Tony Andrews is a character role-played by Five0AnthO.

Background Edit

Tony "Tones" Andrews is a High Command Trooper of the SASP, Badge #215. He along with Trooper Kael Soze lead the police forces in the NoPixel city of Los Santos.

Investigation Work & SPJTF Edit

Trooper Andrews has recently been conducting undercover operations in the Southside. Tones wants to get to know the citizens who live in the worst parts of the city. His interest is in finding out more about the gangs. He often wears street clothes, or goes undercover, while patrolling the area. As the CID has dissolved, Andrews does his undercover work while wrapping up left-over/open CID cases, or while working on active cases for the SPJTF.

Undercover Ricky Edit

Andrews has a history with Ricky Robins, leader of The Rickys gang. Andrews conducted an intense interrogation of Ricky, which included tasering him multiple times, and shooting a police issued AR at the wall next to him. Ricky later sued Andrews over the incident, but lost his case.
As a part of the undercover work Andrews decided to infiltrate The Rickys as TBG (Token Black Guy) Ricky. To gain the trust of the group, he attacked fellow officer Brittany Angel,' who was aware of his undercover investigation. After a shootout with police, he told Angel' to put the charges on him, instead of the Rickys. He wants to continue his investigation into the group.

Father to Steele & Pred Edit

As Jordan Steele and Kyle Pred's superior officer Andrews was initially frustrated with Jordan because he'd get numerous complaints from citizens. Andrews decided to force Steele and Pred to do bike patrol, instead they went and empowered women at the hospital. Ultimately, Andrews decided that all Jordan and Pred needed was a father figure. Now he makes them call him "Daddy" as his surrogate sons and tries to make them better cops. He disciplines his "sons" with tough love that usually involves yelling, and brutal ass beatings. 

Relationships Edit

  • He is married to Torah Andrews.
  • Father figure to Jordan and Kyle.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Andrews often patrols with Trooper Kael Soze
  • He regularly boasts about sleeping with Soze''s' mother, usually to Soze, while tasing him.
  • Andrews made Officers Pred and Steele work bike patrol as a punishment.
  • He parodied Officer Jordan Steele for Halloween.
  • Hired the first civilian DoC corrections officer Pat Downing.
  • His favorite color is: Blue
  • Five0AnthO serves as a Law Enforcement Officer both in-game, and as his actual job.

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