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Tobi Argent is a character role-played by FairKingTobi.


Tobi is a flirtatious, manipulative, schizophrenic with a very dark and checkered past. He is the owner of Madrid's Taqueria, a company he started to reignite his fathers taco empire. He also works as a Sr. Loan Officer within Fast Loans, and is a retail associate with Digital Den. He also used to be a bar certified lawyer who specialized in Wills & Testaments as he thought there was a beautiful irony in it, given his past. However the job quickly bored him and he eventually stepped away find other avenues of entertainment. Recently he has also started a funeral business, Black Rose Mortuary.

The Artist's Prodigy

On September 22nd, 2021 Tobi stopped taking his medication that suppressed his auditory and visual hallucinations of his deceased mother, Chasity Dawes, by flushing them down the toilet. Unfortunately in an attempt to see his mother again, he was met with far more voices than just his mothers. The verbal abuse of all his friends and family, both alive and deceased, finally broke Tobi down enough that he committed his first attempted murder on September 26th, 2021.

When Tobi was at his most vulnerable, trying to speak with a long time friend of his, Chasity was finally able to push him over the edge in an attempt to get the voices to stop. Tobi took out a gun and shot Sassa Raven 3 times, at the same location where Chasity attempted to drown him during her second art project. In a moment of panic and realization of what he had done, and to whom, he used the opportunity to take a 64x89mm section of skin off of her arm and left the scene of the crime. He drove to the overlook, where he laid out the piece of skin to dry, and sat in quiet contemplation thinking about what had just happened.

This marked Tobi's first official attempted murder, and the start of his own project in honor of the Los Santos Artist, Chasity. In this rendition of Chasity's Art Project, Tobi will assign people cards based on their meanings in a reversed position, rather than the upright position.

The High Priestess - Sassa Raven

Played By: FairKingTobi
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