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Timmy Yougman is a character role-played by TPLivewire.


Timmy is a kindhearted kid who's always there to support his friends. He has an identical twin brother, Jimmy Yougman, though they have very different personalities. He is the more 'innocent' one, whereas his brother is more rash and crude. Even though they have such contrasting personalities, they share a strong bond with each other.

Cocaine Arc

Otto Delmar decided to give twins Jimmy Yougman and Timmy 30 bags of cocaine. After a while, Otto allowed them to continue selling bags of coke to get more people to stay in the casino.


  • Timmy won $10,000 from spinning the Casino Wheel, then gave Jimmy half.
  • Otto gave Jimmy and Timmy a bunch of cocaine.
  • Much to his occasional annoyance, he is often confused for his identical twin brother Jimmy Yougman

Played By: TPLivewire
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