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Tommy Green was a character role-played by aurvinR.


Tommy Green was a tow truck driver, as well as a founder of a mysterious religion called "4 Seasons".


Tommy was born in Oslo, Norway, on January 1st 1995. When he was 4, both of his parents, Roy and Jane Green, died in a fire. Tommy was then taken by his grandparents in the US, Harry and Susan Green. They allowed him to do anything he wanted, as long as he did his work. This made Tommy into a relaxed, but hard-working man. Growing up, he spent majority of his free time outside, enjoying the nature. His life was peaceful and quiet, until December 2nd 2016. While assisting his grandfather during an elk hunt, Tommy fatally shot him by accident. Scared of potential consequences, he decided to get rid of any potential witnesses. He lured his grandmother into the forest and shot her as well. Tommy hid both of the bodies deep in the forest, in a shallow grave. He covered it with fallen leaves and branches, then left. The next day, it started snowing heavily. In just a few hours, nature covered all of the tracks. After the initial shock, Tommy started admiring the speed, precision and power of nature. It helped him regain his calmness and peace. He then promised himself to never again lose his nerves. In order to never forget what nature has done for him, Tommy decided to start a new religion, "4 Seasons". For the next 3 years, he roamed around different states, working here and there, making a few sacrifices every single month. Eventually, he decided to visit Los Santos.


Tommy was a relaxed and calm individual. No matter what he did, all of his actions were methodical, progressing one step at a time. He valued peace and quiet environments, although he didn't mind loud and talkative people. Tommy didn’t like when people disrespected nature, even though he wouldn’t show it. He preferred to stay fairly neutral, just listening instead of taking any sides. Tommy tried to respect the law; at the same time however, he didn’t consider any of his actions as a crime or something illegal, no matter how horrendous they were. Tommy never hurt anyone because of personal reasons, only as a sacrifice.

Tommy's qualities had their downsides. He was not good with planning for the future; he always took only one step at a time – behavior that didn’t change no matter what. Tommy was also a very bad liar; he preferred to avoid the questions or change the topic entirely, rather than lie.

Important events

Close to the start of November 2020, Tommy was finishing planning out the sacrifices in Los Santos. He had already scoped out the areas he planned to use for them, as well as gathered majority of the equipment needed. The only major thing left for him was to plan the kidnappings themselves. After that was supposed to be finished, he would have been able to start sacrificing people in the name of "4 Seasons".

Around the middle of November 2020, Tommy finished all the preparations, including the submission of several fake reports to the dispatchers and police officers, as his alibi.

On November 25th and 27th, Tommy attempted to kidnap several people for his first sacrifice. However, he realized that he couldn't force himself to do that. Disappointed and angry at himself, Tommy turned himself in to PD on November 27th. He explained his past, things he had planned for the future and current situation at that time. He had been charged with Criminal Threats and False Reporting. He was also given 48 hours to get a psych evaluation.

On November 29th, Tommy had a therapy session / psych evaluation with Royal Anderson. She recommended Tommy to attend more therapy sessions and focus on his idea of Blaine County Tours.

Departure from Los Santos

On December 2nd, Tommy realized he had to make a decision: try to push his fears aside by kidnapping a person and prove to himself that he wasn't a coward, or live a miserable life without purpose, being disappointed and angry at himself. He decided to go with option number 1.

With no mask or disguise, Tommy called for a tow on Palomino Freeway gas station. When the tow truck driver arrived, Tommy realized that he couldn't do it. He withdrew all of his money and gave everything to the tow truck driver. When he left, Tommy made his way to the airport.

Just before boarding a plane, Tommy apologized to Royal Anderson via text, where he explained why he was leaving. He also sent his last tweet: "Goodbye LS. My plane is waiting for me. It was a relatively good stay." With everything out of the way, Tommy boarded a plane and left LS.

Return to Los Santos and death

On December 23rd, Tommy briefly came back to Los Santos to see if anything changed. After a brief drive around the city, he decided to get drunk, to offset his bad mood. While drunk, Tommy called a tow truck driver, Rick Locke, and, after an unnecessary request to move his car, gave Rick all of his belongings, including his ID. Shortly after, while Tommy was driving on Great Ocean Highway at high speeds, he hit a barrier and got ejected through the windshield, landing on a beach several hundred feet below. A few minutes later, EMS Leonardo Sand arrived on the scene and brought Tommy to the hospital to have him treated by a doctor. Despite their best efforts, Tommy Green died on the operating table just few minutes later. He was not identified by anyone and has been noted by a doctor as John Doe.