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Tristan Carter is a character role-played by Nescoh

General Information

Tristan Carter was a Trainee Dispatcher for the Los Santos Police Dispatch, call-sign Delta-42T.

He was accepted into the Los Santos Police Dispatch on September 9th, 2021.

Tristan resigned from his Dispatcher position on 1/8/2022 due to his lack of confidence in being a good fit for the job, he went on to pursue a career in EMS.

Tristan was hired to Emergency Medical Services as a Trainee on 03/04/22, callsign T-83

Tristan became a Chang Gang Medic on 03/23/22

Known to be very quiet the keep to himself kind of guy but can be seen trying to reach out to people, and having fun from time to time inside MRPD, Pillbox, and while outside his job doing Dodo, Fishing, or Impound Jobs.

Sinister Attack

On 03/19/22 Tristan went down to the Vespucci Barber Shop in Bondi Boys MC territory to trim his beard since it was getting a little too fluffy for his liking. When he arrived, the power was out inside the shop. Once inside Tristan was approached by 2 women in masks know as the 'Dabria Twins' with one holding a pair of scissors. The two women talked very ominously almost like a horror movie, they told Tristan that he was going to play a game with them and continued to blindfold Tristan and ask him if he picks Rock, Paper, or Scissors. While Tristan was thinking of an answer, one of the ladies started counting down from five. Once they reached three, Tristan said paper and The Twins both laughed and slit his throat with the pair of scissors, nicking his ear and severing a small piece off. After Tristan started blacking out slowly, The Twins started sewing his mouth shut, sewing 'L L' into his left arm and threw the piece of his ear to the other side of the room. While Tristan was barely awake he managed to hold pressure to his neck which was bleeding profusely and hit his panic button triggering a 10-14A. Police & EMS arrived on-scene shortly after and treated Tristan and documented the scene. Tristan suffered from his injuries and the sewn mouth was untreated because Nancy is a bad surgeon.

Joining CG

Tristan had met Ramee El-Rahman at Pillbox Hospital one day and began to get along with him. Days before the Mayoral Election, Tristan told Ramee that he would fully support his campaign and attempt to secure votes from EMS/Doctors, and civilians that he knew. From time to time Tristan would relay information regarding the election to Ramee to help him gain an advantage with his decisions and would also suggest ways to boost his votes. Ramee began calling Tristan the 'CG Medic' and Tristan became very invested in the name and eager to represent Chang Gang as a legal member. Tristan started introducing himself to other CG like Novah Walker, Vinny Pistone, Miguel Almerion, Mr. Kebun, and April Fooze. A few days into the voting period, Tristan pitched an idea to Mr. Kebun about opening an illegal doctor business inside of Little Seoul, this would be off the books and would allow Tristan to make a name for himself if he ewas ever fired from EMS. It would benefit CG and a specifc list of criminals as a place to go rather than Pillbox/Grandmas which likely would be watched by the Police. Kebun agreed with the idea and started getting things going for it.


Cayden Bottomley - Cayden is Tristan's EMS Lieutenant and also close friend. They often work together and may be seen off-duty together doing Dodo. TLDR, Tristan secretly likes Cayden.

Ramee El-Rahman - Ramee is a friend of Tristan's and one of the main reasons he's been able to work for/with CG. Tristan has full support of Ramee and only cares to see him thrive and make better decisions, more specifically those that don't seriously fuck him over.

Novah Walker - Tristan and Novah can often be see bullying each other, having L + Ratio wars between them and overall harassing each other. But their friends, I think?

Tommy Horver - Horver was Tristan's Dispatch FTO while he was a Dispatch Trainee, Tristan bullies Horver by putting up signs that it's 'Punch Horver Day' and usually twats it out to get people to beat up Horver. Although Tristan also has lots of respect for Horver since he's very confident and a great mentor.



Played By: Nescoh
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