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Thomas Dwayne is a character role-played by Dunrunnin12.


Thomas Dwayne worked as a consultant for the Vice City Police Department before coming to Los Santos. He actively seeks to improve the community and is a devoted father.

Thomas served as Deputy Mayor. He was confirmed on February 17, 2021 alongside Andi Jones. He formally tendered his letter of resignation to Andi on April 21.

🐎 The Stable

On April 17, 2021 when Thomas was still Deputy Mayor, he met with Richard Chiclets, Nancy Drew, Mick Flair, and Virgil Simpson at Vinewood Racetrack after they had finished running a wildly successful racing event there for the first time. Thomas informed them that Mayor Andi Jones had approved their company, 4EQ, as a business that could now own the deed to Vinewood Racetrack.

Thomas joined Mick, Dick, and Nancy to form "The Stable" crime organization. The four of them led the group as its "Stable Heads". They bought a warehouse (nicknamed "The Barn") under the name of Thomas' CEO and friend, Bunny, who stayed clean while the group ran illegal activities to pay it off. The Stable Heads recruited various "Stable Hands" to help fund the organization. Thomas focused on meth distribution, and shared The Stable's first practice laptop with Xavier Valentine and Elizabeth Byrne before they became proficient bank hackers.

First City Vault Heist

On July 7, 2021, Thomas' first City Vault heist went badly awry. He was riding with Mick, Dick, and Xavier as part of The Stable's second-ever upper vault heist, before their getaway car stalled after a couple of turns and the police immediately boxed them in. Air-1 followed Thomas during his foot chase, and he was caught and arrested.

Lizzie's Farewell

On July 12, 2021, the Stable Heads took Lizzie to Bahama Mamas West where they had a serious talk about her reckless endangerment of The Stable. The talk ended with Thomas cutting off Lizzie's pinky toe as punishment. Some time later after Lizzie murdered ADA Malcador Sigilite and allowed Bunny to find the body, Mick overruled the other three Stable Heads and gave Lizzie one last probationary period to stay out of serious police trouble. Thomas was conflicted, and confided in Bunny that Lizzie reminded him of his adopted daughter. When Lizzie continued to antagonize the police during her probationary period, the Stable Heads unanimously decided to cut her loose on August 24, 2021. Thomas broke the news to Lizzie at Vinewood Racetrack, where she gave an emotional farewell.

First Bobcat Security Heist

On September 4, 2021, Thomas hit Bobcat Security for the first time ever. Mick hacked the thermite, and paced around sniping at the security guards while Thomas rolled around the hallways firing an uzi at them. After the weapons room explosion nearly downed Thomas, The Stable crew split the loot between Mick and the hostage holder Dick; then impatiently waited for the police to get themselves ready. Finally, Dick drove them away, ocean dumped their getaway car, and swam away with the C4 and half the loot. After the police mag dumped Mick's floatplane as he attempted to take off, Kirk picked up Mick in a jet ski. They fled from a police boat as Thomas swam from a PD scuba diver and managed to escape. Kirk got caught, and Bundy arrested Mick with the other half of the loot after he unsuccessfully grappled around and shot at police for the first time. The Stable went on to test one C4 sticky bomb on Marabunta Grande. Thomas used the other C4 sticky bomb to blow up the Block Gang who had ruined Mayor Abdul AlRahim's dinner at Maison Ricard.

Meth Trafficking

During The Stable's meth ventures, Thomas managed much of the crew's meth distribution. He networked with other crews on drug territories, but also lamented the turf disputes with such gangs as the Marabunta Grande (who shot out his eye which later required an eye transplant) and the Ballas. Thomas once led a marathon where he and a few Stable hands cornered meth for several hours. Those proceeds paid off the remaining debt on The Barn. On one memorable occasion at the end of August 2021 when he and Kirk Jerkems were disguised as local construction workers to corner meth at Rogers scrap yard, they fled from police and drove their car into the ocean. After Kirk dumped his meth and was handcuffed, Thomas rammed the police cruiser while Thom Yung successfully nabbed Kirk in a separate getaway car. Unfortunately hours later, the police arrested Smooth Williams in that exact same meth spot while Thomas was looking out. This led Sexton Hardcastle to begin an SCU investigation of the "Mick and friends" group for drug trafficking.

