Tomathy Steampipe is a character role-played by GutturalSteve.


Tomathy is a Burger Shot workaholic who dreams of being a Voice Actor. His talents can be heard in his Interview with Bobby Beats.


Fun, energetic person who knows how to have a good time. He also has a great worth ethic, knows how to put his nose to the grindstone and can be found holding down the fort at Burger Shot single handedly. Tomathy is very gullible and a victim of pranks, especially by Shelly who is a repeat offender of said pranks.



  • Hubcap Jones: Great friends and they go on benders together. Tomathy enjoys going to his concerts and shouting out his favorite songs for Hubcap to play.
  • Benny Gomez: Like two peas in a pod. They love to get into antics together all the time, especially at Burger Shot while serving customers. They like to play lifeguard together saving fish from drowning and performing trust exercises.
  • Shelly Smith: Shelly is Tomathy's boss. Their relationship was on the rocks when Shelly fake fired Tomathy but Hubcap forced her to apologize and they all get along fabulously when Shelly isn't pranking anyone.
  • Sherry Paie: Tomathy reports to Sherry and expresses to her often that he wants to be promoted at Burger Shot. He enjoys working with her but is worried about being fired again.
  • Steven Hayes: When work gets stressful Steven is Tomathy's voice of reason and reassurance. They support each other and are a great duo that can power through any Burger Shot rush.
  • Other Burger Shot Employees: Tomathy gets along swell with Burger Shot staff members and has the most respect for workers who put in a lot of time


  • Rhett McCompliment: Tomathy does not like Rhett claiming "There's something off about him."
  • Karen Jones: Karen flew into Los Santos for the day looking for her "hubby" Hubcap Jones. She ran into Tomathy at Burger Shot and asked for his help to find Hubcap who she misses dearly. They spent the day visiting Hubcap's typical hangouts with no luck. Tomathy, suspicious of her behavior, had concerns about her motives (as did others). He questioned her on a secluded beach and when her answers didn't convince him he shot her at point blank, multiple times, and left her to die.

Special Abilities

  • Turbo Twerk: The ability to rapidly twerk on command.
  • Floppy Parkour: Jumping off of objects to see how floppy he can make his body, he refers to it as his "Strength Training."
  • Diner Dash: Serving way too many customers in a very short amount of time.


  • "Words r hard"
  • "What hapum?"
  • "It's just a prank bro!"
  • "Manchild!"
  • "I need TP for my bunghole"
  • "Back scratcha!"
  • * dolphin noises *
  • "Peepee poopoo PEEPEE POOPOO"
  • "Skeet skeet motherfucka!" *posh laugh*
  • "I made a man's mouth orgasm today!"
  • "Sorry, I almost landed in your ass..."


  • Tomathy was a military brat; his family moved around a lot while he was growing up.
  • Tomathy moved to Los Santos in December 2019.
  • Tomathy has a driver's license, weapons license, hunting license and fishing license.
  • Tomathy's interview at Burger Shot included taking a picture of a shark sand sculpture.
  • Tomathy's most frequently consumed alcoholic beverage is $6 bottles of vodka (typically consumed 7 or more bottles at a time).
  • One of Tomathy's favorite movies is Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.
  • Tomathy's favorite Love Fist song is "Mommy's Saggy Milkers"
  • Tomanty has a minor addiction problem when it comes to gambling and buying noPixel trading cards.
  • Tomathy was a victim of the Yuno Birthday Massacre; he was shot by a stray bullet and passed out parkouring away from the scene.


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