Tommy Tate is a character role-played by Zerkaa.


Tommy Tate is a British road-man who fled to Los Santos to start fresh, after living a life of crime in South-East London, UK.

At first, Tommy tried avoiding his old ways at all costs, but after coming into contact with Adam Ababwa, Moses Khan and Dwayne 'Wiked' Flores, and soon grew in size and was called The Mandem, his old ways have proven to die hard as he revisits his old days by kidnapping, stealing and pushing Oxy. However, despite numerous close calls with a tainted clean record, Tommy's worst charge was just a lengthy period in lockup after cutting Gandalf "Stanky Leg" Butter's ear off. The lucky streak came to an end after Tommy was sentenced to 30 months in jail after being charged with 1st degree robbery after a failed heist on a bank truck.

Despite his past, Tommy is very likable among the Mandem, and says that he serves as a voice of reason when things go bad. However, he could sometimes be threatening to those that oppose him. He often does comedic actions to lighten the mood, like twerking in public and doing mildly strange actions in front of others. Tommy has more than often vowed that he would prioritise the boys over anyone else, and has influenced Tommy to slowly give up his pursuit for a legal life in Los Santos.

Tommy is extremely persistent especially with the support of his friends to achieve a goal. Although he would not initially pursue a cause or difficult cause when on his own, being motivated buy his friends, mostly Adam and Moses, plus his loyalty towards the Mandem will cause him to persist, which can be seen when Tommy decides to go for a second attempt to a race although he felt extremely tired and wanted to head back for bed, not to mention him getting a DNF in the 1st one. He has also once tried to practice hacking via yellow laptops, and has failed numerous times, which made Tommy decide to call it a day as he did not want to waste more money on laptops. Adam and Moses nonetheless talked Tommy into working on it till he succeeded, saying that the wasted money could be earned back. The motivation proved to be the key, as Tommy managed to pass the captcha test on the last computer available in his apartment.

Tommy has a strange record with getting injured, surviving multiple crashes at high velocities although not wearing a seat belt, and got flung out once before, eating dirt along the way, getting hit by a bus as well as surviving a fall from the top of the paintball watchtower, albeit once when he was shot at point blank range by a robber. However, he has been sent to the hospital numerous times for minor injuries such as numerous occasions of one-hits and tackles from Moses and Adam, getting shot by a paintball, getting too drunk from drinking absinthe, getting hit by a shoe, and falling off his BMX after hitting a cone.

Tommy possesses a deep voice which Dwayne says goes well with a drill beat, and has ghostwritten a song for Tommy which his part is yet to be recorded. He says that he will not release the song with his voice on it until his vocals are perfect, as he believes Dwayne has done a magnificent job on the song and doesn't want to ruin it. He also often changes his accent when talking, sometimes opting for a deeper 'road' voice with the Brits, with some British slang added, and a normal voice for the non-British communities in fear that they do not understand him, but will sometimes switch to the 'road' voice for comedic purposes.


Chapter 1: Starting Afresh

Arrival in Los Santos (28th April)
Tommy arrived in the Los Santos International airport on the 28th of April, 2021. After searching through the yellow pages, he managed to come into contact with Abdul AlRahim who then picked him up and showed him around town, being his tour guide for the day. Despite Abdul's hatred for cyclists and bicycles, he convinced Tommy to get a BMX which he then brought back to his apartment.

Tommy repeatedly mentioned that he did not want any involvement with any crime for now, as he wanted to escape the life that he had back in London. Thus, Abdul taught him about doing deliveries and after a shift, they headed to Dean World where Tommy won a few thousand dollars via spinning the wheel. While driving back from a car service, Abdul offered him some absinthe which he reluctantly downed, causing him to get extremely drunk and ended up at the hospital.

After recovering, Tommy and Abdul headed back again to Dean World where they danced along to a few songs including Wu Changed Me, which he particularly liked. A mass evacuation forced him to leave the place, and Tommy decided to call it a day whilst thanking Abdul for all the help he received that day.

1st gang contact (30th April)
Two days later after a few rounds of deliveries, Tommy decided to switch things up by trying some fishing. As he did not know that the lake was the fishing spot, he had to travel halfway across the island before finally arriving. When the fish was all caught, he then headed back to the pier, but things took a turn when his head popped forcing him to lose his boat.

Tommy had no choice but to travel by foot back to town as he could not get in touch with Abdul. Upon arrival in town, he met up with several strangers, who introduces themselves as Adam Ababwa, Moses Khan and Dwayne 'Wiked' Flores and asked if he could get a lift to the pier. As he was forced into the booth, Tommy anticipated a kidnapping but safely arrived at the pier to checkout. However, Tommy was surprised when the trio were blocking his exit out of the pier and pulled a gun at him.

Adam confronted Tommy asking if he was GSF as he was wearing green, which left Tommy clueless. Seeing that he had no clue on what was happening, they concluded that he was 'moist' and in no way he could be in a gang. However, Adam invited Tommy into theirs, which Tommy hesitantly joined.

Tommy did some towing which caused Adam to get injured, and made the gang split up as Tommy followed Dwayne to Wu Chang Records where Tommy spit some bars in the studio, which Dwayne seemed to enjoy. The gang reunited and persuaded Tommy to change his outfit as they didn't want to associate him with the GSF, and he went for an all-black 'road' outfit. Then, Adam introduced Tommy to the art of shoe-stealing where he managed to steal a pair which somehow led to a girth measuring contest.

Beef with Stanky (1st May)
Tommy signed up for a paintball tournament testing Senora Desert Trailer Park which Abdul introduced. However, Tommy wasn't on peak performance, getting shot multiple times and even shooting his own teammate once. His bad run however, turned worse when he got shot in the throat with a paintball which debilitated him which caused Abdul to drive him to the hospital for treatment.

Once he was back on his feet again, he got back into Abdul's cab which had another passenger, Gandalf 'Stanky Leg' Butters. Stanky announced himself as a 'gangsta' and started firing shots in Abdul's taxi which worried Tommy. Abdul explained that he wanted Stanky to teach Tommy how to be a proper gangster and dropped them off. Tommy drew a gun to show Stanky who was the bigger person, but Stanky panicked and fired at Tommy, causing his right ear to get shot. Given Stanky did not know how to drive, he used his underwear to stop the bleeding and left Tommy in a bin as he tried to get a ride to the hospital to prevent robberies. A stranger then drove them both to the hospital as Tommy got treated.

