Travis Tribble is a character roleplayed by ConfusedDevil.

Description Edit

Travis Tribble is Sheriff of the BCSO, Badge #357. Tribble is in a long-term relationship, living with and dating EMS lieutenant, Hedi Saurus.

When Tribble was a teenager, he turned in his own criminal parents, and vowed to pursue a career as a law enforcement officer. Tribble loves his "Tommyhawk", and has given an identical one to Hedi for her own protection. His driving record is almost as bad as Ziggy Buggs, and often asks cadets or colleagues to let him ride as passenger.

Quotes Edit

  • "Blood for the Blood God"
  • "I'm gonna hit you with my Tommy Hawk."
  • "Imma just shoot them."
  • "Thems my Justice Wings."
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