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Tom Ryan is a character role-played by Ferst711.


Tom is engaged to Ell LeFant.


Tom Ryan became the leader of the Aztecas after the death of Antonio Espinosa † at the hands of East Side Ballas. He was trying to rebuild the gang after the former founder, Jose Martin Perez, sold their houses to the East Side Ballas and joined the purple-clad group. Prior to his gang's downfall, he was but was just an acting member in the group.

Tom Ryan is no longer an Azteca.

Other Affiliations

He is affiliated with a group called the The Collective, he helped the group with surveillance, planning, heisting, and exporting goods out of country.


Tom has a Mitch.Tv streaming persona who mainly streams from hot tubs. He is known as "the middle aged backstreet boy" having shown to know the full choreography for back streets back.

He content is highly watched by the 40-59 y/o female demographic.

Played By: Ferst711
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