After exiting the hospital for the second time that day, Stanky greeted him outside of the hospital and apologized profusely, but a livid Tommy tried to avoid conversation and walked off after exchanging numbers. Tommy proceeded to call Adam and told him about the incident. After getting picked up by Adam and Moses, him and Adam plotted their revenge on Stanky in a bush. Tommy initially disagreed with Adam's idea of a kidnapping, only wanting to steal his shoes as revenge, but Adam insisted that the payback should be an ear for an ear.

At night, the disguised trio met Stanky and tricked him into their car booth by telling him that he won a prize, and drove to a secluded area in Los Santos and took him to a torture chamber underground. Tommy seized a moment as they were descending underground by managing to nab his shoes. An oblivious Stanky sat down on the torture chair as the trio unveiled their masks, which caused Stanky to realize that he was involved in a kidnapping and no prize was to be won. Stanky started crying as the three pulled guns at him while throwing threats at him. Adam pulled Tommy and Moses to the side and discussed what the next course of action was, which Tommy decided that it was enough as he already has Stanky's shoes, but Adam pushed on with the ear cutting, which Tommy eventually complied.

Tommy cut off Stanky's ear with a knife as Stanky cried out in pain, as Tommy said it felt good doing so. Stanky's cries attracted a couple of policemen who were at the area for an unrelated case, and arrested the offenders. Adam tried to make an escape but to no avail, as the trio were handcuffed and taken to a police car. In a wild turn of events, Tommy heard Stanky's cries, saying he willingly cut of his ears and thanking them for 'letting him join their gang'.

In police custody, Tommy, Adam and Moses discussed and came up with their modified version of the story, saying Stanky was the one who called them into the torture chamber and deliberately cut his own ear off as gang initiation. However, the cop on duty, Patrick Downing, refused to believe their story, and held them in prison for a period of time before releasing them, as Stanky insisted that they were innocent. To Tommy's surprise, no charges were dropped against him as he maintains his clean record in Los Santos.

Training with Abdul (4th May)
After a few rounds of truck deliveries, Tommy contacted Abdul and mentioned the topic of Bianca's Taxi Services. Tommy expressed interest in helping Abdul out in taxi driving as well, as he could earn money legally as well as get to drive a car, which he has expressed interest in since arriving in Los Santos. Abdul invited Tommy on, and picked up a few customers while teaching Tommy how to be a professional taxi driver, prioritizing the customers first.

Tommy then decided to take the wheel after feeling quite confident, while Abdul hid in the booth guiding Tommy and giving directions under the guise of being an 'AbdulGPS' which Tommy says is a new AI installed in all of Abdul's vehicles which shows directions, bemusing multiple customers.

While picking up a few customers, Tommy was chased down by Pierre Paul, Brittany Angel and Pat Downing in police cars for speeding. As the wild 30 minute long chase occurred, Abdul still insisted on Tommy picking up customers, saying they have 'police escort' with them. The chase, however, was abruptly ended when the police had to pursue more urgent matters as a shootout was occurring, which Tommy escaped with yet another clean record.

Beef squashed and reignited (7th May)
After the usual delivery jobs, Tommy once again met up with Abdul and drove to the Digital Den where Stanky was called by Abdul to resolve the current beef between him and Tommy. Stanky's reappearance worried Tommy again, but with Abdul's words, he managed to make both of meet in the middle at a petrol station. Tommy agrees that both of them are 'gangsters', which makes them both equal after all. The two then hug it out and resumed being passengers in Abdul's taxi.

Abdul dropped them off at the apartments, and the duo were coaxed into running Oxy, being the 'gangster' that they are. Tommy lock-picked a local's car and the both took an awkward drive where they talked about Tinder and picking up women, which Stanky decided to try on some strangers on the street. The lines however, were terrible, and Tommy gave Stanky a jab with his fist. Stanky however broke his fragile jaw and was driven by Tommy to the Pillbox Medical Center, subsequently cancelling their Oxy run.

While waiting for Stanky's recovery, Tommy received a phone call from Adam, and asked him to meet at Wu-Chang Records with the Mandem. Tommy decided to bring Stanky along as they have both squashed their beef, and believed Stanky had some good rap bars after free-styling in the car as he was being kidnapped the other time. After taking a quick detour to Dean World, the two arrived at Wu-Chang, where Dwayne introduced Tommy to Remy Brown.

The Mandem plus Molly Minaj then gathered in the recording studio, where Stanky was asked to do some freestyle but was met with negative reviews by everyone else present. Dwayne then showed Tommy the reference track of the song he ghostwrote for Tommy which featured Dwayne himself. Stanky, out of the blue, cussed at Molly, which caused her to react by hitting him back. The two took the beef outside which Tommy then heard gunshots from outside.

The Mandem then got out into the hallway and to everyone's surprise, it was Molly who was shot down. A mass search for Stanky failed to catch the perpetrator, which caused the Mandem to regroup at Wu-Chang, before travelling to Burger Shot by foot, where Tommy took the opportunity to violate some women.

More training and saving Abdul (9th-10th May)
En route to the delivery job, Tommy hit a cone while riding his BMX which caused him to fall and caused a compound fracture to both legs, before being driven to the hospital by a passer-by. With the bones in his legs put back, Tommy limped out of the Pillbox Medical Centre and met up with Abdul, where Tommy drove around town picking up customers with Abdul being their guide. Some of their notable customers include Ray Mond, and Tommy managed to impress her by doing some stunts with Abdul's taxi.

The following day after clearing through deliveries, Tommy decided to rent a car, as he wanted to experience driving one that he technically 'owns', but has no money for any car yet as the cheaper ones are sold out. He then headed off to the Senora Desert Trailer Park on the rental while chasing and challenging Abdul to a ram-off among the car and Abdul's taxi after he was invited by Abdul to a paintball competition.

