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Tomassi Paparatto was a character role-played by zoomaa.

Tomassi came to Los Santos looking for a fresh start after having many issues back home. Born and raised in New Jersey, he was an employee at his fathers construction company.

After arriving in Los Santos, Tomassi founded the ZooMafia 🟥⬜🟩 which was originally composed of loyal members Zee Carbone, Tyler Heisanburg, Soap, and Himself. Led Authoritatively by Tomassi, the family's first major success was setting up Paparatto's Deli down at the Dean World Market where they sold "Nothing but the best, the freshest, the purest and finest Products, imported straight from Calabria Italy." Tomassi took great Pride in the Menu he created himself.

Later on Tomassi recruited Bubbles (Head of Deli/ Clean Guy), "Shivvy" (Head of Bank Jobs), "Chicken Head"(Head Driver/ Backup Hacker), and Sidwig Crawshank (Multi-talented Visionary Under-Boss) to the Family and the crew settled their HQ at a Lavish Two story Mansion in the Hills overlooking the City. He oversaw the unprecedented growth of ZooMafia as they made a name for themselves by running into conflict with multiple well known groups such as The Blocks, BCF, and CB.

Tomassi was well known for his Big Ideas, Business Acumen, Can-Do Attitude, Advanced Communication Skills, and unique terms and Phrases.

  • "Marone!"
  • "How you doing?!"
  • "Papanya!"
  • "Do you know who you're talking to right now?"
  • "You're gonna have a serious Problem!"
  • "Take care brush ya hair!"
  • "It's not about how hard you can hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward".

Unfortunately Tomassi ran into major trouble with the Law and was deported from Los Santos.

The ZooMafia Brand in NoPixel was later retired and most of it's Original members transitioned into the new Royal Mafia.