One time during Hardcastle's surveillance of the group's meth spot, Thomas gave Abner Vaca permission to mag dump Hardcastle in his undercover car (The Stable's first sanctioned hit of a police officer). In September 2021, Hardcastle arrested Smooth a second time for selling meth. Afterward, Hardcastle was impressed by a new Stable scam where Kirk, Smooth, and Thomas cornered meth in broad daylight under the guise of a mobile taco truck business (Charros de Caballeros). They concealed their meth handoffs with "boxes full of tacos" and umbrellas. Thomas cooked inside the taco truck, as he often did for The Stable's Maison Ricard dining experiences.

First Big Meth Run

On October 18, 2021, The Stable risked all-or-nothing on their first ever big meth run. Thomas huddled with The Stable at the Vinewood Racetrack for inspirational words from Dick Chiclets. Then a four-person Stable team comprised of Dick, Thomas, Kirk, and Abner delivered 40 meth pillows (containing all of The Stable's meth strains) to the wholesale meth exporter. Thomas helped Dick carjack an armored kuruma from half a dozen local security guards, which they rode in to transport the liquid meth. When the kuruma's 37A tracker ping drew pursuit from Lt. Jeffrey Bundy and a cadet partner, The Stable team eventually gunned them both down in a pincer movement. Once Dick dropped off the meth and stashed the payout in The Barn, Thomas, Kirk, and Abner celebrated jubilantly and saluted their stolen car in a gas explosion.

Second Big Meth Run

On the night of November 9, 2021, Kirk Jerkems accidentally interrupted a police raid of his own apartment when he, Abner Vaca, Xavier Valentine, and Felix Volk drove up to the building in Thomas' car. Lt. Bundy had come to search the apartment for illegal guns, but instead found three pillows of Kirk's meth strain 51-rhinoceros. The Street Crimes Unit charged them all with felony obstruction, and subpoenaed their phone records and text messages. In Abner's phone, Bundy found Thomas' text message showing a proposed logo for "The Stable" (Bundy had first heard the name when the HOA tried to save their own warehouse by false flagging The Barn). Due to Thomas' connection to Bunny through Bahama Mamas West, the police correctly suspected that The Stable was stockpiling meth in Bunny's warehouse. Det. Sexton Hardcastle then staked out The Barn for eight hours and one whole morning. Finally on November 12, 2021, Thomas co-led a Stable mission to smuggle all of the meth pillows out of The Barn to protect Bunny from a drug trafficking charge. Thomas, Dick, and Xavier stormed into the warehouse as Kirk, Abner, and Marie Ortiz scouted out the area for police surveillance. Thomas then rode with Dick as they transported the meth contraband in an armored Landstalker SUV. When Air-1 and a tidal wave of police cars led by Hardcastle swarmed after their three-car convoy, the four Stable hands created enough interference for Dick and Thomas to escape and successfully drop off the last of The Stable's meth. After that stressful crisis, The Stable laid off the meth game and returned to robbing banks.

First Fleeca Bank Thermite Hack

On November 18, 2021 for the first time ever, Thomas hacked thermite for the Fleeca electrical boxes so that The Stable could finally rob a Fleeca Bank successfully. It was a clutch, cathartic triumph that earned him a spot as the group's primary thermite hacker. Two days later on November 20, 2021, Thomas' final Fleeca thermite hack was interrupted when Chang Gang and Francis J Francer stormed in to steal the bank from then. In retaliation, Dick shot out Chang Gang's tires--and the resulting firefight led to the police breaching the bank and wiping Chang Gang out.

Leader of The Stable

After Nancy Drew amicably resigned from The Stable on November 26, 2021, Dick stepped down as the group's leader. Thomas agreed to assume leadership of The Stable on the condition that Dick stay with the group. Thomas made Dick and Bunny The Stable's new underbosses, and promoted all of the Stable Hands to Stable Heads. Unfortunately for Thomas, other factions (in addition to the BBMC) began to hold The Stable responsible for the Bandito Boys' actions. When Kirk, Abner, and Chatterbox impersonated police officers and unknowingly robbed an HOB member on November 28, 2021, Thomas rallied The Stable around the Bandito Boys to run sanitation to pay the HOA Siz Fulker's demand of 15,000 recycled materials.

