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Tracey-Rose Steel is a character role-played by GaspItsTrace. While her pronouns change with her gender, she prefers she/her when talking about her past.


"I think it matters who you want to be and who you're trying to be more is more important than who you used to be."

Tracey-Rose was most commonly seen wearing a short sleeved collard shirt decorated with planets, space ships and UFOs as well as black pants and usually wears clothes she believes are fun, but has also been seen to dress more formally with a plain collared shirt and vest with a coat. She now typically wears her Cool Beans uniform.

Personality-wise, she is rather naïve, often believing the best about people unless told otherwise and always tries to see where everyone is coming from, causing her to not judge people on their decisions until she has heard why they did it.

Background Information

Tracey-Rose was raised in a small town where she was sheltered for most of her youth. She didn't know much outside what she had learned at school or on some educational kid's show. That started to change once she started going to high school and started learning more about computers and coding. She was never really allowed on a computer before then because her parents had been controlling of what kind of websites that she had been allowed to visit so it had just been a kinda cool thing that didn't do much until she was shown all of the internet, or really just shown that it was much bigger than she had previously thought. This grabbed Tracey-Rose's attention, enamored by all the possibilities that had opened up to them she kept learning more and more about computers, and with that, found out more of what was going on in the world. This led to her discovering her gender identity as well as shifted her views on the world away from her parents, causing a divide between them. After some tense few years, Tracey-Rose finally went to college, finally living out of her parent's house and experiencing the world as it was for the first time.

College was exactly what Tracey-Rose had hoped for, a place where different cultures and ideas met and she was able to make friends with all kinds of people. However, as she was learning more about other people and her views of the world, she slowly fell further and further behind in her studies, sometimes skipping classes to do things with friends or if she found something more interesting that she wanted to research. After a while, she realized she was learning more on her own than they were at school and decided to drop out and explore different places in the world to learn more about how other people see it.

In the City

After moving into the city Tracey-Rose quickly met Natalie Dabosse who later suggested that she apply for Cool Beans, where she quickly moved up the ranks as one of their employees. Maia Berkeley wanted to reward a group of the employees for their hard work at Cool Beans and took them for a hunting trip. While not participating in the hunting Tracey-Rose went along to hang out. Due to the actions of some of the other employees they were later held in custody by the San Andreas State Park Rangers for poaching. Only half the group knew about this so the rest were confused as to why they were being held, including Tracey-Rose. Tracey-Rose was let go for no involvement but some of her other coworkers were sent to prison.

On one of the days she was working with Nat, Semlina Thaysa, and Veronica Westfield, Veronica wanted to dispose of a supposedly haunted mirror she had gotten from That's Weird. Curious about it, Tracey-Rose picked up the mirror and inspected it before she was told to put it back down before they went to the Paleto farmer's market. However, her mind kept going back to the mirror, feeling it call to her she began running from the farmers market back towards the city along the highway, causing her coworkers to have to drive after her, intercepting her halfway down the highway. Unable to convince her to get in the car, Nat and Sem had to knock her out and restrain her to keep her from going back to where they discarded the mirror. Knocked out she kept muttering about 'Vanessa' and 'I have to go save her'. Waking up at Dean's world she quickly dodged getting knocked out again and began running back to the mirror. A block before she got to the mirror Semlina knocked her out again while Natalie got a car to bring them back. Once at Deans World again Nat got someone to handcuff Tracey-Rose and asked an employee from That's Weird to perform an exorcism to expel any evil influence the mirror was habing. After performing the exorcism Cassandra Silverton gave her a bottle of holy water to take care of anything left, but with some slight of hand she instead drank some water she had on her instead, discarding the holy water later.



Natalie Dabosse

One of the first people she met in the city, Nat helped show Tracey-Rose around and explain how the city worked. Over time they have gotten pretty close and Tracey-Rose considers her one of her best friends.

Semlina Thaysa

The two first met at the Cool Beans hunting trip and later attending Pride together, where after Semlina took her to the graveyard to pay respects to her parents grave. The two quickly became close and Tracey-Rose has developed a crush on her but hasn't made any moves to make that known.

Onyx Angel

While not having known her for long, Tracey-Rose thought that Onyx was really cool and enjoyed spending time with her. After hearing about her passing away she regrets how little they actually hung out and wishes she had more time with her.