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Tony Foster is a character role-played by lolJukebox.


Tony is a 24 year old man, born and raised in New York (with an New Yorker accent) and recently relocated to Los Santos. Tony is a foster child as his father was a mobster and his lifestyle caught up to him loosing his parents to a double homicide. Tony also likes to refer himself in third person and he doesn’t create enemies with others unless they betray/wrong him.

East Side Ballaz

Tony had made connections with Ramee El-Rahman a long time ago and asked Ramee if he could find him a crew to roll with and Ramee steered Tony towards the East Side Ballaz. This move led to Tony meeting Tyrone Biggums and immediately joining in during a civil war between the new Ballaz and Tyrone’s group. However, both sides came to an agreement to ceasefire and collaborate together to fight a bigger enemy, the Leanbois.

However, as of June 2nd, 2020 he was kicked out of the Ballaz after he had said to them that he maintained a relatively good relationship with the Leanbois, of whom they were currently at war with. The Ballaz did not like Tony's and the Leanbois' relationship, so he was shot down and put into the ICU, then kicked from the group.


Tony is currently working as a sort of leader to a group of material gatherers. He then manages and resells materials to other groups. Some of his biggest business partners include Vinny Pistone who buys materials in bulk and Eugene Zuckerberg who supplies Tony with crafted items like thermite in exchange for materials.


  • “Tony ‘Fucking‘ Foster!”
  • ”What are ya talking about!”

Played By: T5GJukebox
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