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Tommy Melarky McDermitt-Bundy is a character role-played by adzno.


Tommy "The Pumper" Melarky McDermitt-Bundy is a Lieutenant for the Emergency Medical Services, Call-Sign Lima-31. He is also a Corrections Cadet for the Department of Corrections, Badge #831. As of August 2022, Tommy Melarky McDermitt-Bundy is no longer part of the Department of Corrections.

Tommy recognizes Lennon McDermitt as his Mother and Jeffrey Bundy as his Father.

Tommy originally moved to Los Santos to find his closest relative, Aaron Melarky.


Tommy grew up in Ohio City, Ohio his entire life before moving to Los Santos. He came from a broken home surrounded by financial struggle, members of his family struggling from Drug and Alcohol abuse, and just typical Rural-Mid-Western Struggles. His Cousin, Aaron Melarky, moved in with Him and His Family after at the age of 12 after Aaron's Father was sent to Life in Prison after allegedly murdering his Mother. Tommy's Father welcome him with open arms and raised Tommy and Aaron as his Sons.

Both were raised in Car Culture, building kit cars as a Family and racing them at the local Ohio City Racetrack. When Aaron and Tommy became young adults, Aaron began running with the wrong crowd at Ohio High School, and fell into a life of Petty Crime and Street Racing. For this, Tommy's Father kicked him out of the house at 18 and Aaron Hitch Hiked his way to Los Santos.

Years later, when Tommy had quit College early to take some time to think on himself, and his Family urged him to find Aaron. Tommy looking for a new view of the world, agreed, and booked a one way ticket to Los Santos to attempt to find Aaron and bring him back. After a week of searching, Tommy was informed of Aaron's Death. After some time spent on the peak of Mount Chiliad, Tommy thought on his place in the world, and what he wanted out of it, and decided to continue his new life and journey as a resident of Los Santos.

While looking for work, Tommy was able to be hired at Bean Machine at Dean's World and the Farmers Market. Soon after, Tommy saw an ad on Twatter that the EMS was hiring, and Met Maeve O'Malley whom promptly gave him an Interest Form. After passing his interview, he was hired on at the Emergency Medical Services as a Trainee, and began his new career.

It was here that he met his Love Interest, Cayden Bottomley. Bottomley was his main FTO during the late hours of the night, and spent that time to bond as well as develop feeling for each other and enter into a relationship.

Working in the EMS and frequenting himself around Pillbox Medical is where Tommy would also be adopted by Archer Valentine and Lennon McDermitt, a new, much less broken and more heartwarming family than Tommy was used to. Some months later, his new Mother and Father would have a falling out, and after being dowsed in gasoline by Archer in an attempt to make Tommy choose him over Lennon, Tommy made the obvious choice to stay with his Mother.


Mental Health & Social Issues

Tommy has lived his life with undiagnosed Mental Health issues surrounding Social Situations. With his Father being so quick to adopt Aaron into their family and quickly taking him to his liking at a level equal to Tommy, he always felt like he was only worth being an after-thought and quickly submitted to the idea he isn't worth anything to anyone.

This showed in his time at the EMS, struggling with the feeling of being included and one of the pack. His relationship with Cayden Bottomley was able to rectify this feeling, until leaving for a trip to visit his family back in Ohio City in the month of June. At the time of this writing (Late July), Tommy hasn't seen Cayden since, plunging him into a state of uneasiness and mass anxiety.

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Tommy Melarky is a Solo Cadet for the LSPD in the Unified Police Department, Call-Sign #631.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Recruit - Hired to the EMS February 8th, 2022
Trainee Trainee.png Cleared for trainee duty March 1st, 2022
EMT StarofLifeEMT.png Promoted to EMT; Call-Sign E-31 March 22nd, 2022
Paramedic Paramedic.png Promoted to Paramedic; Call-Sign P-31 May 31st, 2022
Lieutenant LieutenantEMS.png Promoted to Lieutenant; Call-Sign L-17 (Previously L-31) August 9th, 2022
Lieutenant LieutenantEMS.png Lieutenant; Call-Sign changed from L-17 to L-8 August 14th, 2022

Special Dates in Tommy's Life

  • July 22nd, 2022 - Tommy was the head EMS at the Wesley Arnold scene. He puts pressure on himself, and he wishes he had done more. He blames himself for Wesley's passing
  • July 25th, 2022 - Tommy had a short father son talk with Bundy about his emotions on the night of the Wesley incident. Got a hug from his dad.
  • July 26th, 2022 - Tommy had an amazing heart-to-heart talk with his sister Cleo Shaw
  • July 27th, 2022 - Harlow said Tommy was the cutest EMS on duty. (REAL)
  • August 2nd, 2022 - Bundy texts Tommy back "Love you too kid. Proud of everything you're doing."
  • August 5th, 2022 - Tommy attended his mom and dad's wedding. Officiating the Bundy Crime Family// Bundy Bunch
  • August 13th, 2022 - Tommy had his first PD Ride Along ever, with his Father, Jeffrey Bundy.

Sustained Injuries

  • April, 2022 - Fell off the roof of Pillbox. (Head Split Open, 10 inches of Stitching and Permanent Bald Line on Head)
  • July, 2022 - The Were-Chicken Incident. (Were-Chicken Vomit Melted Through Hazmat Suit, Infected and Scarred Forearms)
  • July, 2022 - Fell off Gondola Roof. (Gash Long Side of Head, Hit Face on Light Fixture Causing Glass to Enter His Right Eyelid)
Played By: adzno
Characters: Aaron MelarkyTommy MelarkyRandy B Wrangler

Played By: adzno
Characters: Aaron MelarkyTommy MelarkyRandy B Wrangler