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Thur Teen is a character role-played by PapaDrgnz.


Thur Teen is a lifer serving his sentence out at Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Thur Teen woke up in a prison cell with no memory of how he got there. The only thing he could remember is the number 13. Thur Teen has a rare form of amnesia that effects his short and long term memory due to trauma induced retrograde amnesia. Thur Teen is now trying to uncover the secrets of his past in hopes of clearing his name and being freed from a life sentence. When Thur Teen first woke up in Bolingbroke Penitentiary he was disoriented, confused, and very lost. He jumped off the top bunk of the cell he found himself in and on the wall written in blood was as follows.








Here is the transfer papers given to the DOC of Bolingbroke giving information on their new inmate Thur Teen.

Thur Teen is quite the mysterious person. He does not know who he is or where he is from. He only knows what little has been told by DOC. Which they only have the information obtained via Thur Teen's transfer papers that you can read here. He forgets things in a truly random manner, sometimes instantly and sometimes after a couple of days. Thur Teen only retains information he has learned via therapy, via items that have information he needs to remember, and via his best friends that keep track of his twisted web of memories. With each memory that Thur Teen uncovers he learns more about himself and with each memory Thur Teen becomes more unsure of his innocence. Only time will tell whether he is telling the truth or not.


The Tower Master Arc
When Thur Teen first arrived to Bolingbroke Penitentiary he was having nightmares. One being about The Antler Demon and the other of a tower built of 32 bodies stitched together. He spoke randomly at times of The Tower and The Tower Master. Thur Teen attempted to figure out who killed all those people because everyone in the prison thought he may have killed those people. Thur Teen persisted he did not kill anyone, that he could recall. He ended up being told by an inmate that he should probably just focus on nothing and see what memories come to him. One of The Wallers told Thur Teen he should seek the guidance of The Wall. Thur Teen approach The Wall and stared at it for a few minutes and what occurred was groundbreaking. Thur Teen began to speak about "his design" and described The Tower as "his" glorious design. Which, only deepened his confusion about what happened before he was brought to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Eventually, Thur Teen met the prison therapist Anna Marie Black and she stated she wanted to help Thur Teen through hypnotherapy. Thur Teen agreed this method may be helpful and stated he would be okay with so long as Jeb and Zelaya, his two best friends, were able to be present at the session. During the time prior to their session Thur Teen kept having a reoccurring nightmare about The Tower. Which, led to him discovering the name of The Tower Master, Gideon Gray, and that Thur Teen shot him after finding him with The Tower. This lead to more suspicions about Thur Teen and whether or not he murdered The Tower Master or if he just killed an innocent man who had discovered his secret of him actually being The Tower Master. After forgetting the time of his initial therapy session Thur Teen had to wait for Anna Marie Black to be available again. Once, she was they went into the prison infirmary with Jeb, Zelaya, and the prison doctor Riv. Where Thur Teen was put under hypnotherapy and asked about his past. There Thur Teen was questioned about what transpired with The Tower and The Tower Master. He spoke of walking through a hallway and each door having a memory locked in it. He opened a door and then described his memories as if they were playing out in front of him. In a foggy haze he spoke of being in a classroom and that he felt like he had just got done giving a lecture. He described files and notes being on the desk in front of a massive chalk board. Annie Marie Black then attempted to get him to see his name and relay it over to him. Thur Teen told her his was shadowed out by the fog but that he could see the FIB logo. The memory continued and Thur Teen spoke of dropping some files and then hearing laughter. He looked up and saw a woman, that he called Margaret, looking at him and speaking of how bad his lecture was. Thur teen then revealed that he was a teacher of forensic science. He then goes into another room in the hall and sees The Tower and Gideon Gray holding a knife at the base of The Tower. Thur Teen states he pulled his gun out and tried reasoning with the serial killer, urging him that they needed to go speak to Jack. Unfortunately, Gideon rushed Thur Teen with the blade and that is what caused Thur Teen to shoot Gideon. We then learn that it was not a fatal wound and Gideon was alive the last time he saw him. Thur Teen then calls Jack to inform him of what just occurred. Annie Marie then asks who is Jack? Thur Teen leaves that memory and enters another. He is sitting at a desk. He remembers feeling anxious about whomever he was meeting at the time. He scans the desk and sees the FIB symbol again and the name Jack Mccoy. He continues scanning the memory and sees the Jack Mccoy is the head of Behavioral Science Unit at the FIB. He recalls Jack Mccoy asking Thur Teen to "lend him his imagination" and that he is the best in the field due to his ability to assume the feelings of serial killers in order to profile them. Jack Mccoy then shows Thur Teen a picture of someone tied to the top of a flag pole. He continues to