Their participation, however, was cut short when Abdul's taxi was towed, causing Tommy to chase after the tow truck with his rental, colliding and attacking it several times in a high octane chase till they reached the LSPD, where Abdul's beef with the tow truck driver was dealt with, which ended in Abdul being seriously injured. Through there, Tommy met Angel Provocateur, or "Chucky" by Abdul, who was an unwilling passenger of the tow truck who hitchhiked. Angel took Abdul to the hospital, while Tommy learned of the tow truck driver's name, Danny Colton, and reported the act to the police.

After Abdul's recovery, him and Angel took turns driving the taxi, while picking up customers. Angel has also expressed interest in working under Abdul, and considered the ride as training. Tommy occasionally hid in the booth, role-playing as a GPS which annoyed and amused Chucky. At the end of the day, Abdul told the duo that they have passed the training and lent both of them taxis which they could pay back after they have collected enough money through taxi driving.

An elated Tommy headed to Benny's to spray paint the taxi lime green, and bought a new puffer jacket based outfit for taxi driving, which was also in the same colour scheme as the taxi.

Casino trip(s) and getting pranked (11th May)
Tommy met up with Adam and Moses, and headed off to the Vulture de Culture, as they discussed a plan to start a business, known as the PawnHub. As Tommy had a clean record at that time, they planned to let Tommy get permission from the Mayor to start the business, and acknowledged how this would allow Tommy to rise up the social ranks and be the most well known roadman in Los Santos. In the gallery, Tommy admired a memorial of Boe Jangles while Moses explained his backstory to him.

After heading to Boe's house and giving him a hug, the trio bought a casino outfit that allowed them to fit into the casino. Once at their destination, Tommy paid the membership and spun the wheel in hopes of winning the car that was in display, however, he did two spins of $500 and broke even, before a mass head pop cut their stay short.

Back in the apartments, Tommy decided to kill time with Moses doing some taxi driving while waiting for Adam's massive headache to blow over. The two were travelling near the Vault when Adam pulled up and pointed a gun at Moses, kidnapping him and leaving Tommy in a state of confusion, but he firmed it, believing that it was just a joke, and continued his duties.

Some food deliveries later, as well as helping Angel get out of a rut, Tommy had a suspicion that someone was in the car trunk near Vinewood and got out of the car to check. Tommy had the surprise of his life when Abdul popped out and drove Tommy's taxi away, revealing that he had been pranked the entire time.

Around the same time Abdul was hiding in Tommy's trunk, Moses called, giving a desperate message saying that he was going to get shot and thrown into the river by Adam. Adam called later, saying that Moses is now dead. Tommy's conversation was heard by Abdul, and questioned Tommy about what happened, thinking that he was in too deep. Trying to prove his innocence, Tommy then decided to call Adam and Moses who revealed nothing had happened to any of them, to Abdul's relief.

In Abdul's taxi, Adam explained the 'real' motive behind the kidnapping, saying that he was going to give $1000 and a ring to Moses, to everyone's confusion. As thunder struck and rain fell, they shifted conversation to an underground metro hallway, where Adam got down on one knee and dramatically proposed to Moses while Tommy and Abdul witnessed. Moses however, rejected Adam's proposal who then walked away sadly, before reappearing behind Moses revealing to all that it was just a joke. An unamused Moses tried punching Adam, but he avoided the hit and it landed on Tommy, breaking his jaw and sending him to hospital.

The main trio of the Mandem plus Abdul finished the day off with some cards at the casino, as Tommy lost $600 before his head popped again, and decided to call an end to this strange but eventful day.

Taxiing with the Mandem (12th-14th May)
Adam rang up Tommy early in the day and invited Tommy over for a fishing trip. Moses was invited as well, but refused as he told Adam and Tommy he was hanging out with 'a woman named Gus', that piqued their interest. They decided to then search around for this individual, while doing some taxi work and food deliveries at the same time. Tommy and Adam later visited the city hall to see their profiles, and find out who 'Gus' is in the record, to no avail. Tommy also spotted an impostor as the picture in the records, and requested the LSPD to get his picture taken and the record updated.

The next day, Tommy was invited to Wu-Chang records by Dwayne along with Remy and Eli Porter. They discussed a brief encounter with Stanky, but Tommy did not pursue the matter, and headed off to Wu-Chang. Uchicha Jones and Dick Chiclets were also present in the studio, and they all demonstrated their own songs, including the one that Dwayne wrote for Tommy.

Tommy then dropped them off after finishing the studio work, and continued his taxi job. He picked up a particular customer which Tommy took to Fleeca and to buy some lock-picks, before suddenly holding a gun on his forehead and forcing him to drive to a quiet area in town, asking him to send a message to Abdul, regarding him disrespecting clowns. The passenger then left Tommy to his own, as he said that his beef is with Abdul and meant no harm to Tommy as he's only Abdul's employee. A dazed Tommy continued his job, and finished off the day accompanying Abdul in the yellow taxi while discussing the incident.

Abdul wasn't around to hand Tommy his taxi the following day, but transferred a sum of money to his account for him to buy his own taxi. Tommy rode his BMX to the Premium Deluxe Motorsport, where he met Dwayne while waiting to purchase his taxi. Paying a 10-week installment of $2305 per week, Tommy received a black taxi of similar model to Abdul's and drove around the city waiting for a mechanic to paint his car the iconic lime green colour, but postponed the paintjob as none were around at that time.

Dipping toes into crime (16th May)
Tommy was stunned when he met Moses, Adam and Remy as soon as he stepped out of the apartments, and learnt about them concocting a plan to use a tour bus to drive new citizens around Los Santos under the guise of taking them to a secluded area to rob them. Desperate to keep his clean record, Tommy agreed to sit on the tour bus to spectate, but did not want to get involved with the robbing. Moses drove the bus, giving the tour, while the rest of the present Mandem sat at the passengers seat with disguises along with some city newcomers. Once they reached a gas station at a remote area in town, Moses stopped the bus to 'withdraw money', and the robbery took place. Tommy was robbed $1 and the robbers fled the scene. One of the passengers that had been in the city for quite some time drove the bus back, lamenting how the robbers were so petty that they robbed his sandwich, to Tommy's bemusement, as Tommy acted like he was new to the city to avoid suspicion.

