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Tig Oconner is a character role-played by rawrparty.


Tig Oconner is a singer from a small town called O'Neill. Back home, she was into tipping cows, dancing and possibly meth.

She is best friends with Angel McKenzie and sometimes sings at Wu Chang Records events with Riley Johnson and other artists in the city. Her innocent personality makes it hard to hold a grudge towards her. Cops also seem to feel sorry for her because they probably know deep down she is too pure for the city, easily manipulated and forced into situations that are questionable. She is also a good spirit and always seems to find the bright side even in bad situations.

Fun Facts

  • Has a Betty Boop sounding voice but is able to sing beautifully and hypnotize those who listen.
  • She is affiliated with Wu Chang Records.
  • Singer at Tequi-la-la, Vanilla Unicorn, Bahama Mamas and in locations all over the city of Los Santos.
  • Loves to meet new people and has a delicate demeanor so people are willing to carry a conversation with her.
  • She is also a singing taxi driver and does food truck occasionally singing to customers for tips.

Criminal Record 

  • Burglary x1 
  • Criminal possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x1
  • Misdemeanor possession of Marijuana x1

Drivers License: In Good Standing