wu Chang Records.

Background Information

Tulip recently relocated to Los Santos from a city called "Rust Vegas". She had initially moved to Vegas in pursuit of an art career after finishing her art degree (against her parents' will). While in Vegas, she had some kind of traumatizing ordeal with what she refers to as "cat people". This ordeal escalated quickly and eventually became so unbearable that she decided to leave the Vegas in pursuit of greener pastures.

Barely an hour into her first arrival in Los Santos, she had a mysterious run-in with Yeager Demonblood at Burger Shot . Yeager silently approached her as she was talking with her new friends and "meowed" in her face before proceeding to walk away and watch her through a window. He then continued to creepily watch from Tulip from a distance until her friend, Blossom, offered to try to bribe Yeager to get him to leave. Yeager did not accept the bribe, but he did give Blossom a message to pass on to Tulip: "The citizens of Rust Vegas, never forget. Meow." Tulip seemed to have a visceral reaction upon hearing this message, but when asked what this meant by her friends, she quickly changed the subject.

History in Los Santos

First Day In Los Santos
Tulip is still very new to Los Santos, but her first day was already quite eventful. She made two new friends, Azalea Williams and Chad "Blossom" Brad, when Azalea offered to let Tulip borrow her bike following the first time she ever left the apartments. Shortly after formed the friend group, "The Flower Puff Girls".

Tulip had a haunting encounter with Yeager Demonblood during her first visit to Burger Shot with her friends, Azalea and Blossom, which hinted at some kind of rocky past in a place called Rust Vegas involving her hatred of cats.

Following the incident at Burger Shot Azalea and Blossom taught Tulip how to fish as a way to make money. While fishing, both Blossom and Tulip expressed the sentiment that they hope to be friends forever (despite only meetings a half hour prior). Blossom even expressed that he was willing to help murder any cat-lovers they meet around Los Santos together. Tulip seemed quite enthused by this and has since taken to comparing Blossom to a puppy due to his excitable, friendly and loyal nature. During this time, it was also revealed that Tulip is a singer and hopes to become a recording artist as soon as possible. Blossom, excited by this news, wanted to show off his own singing skills and decided to serenade the group with an out of tune rendition of "You Are My Sunshine".

After Fishing, the group briefly returned to the Alta Street Apartments where they met Sebastian (Top Hat), another new friend who they allowed to tag along. Tulip also had a brief encounter with Sasuke Johnson in the lobby of the Alta Street Apartments where, unimpressed by his hard exterior, she teasingly called him edgy. She also insulted him by claiming he was a cosplayer and not actually a real ninja. This enraged Sasuke who then followed Tulip and her friends to the parking lot and proceed to hurl eternal flames (molotovs) at them.

The group then paid a visit to Dean World to sell their fish and to show Tulip more of the city. While there, the group of friends got into a scuffle with some locals, and Tulip ended up stabbing Blossom and injuring him so grievously that he needed an ambulance and was unable to walk. Despite being initially apologetic, Tulip seemed quite amused by this incident as she was seen giggling hysterically with her friend Sebastian just minutes afterwards as well as making up light and playful songs about it. She also later made claims that Blossom tripped or fell onto the knife even going so far as to say that he "practically threw himself onto her knife".

Adventures With Shivvy and Sparkle
Tulip met Shivvy and Sparkle when she called for a taxi at the apartments hoping for a ride to Burger Shot. Shivvy and Sparkle were able to convince her to pay a visit to The Rooster's Rest instead, following an interesting conversation about eating "cocks". At The Rooster's Rest, Tulip inevitably ran into her mysterious enemy, Yeager Demonblood (a long time employee of the restaurant). She managed to avoid any major confrontation, however, as she left he said to her, "You have a wonderful time in the city, you evil bitch." She immediately turned around to question if she heard him correctly, but he played it off as if he didn't say anything at all.

Back in the car, Tulip expressed her great frustration with the lack of therapists in Los Santos. Much to her surprise, Sparkle then told her that she, herself, was a therapist. Tulip asked for a therapy session in which she expressed anxiety about haunting dreams she was having of a past life. She also said she believed herself to be crazy. Sparkle convinced, that she was not, in fact, "crazy" and that the fact that she was so self-aware and even questioning her own sanity in the first place proved otherwise. Sparkle also shared some sage wisdom regarding Tulip's fixation with her past, "You can't replace a period with a question mark", meaning, essentially, You can't change what has already happened. You must accept it and move on.

Tulip and co. then headed to Dean World. Tulip was almost immediately approached by a man selling unique shoes from the trunk of his car. Though nothing initially caught her eye, the man eventually was able to find a pair of bright pink sneakers which she agreed to buy.

While there, Sparkle and Tulip (who by this point had decided to become a therapist herself in order to help alleviate the marked lack of therapists in the city) had an impromptu therapy session with Shivvy. Sparkle decided to play "good therapist" while Tulip played "bad therapist". Throughout the session Sparkle was accordingly encouraging while Tulip incessantly degraded him. It was revealed that that Shivvy was on a regular does of depression medications and Viagra. The Viagra seemed to be too strong tho, as Shivvy stated that he was always "on the rise" these days, but not in a good way. Shivvy also opened up about his difficult childhood and being forced into child stardom in Bollywood at a young age by his parents.

It should also be mentioned that Tulip had an encounter with a "cat person" at Dean World who kept tackling people everywhere they went. Upon first seeing the cat person, Tulip pulled out her knife, immediately enraged by their presence and seemingly ready to attack. Shivvy had to drag her away to prevent the violent outburst.

Throughout the day, in different moments, Tulip would become suddenly overwhelmed by all the voices "around her and in her head". During these times, she would walk away and speak to her self out loud, monologuing about her problems, and often questioning her own sanity, the way she is perceived by others, and her relationships with others. She has a tendency to pull out her knife during these moments. Shivvy, seemingly concerned, approached Tulip during one of these lapses and was terrified by her rambling with her knife out. She later told him that he's her first friend who hasn't "fallen onto her knife". Since then Shivvy is generally very afraid of Tulip, though they remain friends.


Tulip Peach is part of a friend group self dubbed, "The Flower Puff Girls", which consists of Blossom (Chad Brad), Azalea Williams, and herself. There has also recently been talk of forming a gang: "The Comfy Cartel".