The Mandem later regrouped in BurgerShot, and discussed the heist, where they had a net loss of $100. They also convinced Tommy that the taxi job was starting to fail and persuaded him to try robbing houses, which he agreed to after learning numerous tips on how to avoid capture by the police. He managed to find a house to rob later in the day, but an inexperienced Tommy did only managed to steal a Rolex, a microwave and a beer mug with beer out, to Adams disappointment. Tommy even left the microwave outside of the house as it was too heavy to fit into the trunk of Adam's car.

The Mandem minus Moses traveled around town in Tommy's new black taxi, as they bumped into Angel who was driven around by Cardi Beach. Angel proposed a race to Tommy to the military base, and forced Cardi out of the driver's seat as she hopped on to Tommy's taxi. However, Tommy decided to stop midway through the race and rob Cardi's shoes as the Mandem believe her shoes are weighing down the car, causing them to lose the race.

Tommy drove all of them back to the city, and Adam proposed an impromptu 'date' at the BurgerShot between Tommy and Cardi, which the two treated as a normal friendly conversation among each other. The next destination was the Blazing Tattoo store, but Adam's massive headache meant that they had to delay getting the tattoos done.

After recovering, and with Remy off to bed while Cardi reunited with Angel, Tommy finally got his car painted lime green in Benny's, and managed to meet a customer by the name of Sir Reginald Watson. Adam and Tommy joked about his posh accent, and not 'speaking loud enough when he was shouting the whole time long. After having dinner at the Rooster's rest, Tommy found that his car was stolen and suspected Cardi was behind it, as Tommy and Adam stole their customer, Reginald. The trio then walked to the Vulture le Culture where Adam borrowed a car from his friend before heading to the apartments to get his car, and finally heading to the pier, where they met Cardi sitting on Tommy's taxi, waiting for them. They then drove back to the apartments, where Tommy ended their day with some mass-tackling by him, Adam and Moses, with Reginald the unwilling participant.

Sparks of police beef+fishing (17th May)
The Mandem of Tommy, Moses, Adam and Remy gathered at the apartments, where Tommy found a fake ID in a Murder Meal which belonged to a certain Neil Noir. They headed off in Adam's car to go fishing with Moses being the driver, and Adam and Tommy, being stashed at the booth, jokingly shouted that a kidnap was taking place. Multiple police soon stopped the car, and handcuffed all of those in the car, before questioning them about the alleged kidnapping. Tommy was left alone in police custody when someone nicked off his shoes as Tommy reported the matter, but the police laughed it off, angering Tommy. Everyone escaped without charges, but Tommy was furious of how the police handled the case. Moses escaped charges when a helicopter crashed on him and a police officer, injuring them and sending them to the hospital.

Tommy, Adam and Remy regrouped near the apartments and took Tommy's taxi to the tattoo parlour to get their tattoos done. Tommy opted for a design of two triangles intersecting each other. Satisfied with the tattoo, they bought some beach shorts and a bucket hat which suited the fishing occasion, with all of them being topless. A recovered Moses soon rejoined the group, as they hatched a plan to prank Cardi. She did not have Adam's number saved, which the group exploited by letting him call her under the guise of needing a taxi at Paleto. The boys arrived 1st, and waited under a bush for Cardi to arrive, and proceeded to come out and greet an annoyed Cardi.

After a fishing trip, the group coaxed Cardi into buying some fishing clothes, and took a detour to Kiki's Organic Clothing. A tackling session caused Tommy and Remy to get injured, as Tommy got treated by the EMS who arrived via a helicopter. Remy left for bed, leaving the rest to continue another fishing trip. The four returned to the apartments after the second round as they talked for a while before Tommy headed to bed.

Racing 'gone wrong' (18th May)
Besides a generous $1000 tip from Judge Habibi, Tommy was left frustrated after a fruitless day of wandering around the city waiting for customers. Adam advised Tommy to forget about his legal record and delve into Oxy running and house breaking, which profits a lot more. Tommy began to flirt with the idea, before Max Speed met up with Tommy and talked about an earlier racing event with Abdul's taxi drivers. Tommy was intrigued by the idea, and had a call with Dean Quincy to know more about racing.

A now interested Tommy then hooked up with Adam to go racing, but Adam's headaches prevented him from participating, and settled as Tommy's supporter. Adam guided Tommy to the Vulture le Culture, where he met up with Elle Ven, borrowing a decent enough car for Tommy to race with.

After doing some upgrades to the car and signing up for a racing event which Dean was also a part of, Tommy and Adam managed to race their way to the starting line of the race just in time for it to begin. The race however, started terribly as Tommy missed several key turns, hit head-on with some locals, and had their car spun out countless times. Tommy blamed the car's poor handling on the state that they were in, as he was in last place for the majority of the race, before finally getting a DNF despite trying to switch things up at the end by wearing gloves, that Tommy had intended to use, but somehow caused him to be unable to speak.

A demoralised Tommy decided to call it a day, but Adam was convinced that he would do much better in a better car, and went on to create a race himself for Tommy to join. Tommy agreed to join, and asked Dean if he could borrow his car for the race, while Adam returned Elle's car. Tommy managed to get a hold of Dean's vehicle, but forgot to fuel up to full tank before the race. The race was not the best, but was an improvement from the previous one, where he managed to reach a lower-mid position throughout. However, with fuel running low, Tommy and Adam abandoned the race to fuel, before fueling up and heading back to the apartments where Tommy vowed that he will improve his driving skills around Los Santos to win a race.

Spectating Abdul's court case (20th May)
Tommy headed straight to the City Hall the 1st thing in the morning with Remy and Moses, knowing that Abdul's lawsuit against the LSPD was beginning. Being a close friend of Abdul, Tommy promised that he would be there in support of him. Tommy walked into a courtroom full of people, one of them was a particular Stanky. The Mandem gave menacing looks to him, causing him to have nervous attacks, but composed himself as he approached them, mentioning that he was now part of the Block Gang, intriguing Tommy.

