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Timothy Squid is a character role-played by Burn.

General Information

Timothy helps to recruit individuals to partake in the Squid Games. He can often be seen wearing a black suit and carrying a grey suitcase with two armed bodyguards wearing all pink and full face mask with geometric shape on it .

His main task is to evaluate potential participant and deliver their invitation card. He works under the commands of The Front Man.

During the game, he can be seen wearing the same attire as the participants with number "000". He delivered game instructions and ensure player well-being in the game, sometimes engaging conversation with them.


Recruiting Participants

Timothy would contact each potential participant and use manipulative tactic such as revealing very sensitive information including their legal and illegal assets and amount of money they have in their pocket and in their bank account and stressing on their current debts, leaving them no choice but to meet him so he can offer them an invitation to the game face to face. He apparently knows their current whereabouts, their activities, and their GPS ping number as he claimed he has many "eyes" watching on them and threaten the potential participants with the information if they decide to go against him. During the meet up with the participants, he offered them to play a mini-game with him to evaluate them whether they're worthy to join the main game. If he satisfied with their performance, he would hand out a brown card to them, an invitation to the join the squid game.

Plotting with the Police

On October 19th 2021, Timothy secretly met the Chief of Police, Sam Baas plotting to let him infiltrate the games along with other 7 undercover officers. With Timothy's help, They would undercover as participants under fake aliases to investigate and expose the nature of the squid game and also to apprehend The Front Man, the Game Master. If any of the officers are "downed" during the game, they immediately brought to Timothy and undercover as one of the Pink Workers. Timothy and UC officers also kidnapped some of the VIPs and interrogating them for information.