inform Thur Teen that this killer has already killed 6 people and they are desperate for leads. Thur Teen then assumes the mind of this killer and relays his design to Jack Mccoy. He states that the pole is a staple in society, that we look to the pole to know of our nations glory, and that he wants the country to know of his glorious design. He speaks of liking the feeling of stalking and kidnapping his victims using chloroform to knock them unconscious. That he takes them to his home and stabs them in the heart to kill them instantly. He describes wrapping them up and transporting them to some of the highest poles in the city. He keeps their bodies preserved so when he has them at the top of the pole their blood drips down and that this is "his" design. After receiving this information and working with Dr. Siegfried, who finds out the location of The Tower. Thur Teen tracks down, shoots, and apprehends Gideon Gray, The Tower Master. Anna Marie then calls the session a success and ends it due to not wanting to stress Thur Teen's brain out too much. Thur Teen then awakes with no memory of the session and continues about his day.
Remembering Margaret
During some of his first days at Bolingbroke Penitentiary, Thur Teen ran into a man named Ali. Ali had a terrible burn over his that he suffered from a tragic airplane accident. The two of them were having a friendly conversation on top of the cafeteria in the middle of the night with Bane. In the midst of this conversation, Ali said "You should have a wife, she will remember everything for you." Once Ali said that it seemed to have caused some type of chain reaction in Thur Teen's brain because he begun to say "Where's Margaret?" over and over again. After asking Ali this question a couple of times, Thur Teen began to get aggressive towards him. He then slapped Ali in hopes that harming him would give him the answer he was seeking. After slapping Ali, Thur Teen had instantly forgotten the entire encounter. He asked "Who the fuck is Margaret?" and told Ali that he did not slap him. Ali stated that Thur Teen was going crazy. Bane stated "I think it is his wife." Thur Teen then denied having a wife to the both of them. Ali attempted to pull the memory of Margaret from Thur Teen by saying "Remember Margaret, will you marry me?" Thur Teen then began to remember being on a beach, at sunset. The waves came in slowly but sonically sounded like a sweet melody to him. Thur Teen was carrying a ring in his back pocket. He took the ring out and said "Margaret, I love you. With every fiber of my being. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He showed her the ring and Margaret replied with "Yes". Then, Thur Teen snapped back to the present. He was confused and astonished at the revelation of him having a wife. Then Ali asked him if he had children. Thur Teen responded that he does not remember. Ali felt that that was enough remembering for Thur Teen that day. Ali began to console Thur Teen telling him that he will be alright and that he will remember his wife and children if he has any. Thur Teen began to have a feeling that he would be a great father. Ali disagreed. Then everyone went about their day.
Remembering Rosie
One day, in the strangest turn of events Thur Teen stumbled upon a deep memory embedded within him. Another inmate by the name of Doro of the Yazuka Family told Thur Teen that Riv, The prison Doctor, needed all the inmates to head to the bleachers in order to play a game. Doro made a small joke about the game maybe being Ring-a-round the Rosie. The moment the word rosie fell from Doro's lips it sent Thur Teen into a rage unlike anyone has seen from him. He begin to yell "Where is Rosie!?" "Where is she? Where is Rosie!?". A very confused Doro did not know how to react or handle this situation. He was unable to give any answers to Thur Teen's questions. He was only able to tell Thur Teen that he did not know anyone names Rosie. Angered, Thur Teen began to attack Doro. "Take me to Rosie!" "Where is she!?". Thur Teen screamed as he punched Doro repeatedly. Jeb, Thur Teen's best friend, tried to intervene. In an honest attempt to stop Thur Teen from viciously beating down an armless man, he told Thur Teen that if he did not stop attacking Doro he would have to knock him out. Thur Teen in a triggered trance continued to chase down Doro. Leaving Jeb no choice but to kick Thur Teen while in a wheel chair. The kick snapped both Thur Teen's ankles incapacitating him. Jeb apologized to Thur Teen and tried to explain to him that he had to stop Thur Teen from potentially killing Doro. Thur Teen did not respond to anything Jeb said but whispered "Rosie, I need to find Rosie. I need to find my daughter..". While laying on the ground, Doro approached Thur Teen and Jeb and began to sing Ring-a-round the Rosie to taunt Thur Teen. Jeb then told Doro to stop taunting Thur Teen or else he would kick him down as well. Doro ignored Jeb's warnings and continued to sing. Jeb then kicked Doro's ankles as well. Another powerful kick from Jeb snapping two more ankles. Jeb then unintentionally ran over Doro's head causing a severe brain hemorrhage. Riv and Jeb both tried to resuscitate Doro in varies ways, one of which included telling Jeb to run over Doro's head again in hopes that doing so would push his brains back into his skull. Unfortunately, their valiant efforts were futile. Doro was already dead after the initial skull crushing. Thur Teen did not retain the memory of what occurred only that he had the blood of Doro on his hands and on his conscience.

Here is the transfer papers given to the DOC of Bolingbroke giving information on their new inmate Thur Teen.