A mass head-pop happened in the middle of the session leaving Tommy's taxi still parked at the City Hall, causing him and Remy to run all the way back, while Moses parted ways to join Patar and Dean in a separate mission. The session soon resumed as both prosecution and defendant provided their statements.

Hours spent in the courtroom hungered Tommy, forcing him and Remy to leave the courtroom in search of food. Their plans, however, were stalled when Tommy found his taxi missing, driven all the way to the Great Ocean Highway. With the rainy weather not favouring them, they managed to call up Patar and got a ride to Tommy's car, only to find that the vehicle was stalled and the engine damaged, Thinking that the stealing might have been targeted, suspicion grew among Moses and the rest that Stanky was the one that took the car for a joyride, but Tommy erased them, saying that Stanky was in the City Hall all of the time, added that he could not drive.

Tommy continued spectating after satisfying his hunger, as Moses rejoined the Mandem spectating the case. The court was soon adjourned as the trio waited by the hall for the verdict. A newscaster approached Moses, asking him if he would like to give his opinion on the case. Moses accepted the offer, as Tommy and Remy stood behind the camera in support. As the interview was happening in a separate room, Tommy missed the verdict, but soon came out to learn that Abdul won the case, but was compensated only $1.5k instead of the intended $50k sue, making Tommy unsatisfied with the decision. Moses, on the other hand, saw it as a win for Abdul managed to win a case against the police.

Tommy, Moses and Remy stepped out of the City Hall and spotted Stanky, as plans of taking revenge on him started to grow, but dissipated as there were too many witnesses if something were to go wrong. Thinking of how to retrieve Tommy's taxi, the gang bumped into Angel, who was also present in the hearing, and offered a ride to pick up his vehicle. On the way there, Tommy posted a Twat, asking anyone if they had information about the taxi, to which Stanky responded. Tommy made a deal with him saying that he would squash the beef between them if Stanky could find out some information about the heist.

Before he ended the day, Tommy took his car to Hayes' to get the interior repaired and headed to the deliveries with Moses to get his bank balance up, given the loan deadline was soon approaching.

Everything goes wrong (21st May)
With the loan deadline coming in a few hours, Tommy's low bank balance meant that he had to get a few more rounds of deliveries done. After a few rounds of the job being done, he bumped into Eli who was also doing the same job, and offered Tommy a delivery truck race back to the city but was off to a bad start as his delivery truck started catching smoke, which forced him to check on the engine. What Tommy did not check on was his health and hunger, and in the midst of finding what was wrong with the engine, he passed out due to starvation, as a local called the EMS reporting of an individual with a heart attack. The ambulance swiftly came, and the EMTs gave him an IV drip and some fries as Tommy recovered, but was left stranded at 24/7 with a stalled delivery truck as he subsequently rang Remy and asked him to pass him a repair kit.

With the truck being repaired, Tommy soon met up with Eli and Remy back at the delivery centre as Moses called to hook them up with a hunting gig. With Tommy's taxi, they then sped towards That's Bait to buy hunting rifles and ammo. Tommy sped along the Great Ocean Expressway, narrowly avoiding a car, but lost control of the vehicle and drove off a cliff and into the ocean. Although left unscathed, Tommy was forced to call Moses to pick them up as his car could only be recovered after the next tsunami. Hopping on to Moses' car, they were passengers for no more than a minute before Moses got into a car crash with a local in the tunnels, flipping the car, sending the driver out of it and injuring him badly Tommy, Eli and Remy escaped that fate as took this chance to take a group photo with the Mandem, and posted a twat reminding everyone to wear a seatbelt.

The EMS arrived and sent Moses to the Pillbox Medical Centre, as the uninjured continued their once again delayed journey, but meeting with several accidents and car flips along the way, that questioned everyone's driving ability. A now recovered Moses called them and requested they rendezvoused to Dean World to pick him up after buying hunting equipment. Tommy and the Mandem took the opportunity to fill up by buying food there and finally departed to the hunting area.

Tommy took an unorthodox method in hunting for pelts by running animals over and killing them, believing that it is much more efficient. He was, unfortunately, proven wrong when trying to charge for a deer, narrowly missing it and sending Moses' car into a lake, forcing Tommy to switch to gun and bullets. The trip was not as fruitful as expected, as he harnessed mostly 1-star and a singular 2-star pelt, but the Mandem saw opportunity when a lone hunter was present, and they robbed him of his money, while Tommy went for the shoes. Him, Moses and Eli were then separated after the incident, but Moses managed to pick up Tommy via a hot-wired vehicle as they sped back to the city.

Eli said his goodbyes to Tommy and Moses as he headed for the night, and a desperate Tommy seeking cash was forced to do yet another round of deliveries. Tommy had just reached the delivery centre on his BMX, but was held at gunpoint as soon as he parked up. The robbery however, was nowhere near normal, with the robber asking only for his gun, holding him up for a while and drove away. Tommy chased after him in his car, but was shot by the robber, injuring him and having him sent to Pillbox for the second time that day. After being healed, Tommy reported the stolen gun to the police, as any GSR of the stolen gun would be traced back to him.

A miserable Tommy walked backed to the apartments, and was stopped by a man in a car, requesting him to do crime with him, which Tommy did not want to get involved into. Patar and Dean arrived coincidentally, and saved Tommy from further trouble as he entered their car, driving around the city asking for the perpetrator of the robbery, as well as picking up his bicycle from deliveries. Patar and Dean came to learn that they had in fact robbed the person earlier, and he was probably looking to stack some guns himself after being down bad. Dean took this opportunity to pull Tommy into the life of crime, giving that day as an example to why staying on the legal side will not work.

Tommy was about to enter the apartments when he bumped into Lil Cap, as he lamented about OTT's disstrack aimed at Wu-Chang Records, as well as his place in the company. A headpop cut the conversation short, and caused Tommy to call it a day after a demoralizing day that made him question his place as someone staying legal in Los Santos.