On December 3, 2021, The Stable impulsively stole a Fleeca Bank from Ivan Samarsky. Although Thomas successfully negotiated with Ivan and the police to allow The Stable to leave the bank safely, the robbery of Ivan and his accomplice made Thomas feel scummy.

When Kirk, Abner, and Marie (blacked out with guns instead of wearing their casino hotel employee uniforms) barged into the Angels' Diamond Casino Hotel room on December 6, 2021 to warn Randy Bullet against cooking meth there, Thomas allowed Randy and the Angels to beat Marie unconscious, and acquiesced to Randy's demand that Kirk give his meth table to the Angels. To add insult to injury, Lang Buddha ordered the Diamond Casino Hotel CEO Bunny to evict Thomas and give his hotel room to Lang. Thomas lamented how bad The Stable's reputation had become in the city.

First City Vault Thermite Hack

Thomas finally got another shot at the City Vault with Dick, Xavier, and Kirk on December 14, 2021--The Stable's first upper vault heist in ages. Another bank crew of Ivan, Wiked, and Yair attempted to breach the same bank, gunned down Dick, shot at Xavier as he hacked, and shot out a tire on their getaway car during a police chase led by A.J. Hunter. Marie Ortiz rammed a police car off the dock, and distracted the officers with Kirk while Thomas swam to safety with half of the loot. During The Stable's next City Vault heist (the first time for Rocky Topps and Marie) on December 17, 2021, the police chased them in Thomas' car to the vault after a motorcycle exploded their only hostage and Tony Andrews spotted an uzi on Xavier's back. The crew's only bargaining chip was a single bank customer whom their lookout Rocky had taken hostage by the ATM, causing Andrews and Kyle Pred to consider breaching. Andrews allowed them four minutes, enough time for the crew to leave the bank with half of the loot. In the ensuing police chase, the entire crew escaped when Dick accidentally ocean dumped their getaway car by the docks.

The End of The Stable

By the end of 2021, The Stable had begun to drift apart. Thomas stopped holding Stable meetings, and no longer enforced any dues or cuts to The Barn. Eventually, everybody began admitting that The Stable had disbanded.

In January 2022, Thomas began to live at the Bahama Mamas office at the Cerberus Business Center, and spent much of his time wandering through the wilderness with a backpack. He had become disaffected from his personal lack of progression in the city, particularly the 10 months of Bahama Mamas West getting passed over for construction (and months of the same running joke that he and Bunny couldn't even get locks on the doors despite all of her events there). Ironically while Thomas was still walking the earth on February 3, 2022, Bunny finally succeeded in getting locks on Bahama Mamas' doors, counter pick-up trays, cash registers, and a fridge (full of alcohol and lucky sushi). Thomas happily explored the new and improved Bahama Mamas on February 8, 2022. Around the time that Bunny was elected Mayor of Los Santos on April 1, 2022, she and Thomas began to share ownership of Bahama Mamas.

Return of the Mick

Stable assemble for mick-gracie.jpg

Starting on March 22, 2022, a locked-up Mick Jhonson began calling out for help with cryptic texts. Following several phone calls for help from Mick and Nancy Drew's twat of "STABLE ASSEMBLE", all of the original Stable OGs including Lizzie reunited on April 27, 2022 to search for Mick with his long-time fiance Jessie Jugg, Nancy's BBMC friend Collin McKinley, and Ursula Leichenberg. After they sleuthed that Melbert Rickenbacker had left Mick for dead at the Kortz Center and Ursula's alternate personality Gracie had nursed him back to health there, The Stable played a game of cat-and-mouse with Mick's captor: a gunman blacked-out with a cowboy hat named "The Highwayman". The Stable and Collin converged on The Highwayman at the Los Santos International Airport, exchanged gunfire with him, and managed to rescue a starving Mick from one of the hallways. The police chased Collin, Dick, and Nancy from the airport, recovered a comatose Mick from their trunk, and admitted him into the ICU. The next day on April 28, 2022, Sgt. Sexton Hardcastle escorted a comatose Mick out of the ICU so he could marry Jessie Jugg in a "MatriMania" wedding. Mick woke up near the end of the ceremony to proclaim "I WOOOOO!"; then a yeti crashed the wedding and triggered a battle royal. Afterward, Mick learned that The Stable had disbanded, that Thomas had broken up with Pixie Plum, and that Bahama Mamas finally had locks on its doors.

Played By: Dunrunnin12
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