Tim Lee is a member of the Korean Mafia and is number two in the family.

Character is roleplayed by 80bsaget.

Background Edit

Sun Moon's grandson and member of the Korean Mafia. Tim is also one of the Casino's owners.

Korean Mafia Edit

He joined the Korean Mafia alongside his grandfather Sun Moon, his number two in the family. He is also the closest person to Sun Moon, although Tim is a lot more reckless than Moon and is most experienced when it comes to shooting guns.

Saab & Brenda Edit

He shot both Brenda Pancake and Al Saab, dumping them off the pier in retaliation of Al Saab attempting to take him hostage earlier. Both Brenda and Al just happened to be at the same overlook that Tim retreat to often, and took both by gunpoint, taking their lives.

Gallery Edit

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