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Toni Balbani is a character role-played by JustDurant.

General Description

Toni Balbani is the Boss of the Balbani Crime Family.

""Eat my ass from the back.""
― Toni Balbani

An American, born on the fourth of July way back in 1947, Toni Balbani was born right at the end of the Great Depression. The son of a mobster, Toni and his little brother Rico grew up with a family heavily involved in organized crime. The two brothers were exposed to extortion, armed robbery, narcotics, and many other heinous acts throughout their lives. However, the two boys were inseparable and got through their rough childhoods together.

Devastated, Toni had finally had enough. His bank was failing, the only family he cared about laid on an iron table filled with lead, and there were plenty of debts still owed to him from his days in the family business. He had tried to put it behind him, to be an honest man, but Rico’s killers were far from honest. It was time to go to work. He left for Los Santos. Toni had almost given up on life at this point in time. For Toni, there was no letting go. He decided to meet and speak with every person that his kid brother ever spoke with. This meant he would be able to narrow down who the killers were and also who he would be allowed to trust. Trusting and making meaningful connections over the foreseeable future was key in finding his killers and avenging his death. Not only did he lose his parents, he now lost his brother.

Toni is a story of suffering, marked by the pain of his family's death and his mistakes. Once he killed the men responsible for his kid brother's death, he decided to stay in the city of Los Santos. Finally to retire here and live in the family vacation home, to now put his old life to rest once again and also to start another new life. Toni will rebuild his once great criminal empire in the City of Los Santos.

Physical-Personality Attributes

In his later years Toni is a heavier-set man, 6'2, with the musk of cigar smoke that was wrapped around him like a cloud. Many years spent behind a desk piling up on his figure. His hair is greying due to his age, and his eyes are drooping and tired. He wears big aviator sunglasses to hide his bags. Everyone who ever met Toni ended up loving him or hating him. He is a classy, yet ruthless guy when it called for. From hot-head to empathetic lover, you never know what you will get with Toni Balbani. Loud mouthed and crass if you cross him - sweet and kind to his friends and family. He can win some and he can lose some. Toni despite many of his flaws--- he always was humble, even before he lost everything he had. He knew that as long as he had family everything was going to be okay.

Active Storylines

  • While rolling with an individual named "Slim Jim", a so-called friend of Toni's. They were on a journey to learn how to start boosting cars thought by Finn(with a Q). However, while Toni was trying to jump into the car, Slim Jim kept inching forward, not allowing Toni inside the car. Then, ditching Toni and calling him names, they fled, going on without him.
    • Toni found Slim Jim's truck, stole it and took it on a police chase, where Slim Jim snitched to the police about Toni stealing his truck, Toni then led the cops on a chase in the city, only for Toni to make his escape. Slim's associate rushed Toni with a gun trying to kill him... unsuccessfully. Toni regrouped later on with his newly made Mafia and kidnapped Slim Jim. They chopped off two of his figures by the pier and stabbed him in the gut. Leaving him for dead.
    • The next day, Slim Jim planned an entire scheme to get his revenge on Toni, only for Slim's plan to be foiled. Slim's plan was leaked by an infiltrator within his ranks to Toni, hours before the plan was set into motion. Toni and his crew acted as if they had no idea of the plan against their lives and searched for Slim. Finding Slim and his crew, the Mafia followed them to a local gas station, everyone stepped out of their cars and started blasting. Slim and three others of his crew were killed. One of his crew members got away....