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Tom Wolf is a character role-played by BlazedSpork.

General Description

Tom Wolf is a Paramedic FTO for the Emergency Medical Services, Call-Sign Papa-8.

He is also a Corporal for the Department of Corrections, Badge #778.

Tom is someone who has troubles when using words. No matter how hard he tries and knows what he wants to say, he fumbles hard and begins to stutter, something he is very self conscious towards and makes him feel horrible in both verbal and written tasks. Due to this, he finds it increasingly difficult when job hunting as he prefers to show his skills rather than telling people.

Tom has a laid back personality where he likes to appear chilled out, even when he is bored he appears to look chilled out. He struggles with staying still for periods of time, he believes himself that it is because he always has a lot of energy but his teachers suggested he may have ADHD. This was never formally diagnosed and Tom believes it is not the case

He also likes climbing on stuff and playing around as his mental age is about 12 at times.

Tom became a Jedi on the 26th of October, 2021


Tom comes from a naval background from a young age. He struggled with the sea life on a ship but found the skies entertaining. Due to not wanting to switch to the Royal Air Force, he started to train to be a part of the Fleet Air Arm. After training up a quantity of flight skills in the Hawk, he eventually moved to piloting the F-35 Lightning.

Tom has a tattoo of an older generation bomber plane on his stomach because of his flight background.

Toms background in armed forces also gained him above average aim as a marksman.

Employment History

Tom is currently employed by the Los Santos Emergency Medical Service:

Rank Insignia Note Date
Offered a job within the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services 26th July, 2021
Cleared to be on duty as a trainee, Callsign: Tango-95 30th July, 2021
Cleared for solo duty 5th August, 2021
Promoted to EMT, Callsign: Echo-95 18th August, 2021
Water Rescue certified. Current Callsign: ThatGuyIsDrowningYo-1 20th August, 2021
Firefighter Certified. Current Callsign: SmokeyBacon-1 23rd September, 2021
Promoted to Paramedic. Callsign: Papa-95 12th October, 2021
Critical Care Certified 19th October, 2021
Trial Instructor 4th November, 2021
Paramedic FTO
Promoted to Paramedic FTO. Callsign: Papa-95 17th November, 2021
Air Rescue Certified. Callsign: LSIA-1 (LittleShitInAir-1) 18th November, 2021
Callsign Updated to P-20 19th January, 2022
Water Instructor Certfied 23rd January, 2022
Flight Instructor Certified 9th February, 2022
Callsign Updated to P-8 13th February, 2022
Fire Instructor Certified 17th July, 2022
Transfered to Paramedic. Callsign: Papa-8 17th July, 2021
FTO Certified 17th July, 2022

Tom is also employed at the Department of Corrections

Rank Insignia Note Date
Offered a job within the Department of Corrections 28th March, 2022
Completed Academy, Callsign: 878 3rd April, 2022
Signed off on Weapon Loadouts 4th April, 2022
Signed off on Riots 4th April, 2022
Signed off on Transports 4th April, 2022
Signed off on Document Aptitude 5th April, 2022
Signed off on People Interactions 5th April, 2022
Signed off on Radio Comms 6th April, 2022
Solo Cadet
Promoted to Solo Cadet, Callsign: 778 6th April, 2022
Promoted to Corrections Officer, Callsign: 778 12th April, 2022
Approved as Prelim BRU 20th April, 2022
Approved as Prelim Slug Shotgun 21st April, 2022
Promoted to full BRU officer 5th May, 2022?
Mk14 trained 24th May, 2022
Sr. CO
Promoted to Senior Corrections Officer, Callsign: 778 16th June, 2022
Assigned BRU EU Lead 16th June, 2022
Remington trained 7th July, 2022
Promoted to Corporal, Callsign: 778 13th July, 2022
Assigned BRU Commander 13th July, 2022

Tom was employed at The Pegg Inn:

Rank Note Date
Bartender Joined The Pegg Inn as a bartender Sept 9th, 2021
Head Bartender Promoted to Head bartender Oct 19th, 2021
Business dissolved

Tom is currently employed at the Vanilla Unicorn

Job Title Note Date
Hired by Meg Kyracruz 14th March, 2022