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Tito Higgins is a character role-played by sips_.


A handsome man who moves to the big town with his brother Wilbur Higgins, likes to eat burgers and taking out the trash.


  • "This isn't a guitar"
  • "Abdul, you are a king among men Abdul!"

Episode List

# Title Events (spoilers)

Sips Plays GTA V Nopixel RP w/ ItmeJP - (11/2/21)

•Tito and his brother Wilburs first day in town

•Meets Abdul and Salem who drives them to Burger Shot

•Don't be a fool, ride with Abdul!

Salem join the brothers and do some dirty work


Sips Plays GTA V Nopixel RP w/ ItmeJP - (12/2/21)

•Tito and Wilbur goes to Burger Shot and on the way a strange man asks Tito some questions

•While in line at Burger Shot, the strange man appears and warns the brothers of Mark White

•The brothers attempt to get a fishing licence from Justice Labarre

Abdul takes the brothers fishing anyway, Salem joins them

Abdul introduces his clone Louis

•While fishing Salem says he met Mark White