Thomas Metzger is a character role-played by Vaerinis. (Vaerinis does not stream.)

General Description Edit

Thomas Metzger is the Captain of the LSPD, Badge #408.

While sometimes seen as "by the book" when it comes to the job, Metzger is actually a sweetheart. He can be seen goofing off and poking fun at situations on a regular basis. Metzger cares deeply for the safety and mental/physical well-being of his fellow officers.

While training, Metzger is not afraid to go the "extra mile". He will offer to go the Cadets to the airfield grounds to allow them practice driving, radio communication, and play out traffic stop scenarios.

Relationships Edit

Bobby Smith Edit

Metzger's "arch-nemesis" is BCSO's Bobby Smith; always finding friendly competition as Command members of their respective divisions.

Cheryl Smith Edit

Following Cheryl obtaining a part-time job as the MRPD receptionist, her and Metzger are now dating.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Metzger was temporarily assigned the ranking of Assistant Chief of Police during Olivia Copper's extended stay in the Intensive Care Unit in September 2019. He resumed his ranking of Lieutenant (at the time) upon Copper's return.


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