Tracy Martell is a character role played by hobbittrash.

Introduction Edit

Tracy is an emotionally destitute cosmetic surgeon working for Pillbox Medical. Due to her abrasive personality Tracy has struggled to find long-term companionship, because of this she has begun clinging to her relationship with her ex-girlfriend, Nettie Machete, as a source of happiness and frequently conspires to find ways of winning her back.

Her intense jealousy and aggressive demeanor regularly causes her to self-sabotage any attempts at mending her relationship with Nettie.

Trivia Edit

  • Nettie first asked Tracy out on AOL.
  • Tracy's AOL username is: TRACY_BABYXOXORAWRXD.
  • Tracy owns a pink Baller.
  • Tracy refers to breakups as brakks, something which caused considerable confusion when she initially started dating Nettie.
  • She has 3 cats, though she may have drowned them in her bathtub. One of them was even pregnant.
  • Tracy wears wigs because her hair grows disproportionately after one of her exes threw acid on her head.
  • Normally blonde, Tracy has a habit of changing her hair color when she's upset. During her first brakk with Nettie she went through a goth phase with black hair. Then after being chastised by Dr. Cross for not wearing proper hospital attire she switched to white hair.
  • Tracy keeps a stash of dirty needles in one of the Pillbox cabinets and frequently uses them to threaten patients to be complacent with her demands. She's even gone as far as giving someone chlamydia for flirting with Nettie.
  • Tracy occasionally plays Minecraft while off-duty.
  • Tracy has an intense hatred for White Claws and doesn't understand why people like them.
  • Tracy has had plastic surgery to give herself a button-nose.
  • As part of a joke, one of the Judges married Tracy to Michael "Mikey" Dias. An event which has put a strain on Tracy's efforts to win back Nettie's trust.

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