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Trick Wicked was a character role-played by pokelawls.


Trick Wicked was a man from New York that looked like a mime. He was an avid BMX Biker and had amnesia. He always wanted to know who his family was and where he came from. He always got offended when someone called him a mime. He had a strong New York accent. He helped Robert, the manager at Burger Shot, to get to the graveyard to meet the Baba Yaga. He was incinerated with his bike and his friends by his side, after this he was sent into the shadow realm.


On February 23rd 2021, Trick tragically passed away after scaling a building on his BMX and plummeting down to earth. Who would have known his best trick would be his last.

His final words were telling Doctor Drake to call Robert, who was deeply shocked to hear about Trick's passing.


Final Trick


  • "Ay I'm standin here!"
  • "Hahaa!"
  • "Don't cha ever call me a mime!"

Played By: pokelawls
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