Chapter 2: Demon Time

No more Mr. Nice Guy (22nd May)
Being robbed the previous day, Tommy went to buy himself a new gun as Dwayne gave him a call asking him to meet up at Wu-Chang Records, saying that Lil Cap will be there as well. Tommy and Dwayne arrived first, as Lil Cap brought some company, calling themselves the IKEA gang. Tommy spectated as the Swedes showed their beats, while Lil Cap and Dwayne did some freestyles. The subject of the OTT beef was bought up, as a demoralised Lil Cap refused to respond to the beef, disappointing Dwayne. The IKEA gang left the studio as Dwayne ranted about him releasing a disstrack at OTT, which will only make a name for Wu Chang Records and not himself, but Tommy convinced him otherwise.

The two then left Wu Chang Records, driving around for a bit as they discussed on how to get their paycheck for the day, and ended up choosing robbery as Tommy was ready to give up his clean record in search for a better source of money, Tommy lock-picked a local's car as they scouted around but failed to find any suitable targets. After witnessing and interfering in some carnage by the apartments' car park which involved some of the IKEA gang getting injured and the police arriving, Tommy and Dwayne fled the scene in a different car to avoid suspicion.

Tommy returned to the apartments after everything had cooled down, and met up with the IKEA gang that talked to them about the earlier incident, and coincidentally bumped into Adam who just woke up. Adam took this chance to let Tommy know of plans for him to be the one to hack into banks when they are heisting, and told him about the yellow laptops where he would spend money to help Tommy train his hacking skills, at the same time showing him a block off Morningwood Street, saying that there are plans to claim the area as their turf, and turning nearby shops where the Mandem could turn into 'Little Britain'.

Adam's plans to begin moulding Tommy into the gang's hacker began as him and Tommy drove to buy ten yellow laptops from a couple of unknown individuals in a secluded barn. The two and Dwayne regrouped at Adam's apartment room where they made several jokes about the place before starting the hacking practices. Despite his best efforts to get at least one successful attempt out of the five computers they planned on using, Tommy failed every one of them, often coming close due to numerous typing errors. Tommy had plans on giving up, but Adam reassured that he would provide Tommy with more laptops as long as he kept trying, as Tommy finally accepted that the following day would be another day of practice.

Clean record in the mud (23rd May)
Tommy woke up to an urgent call from Adam pertaining to a money truck heist involving the Mandem as he rushed out of the apartments and into a stolen vehicle with Adam, Moses and Remy. Adam explained the plan, mentioning that they would receive coordinates of a new Bobcat security money truck via VPN to steal. Ideas on the execution came spontaneously from all, as the location of the truck was sent. The Mandem rushed to El Rancho Boulevard where they spotted the target and incapacitated the truck driver before steering the vehicle off course, alerting the police. The LSPD were soon on their trail, and a panicking Moses ignored instructions to ditch the operation and head back to the car. Moses tried driving alleyways to lose the police, and tried a 'shortcut' which ultimately trap the lorry. In the spur of the moment, a cop was injured as Remy stepped out to flee and caught bullets along with Moses. Tommy and Adam stayed at the back of the truck as it all unfolded, and was forced to surrender.

The Mandem were thrown in lockup and were questioned by the police which questioned why Tommy had 2 guns (2nd gun was given by the Mandem), as well as what they were doing with the truck. Not wanting to turn his back on the gang, Tommy chose not to give an honest answer and in return had his gun license revoked as Tommy, Adam and Remy were put in jail for 30 months on the charge of 1st degree robbery due to the injury of a police officer.

Tommy, now with a tainted record, decided to spend most of his sentence exploring the prison and collecting slushies, which was an advice given by Patar to him. Moses soon joined them in jail with the same jail term, but him calling his lawyer had his charge changed to joyriding. The four of them discussed about their failed attempt earlier and were confident that they would improve on their tactics in the future as they now knew how how to go about executing the heist. Moses made up for the driving error by providing ideas, rationalizing that the best way to go around it was that they could dress up as Bobcat security staff, and use Adam's towtruck to move the truck undetected.

Once released, Tommy, Adam and Remy decided to wait for Moses' prison serve ending while calling Cardi to pick them up. Adam and Cardi had a small argument, talking about how she was ditched earlier in the day by Adam, and left the boys in sour terms. Moses soon was released as they lockpicked a car, driving to Bobcat securities to survey the area as Cardi messaged Tommy convincing him to leave the boys as hanging out with them will not turn out well. Tommy rebutted explaining that he had to be loyal to them, and could not possibly leave the Mandem. Seeing that the building was locked, the Mandem decided to scout the truck instead, seeing what plans others had in mind.

All four of the ex-convicts returned to Tommy's apartments as Tommy tried his luck hacking the remaining laptops, as his friends supported him whilst being as anxious as him. Tommy's frustration creeped in as he came agonizingly closer each try, as he did not know what several instructions meant for the more complex terms. On the final laptop, Tommy gave one last try as he managed to successfully bypass the system, thanks to shorter words being typed and an easier prompt. Tommy was baffled at first, but celebrated with the Mandem once realisation hit.

Moses showed him a Tommy T NoPixel trading card that prompted him to want that card for himself. Tommy, Moses and Adam drove to Paleto to get some of the cards while Adam and Cardi ran into each other again, clearing the beef between them. Tommy bought several normal and a booster pack, which the Mandem went back to Tommy's house to open. Mass head-pops happened throughout the city, as Tommy heard of a nearer card dealer in PDM, but mass headaches and subsequent head-pops forced Tommy to then call it a day.

Grinding with the Mandem (24th-25th May)
The Mandem called in the 1st thing in the morning, stopping by at Wu-Chang Records and the Vulture Le Culture to observe the gallery's changes, where huge renovations have occurred. With word saying that the pay for every fishing trip has increased, the gang of Tommy, Moses, Dwayne, Adam and Remy were on their way to Paleto to get their personal funds up, but collided into a local near Dean World, which escalated into a brawl. Moses got injured in the crossfire and had to take a quick detour to Pillbox Medical Centre before continuing the trip.

