Tony Corleone is one of the founding members of the Leanbois.

He is roleplayed by Anthonyz

Background Edit

Tony is from Liberty City, growing up he became very fond of spaghetti and meatballs. At a specific point in his life, he decided to move to Los Santos, which lead him to become one of the founding members of the Leanbois.

Tony is actually one of the nicer criminals in the city. It depends on who the person is and how the person treats him. Tony has a pretty bad temper which probably makes him one the crazier members of the Leanbois (although not as crazy as Ricky Robins and Denzel Williams).

He is widely considered to be one of the "best drivers in Los Santos" (along with a few others such as Al Saab and Eddie Marshall). He is known to be really good at drifting, which possibly makes him the second best drifter in the city behind Eddie. Tony is also pretty good at shaking off cops, which makes him one of the best person to drive during a bank robbery.

He has a good reputation in the city, especially in the criminal world. He is also known for having a good sense of humor and makes funny jokes at times.

Tony is known to have a good knowledge of Los Santos. He is also known to do different types of activities for the city (specifically tours with Vinny Pistone at times). At some point, Tony took a break doing these activities and now he decided to bring it back as an official business.

Quotes Edit

  • "You're ruining the business!"
  • "Know you're fucking place."
  • "Hey Babe. I can't wait to fuck you tonight." - When Tony leaves Tori (especially when they drive in two separate cars)

Sound Cloud Edit

  1. Lucky Clucker - AnthonyZ feat. Wanz and Some Lean Ass Bois

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