Thomas Metzger is a character role-played by Vaerinis.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Thomas Metzger is the Assistant Chief of Police for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #408.

He was previously a Senior Deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #316.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Metzger is a 31-year-old caucasian male with blonde hair.

Metzger is often not seen wearing the traditional "business" LSPD uniform, and instead wearing the "Instructor" version of the outfit - black polo shirt, khaki pants, and occasionally a utility vest.

Personality[edit | edit source]

While sometimes seen as "by the book" when it comes to the job, Metzger is actually a sweetheart. He can be seen goofing off and poking fun at situations on a regular basis. Metzger cares deeply for the safety, mental, and physical well-being of his fellow officers.

While training Cadets, Metzger will go the "extra mile", and has been in charge of organizing the Police Academy for new recruits. Following academy, Metzger will offer to go with the Cadets to the airfield grounds to allow them to practice driving, radio communication, and play out any traffic stop scenarios they may be struggling with.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Cheryl Smith[edit | edit source]

Following Cheryl obtaining a part-time job as the MRPD receptionist, her and Metzger are now dating.

Bobby Smith[edit | edit source]

Metzger's "arch-nemesis" is former BCSO Sergeant (current LSPD Chief of Police), Bobby Smith. After Metzger transferred to the LSPD, him and Bobby always found friendly competition between their separate departments, as members of Command. They often make off-handed "suggestive" comments toward one another, and these comments have quickly escalated, following Bobby and Vladimir Raven's marriage separation.

As of February 7, 2020, Bobby and Metzger have mostly put their competitive nature aside; currently running the LSPD together as Chief of Police and Assistant Chief of Police, respectively. Their friendly rivalry in maintaining and leading their separate departments previously, now works to their benefit. Presently, the two men share their ideas and past experiences within Command to help organize and shape the LSPD, moving forward.

Momentous Dates within the PD[edit | edit source]

Ranking Note Date
Deputy Hired - Badge #316. June 24th, 2019
Senior Deputy Promoted. August 10th, 2019
Lieutenant Command; Transferred to the LSPD - Badge #408. August 13th, 2019
Captain Command; PD Ranking Restructure.[1] October 20th, 2019
Assistant Chief of Police High Command; PD Ranking Restructure December 5th, 2019

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He was assigned the ranking of Assistant Chief of Police temporarily in December of 2019. During his time in this role, he promoted Emma Dupont to Senior Officer, and authorized her to regain her role as Field Training Officer.
  • He was temporarily assigned the ranking of Assistant Chief of Police during Olivia Copper's extended stay in the Intensive Care Unit in September of 2019. He resumed his ranking of Lieutenant (at the time) upon Copper's return.

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References[edit | edit source]

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