Caught in a hurry, Tommy was pulled over into a petrol station for speeding as the officer on duty was ready to slap Tommy into a $250 fine and a 1 point deduction off his driving licence, which the latter Tommy managed to negotiate his way out of. The journey continued after a quick refuel as 3 fishing trips were done, with a visit to the pier to sell the illegal dolphins and sharks they caught while Dwayne grabbed joints by Dean World.

Tommy, Adam, Dwayne and Remy switched their attention to deliveries, rolling dices to see which pair they went with. Tommy ended up with Remy, but the ride was nothing but a conversative one, as his partner often drifted into his own thoughts. Four eventful trips later, the remaining Mandem minus Remy went on Tommy's taxi to Hayes' to get a fix up, and ended the day trying their luck opening NoPixel card packs at the PDM. The Mandem noticed Stanky, who was there with the same agenda, and forced him to the back alley of the shop. Stanky spoke about how he would be signed to Wu-Chang Records, given the beef between them and OTT's record label. Creampie Creations, which angered Dwayne and consequently stabbing him. Stanky was then put inside a trash bin while the Mandem fled the scene and climbed to a nearby roof to open their packs.

Tommy woke up the next day, and was asked by Dean and Patar to drop them off at the Del Perro Boulevard, with Remy riding along in his taxi and Adam following via a buggy. A shoe fight ensued among the Mandem before Adam thought of showing Tommy a house which he scouted that was of interest to the gang. Getting in the taxi and driving past the church, they were pulled over by the police, which put them under handcuffs and questioned them, baffling Tommy. The policeman interrogating Tommy then explained that a shootout occurred in the area, while a local reported of suspicious activity down the street pertaining to the earlier shoe-throwing. For Tommy's troubles, he was reimbursed with $500 as compensation before Adam and Eli were soon released from custody.

Tommy sped to Sandy Shores, as Adam showed him the house that would be of utmost importance to the Mandem, as it would house most of the gang's illegal items as well as a base to grow weed. A few more houses were also scouted, but a run-in with a local turned hostile forcing Adam to kill off a few of them before fleeing the scene. The trio arrived safely at Paleto before grinding on 3 rounds of fishing, earning themselves plenty of profit.

Chaos Adam (26th May)
A slow start to the morning allowed Tommy to finally do some taxi work prior to an emergency call by Adam, picking him up along with an injured Moses and Dwayne and driving them to Grandma's to heal the incapacitated. Adam disclosed the earlier scenario for Tommy, mentioning that Dwayne had gunned down a police earlier after a failed house robbery, and the injuries occurred due to a shootout with an angry citizen after crashing into him. A few failed attempts trying to cure Moses and Dwayne later, Tommy succeeded and the gang headed back to the apartments where Cardi requested for a talk with Moses in her taxi.

Tommy, Dwayne and Adam drove about in Tommy's, discussing about how the Mandem have plans to create a record label called the MDM with plans of signing Lil Cap who recently departed Wu-Chang Records, which led into a debate on whether they should go to beef with the bigger record label. Driving along, a car chased by police ran into Tommy's taxi, causing him to fly out the windshield and onto a wall, severely injuring him and sending him to Pillbox. The Mandem regrouped before plans for fishing were cancelled as Dwayne was set to perform at the Vulture Le Culture for a NoPixel trading card event.

With the event commencing, Tommy managed to get hold of a holo version of his own card by Brandon Valentino for $500 and a promotional card available during the event. Dwayne was soon given his cue, and performed several songs with the rest of the Mandem dancing on stage. In the embers of the party, Moses was dared to tackle a Vulture Le Culture employee and Adam's colleague, Elle Ven, but somehow injured the aggressor instead. Escorting Moses while waiting for the EMS, him, Remy, Elle and Adam got into a shoe fight, which ended up knocking Tommy out. After healing, the Mandem headed back to the apartments for Tommy to practice on the yellow computers. Giving himself 5 attempts, Tommy failed the 1st one, succeeding on the following three, but a spelling error cost Tommy the final attempt. His friends, however, were overjoyed with the accomplishment, given the progress Tommy was making.

Tommy, Adam and Moses traveled to Wu-Chang records as Dwayne was called to meet up at for a small discussion. In the studio, Tommy received a call from an unknown number, and warned with a modulated voice that Tommy had 72 hours to live and was asked to prepare, mentioning a $100k bounty was put on him. Believing that it was a hitman that called, suspicion started to trickle in from the mandem that Stanky was the mastermind behind it, and rushed over to the city hall to deduce who was possibly behind it. Getting no answers, the Mandem discussed the situation outside before Adam received a call from another unknown number calling themselves The Chaos, and invited Adam to meet up alone at a villa along Buen Vino Road.

All of the Mandem's alarms were set off by the call, relating it to the earlier one directed to Tommy, and tried to think of ways to get an eye on Adam when up alone at the villa. However, Adam insisted that they do not interfere, as they headed to find a car where Adam could lockpick, and Tommy could only watch from a distance as Adam drove off, leaving him, Dwayne and Moses on an agonizing wait. Getting a phone call from Adam to regroup at the Mandem block, Tommy rushed there to get the whole story from him, as he told that the Chaos has plans to supply them with various class 2 weapons, seeing them as an up and coming gang in the city.

As night fell, the Mandem agreed to meet up with the Chaos at the Murrieta Oil Field, as they bought Macs and ammunition from them, and headed back to Tommy's apartment to resume the hacking practice. Tiredness took a toll on Tommy, causing him to fail all 5 remaining attempts, often caused by misunderstanding instructions and typing errors, before an unsatisfied Tommy decided to call it a night.

The Seven Hour Party (28th May)
Tommy headed down to Paleto after a call from Adam, where he grouped up with all of the Mandem minus Ali with Reginald joining. Adam took the chance to inform Tommy about a plug, saying that he met a person who was able to forge fake IDs and applications, which would be vital when having an escape if being caught doing illegal matters. A tweet by Lenny Large about the formation and recruitment of The Frontmen, another UK based gang, causing a small war on Twatter. After doing several fishing trips, a call to Dwayne to remind him about his upcoming performance in conjunction with a car raffle event sent the boys to the Vulture Le Culture.

