Thomas Dwayne is a character role-played by Dunrunnin12

Background[edit | edit source]

Thomas was an investigator and vigilante also known as "The Owlman." As the Owlman he wears an owl mask and stalks people around the city. Although being Owlman by night, Thomas has begun to work at creating a reputation as "The Narrator" so that the city will expect him less and less than a vigilante and more than an individual that sells a service to those within the city. After his stint as "The Narrator" Thomas used the majority of downtime he had in studying hypnosis, combined with his knowledge of psychology, Thomas has became "The Hypnotherapist" going across the city and helping people through mental suggestion and also manipulating people in this state into becoming minions and soldiers of his.

History[edit | edit source]

Thomas Dwayne spent most of his young life dreaming of a being a surgeon. He had plans on saving lives through the actions of his hands, of fixing those who were broken, and had never imagined his life being any different from that. Halfway through his residency, Thomas would meet a young Martha Kane; a surgical nurse who aided him in his first surgery. The two shared a dream; to heal the broken, and through this shared ambition the two began to regularly converse through the halls of the hospital and readily aid the other in their quest.

After completing his residency, Thomas began to devote a significant amount of his personal life toward Martha. The two were regularly spotted dating throughout the city in their youth, visiting local restaurants, theaters, zoos, exhibits, and whatever else caught their fancy. Inseparable as they were, it was no shock to their friends and family when they tied the knot. Martha Kane became Martha Dwayne, with help from his father; Damian Dwayne a technology mogul, they set about starting their life on the right foot. Their first child; Bruce Dwayne, would be born a few years into their marriage, and only shortly after Thomas' father gave them Dwayne Manor.

Bruce favored Thomas; having the raven black hair and light sharp blue eyes of Dwayne family, as the boy grew the two of them became quite close, and Bruce shared in Thomas' fascination with bats. Six years after Bruce's birth, Thomas and Martha would happily welcome home another child; Thomas Dwayne, Jr. Two months after his birth, Damian Dwayne would pass away. Making Thomas wish he had named the boy after his own father, rather than listen to Martha who insisted on naming the boy after her beloved husband. Although named after his father, he looked more like his mother; light brown hair, dark blue eyes. However, this did not deter Thomas from doting on his newborn son.

Seven years would pass, with the inheritance Thomas had acquired from the passing of his father, the Dwayne family began to live a very relaxed and luxury filled life. Martha became quite the socialite and instead of focusing on being a nurse, she turned to attempting to heal the broken by investing most of her time running different charities and events that would benefit those throughout the city at much larger scales. Thomas would continue to work as a surgeon and from to time invest in businesses that were upcoming to help those attempting to better the city get a more steady ground to build up from. The Dwayne family became quite known throughout Los Santos and seven years after the birth of Thomas Jr. the Dwayne family could hardly walk through Los Santos without being recognized and showered with praise.

To celebrate Bruce's thirteenth birthday they allowed him to plan out the entire day for the family, at this point Thomas had retired from being a surgeon, and stayed home with his family full-time. Living off of the residual income he received from the multitude of businesses he had invested in. Bruce planned for the family to travel throughout the city, visiting some of his favorite places, and ending the night at the theater where they would watch a re-run of Blade, Thomas Jr. however being too young to watch the violence filled movie was taken by Martha to instead watch "A Bug's Life", once the two movies were over the family would reunite and head outside. Due to the lobby being full and the amount of people that were attempting to speak to Dwayne, a local police officer escorted them out the side exit leading to an alley that ran along the side of the Theater.

Thomas and Martha's relationship from this point forward took a dark turn, as Martha would often sit in Bruce's room, crying her days away. Thomas Jr, seeing the issues in his parents, began to turn to escape through technology. Spending most of his days attempting to learn more about coding and other various escapes. During these dark times, instead of being there for his remaining son, or supporting his own wife in her mourning, Thomas turned to vengeance for the lost of his beloved boy. He used the information he would obtain from a police officer he had befriended, leading to him finding the man who shot Bruce, the things that Thomas did to that man remain a mystery. But one thing is for sure the last time he was seen was when Thomas escorted him into his own apartment.

After returning from his vengeful venture, Thomas found that Martha had spirited Jr. away, hiding him from his father and his apparent misguided ways. While Martha's own mental state further shattered she began to attempt to torment her husband by handing him letters from Jr. whenever she saw him, on top of this she often would send Thomas audio tapes of Bruce talking. Audio that she had taken from family videos they had recorded or times when Bruce was spending time with Thomas in his office. Which had audio recording equipment installed in the case that Thomas was to see patients at home privately or meet with particular people he did not trust.

The resolution of Thomas and Martha's relationship is unknown, he has stated before that she is dead, but then often talks about her being alive. Whatever the option is, Thomas came to Los Santos searching for her, whether or not she is here has still yet to be discovered. But in his time of coming to the city Thomas has went from wishing to wage war on Criminals to becoming one of the most mysterious and perhaps dangerous individuals in the city. While Narrating through out the city, Thomas obtained intel of different criminal groups, often seeing the behind closed doors meetings and other various interactions.

With this information Thomas began to see the city differently, he was often hired to be a hitman, he took the jobs and unknown to his employers would take the people he was hired to hit to acquire more information about gangs, the higher ups, and the people who push different things on the streets. Thomas has a way to even without his more menacing means pull information from others, often people speak to him and seem to trust him. Knowing that he has this effect on others, Thomas decided to venture down a path of Hypnotherapy, taking a trip out of the city Thomas learned the basis of Hypnosis and returned with the intent of using this to draw information from patients.

However, in the midst of one of his earliest appointments, Thomas wanted to test out a theory, that he could hypnotize a person into believing that they were an agent of his. Upon a word they would activate and become loyal soldiers and follow out orders or do everything possible to try. Realizing that he needed a way to disguise himself as someone with no threatening presence, he pursued to join the Prune Gang that was being formed under Mel now that Eugene had left and joined the Leanbois. He made it seem as though to Mel that he was doing all of this take out one target; Lauren Forcer, that Thomas wanted to remove her and the BCSO, infact Thomas chose this target solely for the fact that he knew many criminals had gotten quite tired of Lauren's attitude toward them and figured it would be easier to unite other criminals to do such things. Mel's response and excitment for what he was planning was confirmation enough, under the guise of Prune Gang and their actions Thomas continued to build many more sleeper cell agents through the city. Choosing those who were least suspected of performing nefarious duties, hoping that would mask their involvement even more.

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Marko Marrks is his lackey and does his bidding
  • Bedlam is Thomas' real Underground name, Bedlam's definition is a state of uproar and confusion. It also was once used as the name of Mental Institutes. A fitting name for a man who is using solely his mind to create fear across the city.
  • States he has as many as sixteen sleeper cell agents in the city, all of which are loyal to him and after being activated will carry out his plans.
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