A lively performance later, with the whole gang on stage dancing and making the Mandem's name out to the public, they celebrated Remy's head-time birthday before meeting up numerous Chang Gang members outside the gallery. After several minutes of discussion regarding their gangs, and ended with Randy Bullet being granted associate of the Mandem, as well as teasing an "EU Bankjob".



  • Abdul AlRahim: The 1st person Tommy interacted with in Los Santos, as well as Tommy's mentor. Tommy feels indebted to him as he introduced the city to him and feels without him, he would have been lost on his 1st day. Since then, the two have been in frequent contact with each other, going on rides together and helping each other out. On multiple occasions, Abdul has driven Tommy to the hospital after getting injured, and once Tommy has tried helping Abdul getting his taxi back with his rental car after it was towed away without his consent. Tommy has also expressed interest in having a job as a taxi driver, and Abdul has taught Tommy how to be a professional taxi driver and has rented him a taxi for a low price which he could pay back once he gets enough money, and lent Tommy some money for him to make the down-payment for his own taxi. As of late, due to Abdul's waking schedule's change as Ramadan was over, Tommy saw less off Abdul, but do meet up once in a while to catch up with each other.
  • Adam Ababwa: A part of the Mandem gang. Tommy met him while asking for a lift to the pier, and Adam initially was hostile at him as he thought he was part of the GSF due to his green clothing. However, the two are now close and have done several crimes together with Moses, like the kidnapping of Stanky as well as Oxy pushing. Adam has a lot of respect for Tommy, and has plans to make him CEO of his upcoming 'PawnHub' business with him being COO. Adam has been one of Tommy's main influences in ditching the legal life, often talking Tommy into illegal activities, and has hatched numerous plans to get involved in heists, and convincing him that taxi jobs do not make good money. Adam has been one of Tommy's most supportive friends, often hyping him up in front of others, saying that he would be one of the most famous citizens in Los Santos, cheering him on even though he was expected to DNF a race and even made a race for Tommy to join to give him another try and buying yellow laptops for him to practice hacking into the vault. Tommy has also picked up some of Adam's behaviours, and catchphrases.
  • Moses Khan: A part of the Mandem gang. Moses met Tommy in the same circumstances as Adam, and was the one willing to let Tommy get a lift to the pier. Since then, the two have become close and have done several crimes together with Adam, like the kidnapping of Stanky as well as Oxy pushing. However, Tommy has had a minor conflict with Moses when he accidentally shot him in the Vultur Lé Culturé while doing a robbery role-play. Moses has however made things even by accidentally punching Tommy when Adam avoided the hit, causing Tommy to go to the hospital. Tommy has also been frustrated with Moses for a good couple of times after landing the group in trouble due to his incompetence, however he ultimately shrugs any signs of beef off due to their friendship.
  • Dwayne Flores: A member of the Wu Chang Records and a part of the Mandem gang. Dwayne met Tommy while asking for a lift to the pier, and subsequently had a rave to his song 'Balenci' after the pier conflict, which music Tommy seems to enjoy a lot. He stated at a Wu Chang event that he will be Tommy's ghostwriter for an upcoming song which he will also have a part in.
  • Remy Brown: A part of the Mandem gang. In his friend group, Tommy thinks of him as the youngest, mentally, and is extremely funny although he is a man of a few words. Remy spacing out one too many times has limited interaction among the two, but has been good company when the main men of the Mandem, Adam and Moses, are not around.
  • Dean Quincy: Being in close contact after going for an Oxy run with Adam and Dwayne, Dean has close ties with Tommy due to them helping each other out with various favours, with Dean lending Tommy one of his cars for racing, as well as saving and helping him in times of trouble. Dean is also one of the main factors Tommy strayed away from the legal path, convincing Tommy that it does not pay as much as the illegal side of the city.
  • Eli Porter: A part of the Mandem gang. Introduced to Tommy by Dwayne, he is also associated with Wu-Chang records, where Tommy has heard previews of his track with Dwayne. Tommy and Eli have also done numerous jobs with the other Mandem members, but due to Eli not being around as much as the other members, they are rarely seen interacting individually with each other.
  • Reginald Watson: A taxi customer turned Mandem associate. Tommy picked up a new-in-town Reginald, and him and Adam gave him the nickname "Reggie". He soon gets closer with the Mandem, granting him as an associate, and although seems out of place at times, Tommy has often invited Reginald to fishing trips and rides across town, as well as convincing and helping him get back into the dating scene.
  • Cardi Beach: Tommy's taxi colleague. Cardi got into Tommy and the Mandem's lives when they bumped into Angel's taxi, with her as the driver. They kicked off their friendship well, making Adam and Remy think they have known each other for a while, but since Adam and Cardi has had numerous fall outs with each other, Tommy has stayed partial to either side, and still keeping in contact with her despite her eventual beef with the Mandem.



Notable Quotes

  • "Don't know me I'm Tommy T"
  • "Nah you lot are clapped anyways"
  • "Don't be late, ride with Tommy Tate"
  • ”Come on!”
  • "Fam!"
  • "There's lasses then there's you innit: trash."
  • "Say less"
  • "Yallo!"


  • Tommy is a lifelong Millwall fan.
  • Tommy's favourite colour is lime green, which is the colour of his taxi and his taxi outfit. He has been in a few minor conflicts with Adam in the beginning because of it as the colour represents the GSF, but Tommy insists that the lime green colour is different from the darker green of GSF.
  • Tommy currently has a Holo version of his own NoPixel trading card which he bought off Brandon Valentino at a NoPixel trading card event at the Vultur Lé Culturé for $500, and prefers to use it it to show off his identity rather than his ID card.
  • Tommy is capable of breaking the 4th wall, often to warn Zerkaa's Twitch audience not to meta-game.
  • Tommy's reluctance to do crime in the early days of life in the city has led Adam to believe that he fled to Los Santos because he was "chased by 10-year-olds on their bicycles" back in London.
  • Tommy doesn't mind pineapple on pizza.
  • Tommy's biggest musical idol is Molly Minaj.
  • Tommy had his hair cut bald by accident at a barber shop on the 27th of May, and as of now is wearing a wig to hide his bald head.
  • Tommy's favourite number is 4.
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