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Thomas Anchorage is a character role-played by Noir_PI.


Anchorage was born on November 4, 1998 in Uptown Liberty City. His parents were Mathew Anchorage, the CEO of a technology enterprise and Melissa Parker-Anchorage, a news anchor. His father Scottish and mother American. During his teens, he witnessed several crimes ranging from robberies to murder - including his own mother, who was robbed and shot in his early teens. Since then, he has despised criminals and has vowed to make the world a better place by helping cleanse the city of them.

He was raised in Liberty City before he set out on his own, never one to take any handouts, he earned every penny himself until he could afford to move to Los Santos, a city filled with criminal scum and opportunity.


Thomas Anchorage (Normady) Is a PI born in Liberty City. His life in Los Santos started with him doing freelance news work with Weazel News. However, at night, he turned into the vigilante, The Purple Punisher, fighting all the criminal scum he could find.

All thought eventually, The Purple Punisher quickly became retired as Thomas decided he wanted to focus more on the Private Investigation side of things. Also, he started becoming involved with LSBN and often was helping Ron Otterman with news stories across Los Santos.

Normady founded LSPI (Los Santos Private Investigations), he worked on gaining his business licenses to start LSPI as a business officially. In the meantime, he freelanced being a PI and conducted his business on a stall at the Farmer's Market in Paleto. He eventually got his business license, and LSPI became an official business.

Thomas currently works as a partner of LSPI, picking up cases when they become available, and he also previously worked as a Cadet at the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office. Thomas is often described as a hot-headed dickhead by those around him, but he loves and protects his friends and those he loves with everything he has. He is repeatedly risking his life for others and putting himself in situations that most people wouldn't.



Thomas Anchorage, under the name Thomas Normady, can usually be found during the day on the search for news, he does his best to be kind to strangers and is usually cheerful, willing to help where he can. He's also very careless with his money, whenever he finds someone "in need", he'll give them money - this has included the time where he called Whitley Booth a pirate and offended him - compensating him by giving him $100. He's also given money to people he's gotten into car crashes with, and tends to tip everyone who serves him in customer service, Thomas doesn't like to hold onto his money and prefers that people who need it more get this money.

Occasionally during the night, he almost becomes a completely different person and dresses head-to-toe in home made purple armor including night vision goggles. The Purple Punisher. He doesn't speak to anyone who talks to him, doesn't carry his citizen ID and communicates through gestures and notes to avoid compromising his identity. He's not a very good fighter, but he carries melee weapons and is willing to attack anyone he suspects of being a criminal - he knows this is a dangerous lifestyle, and surrenders when held at gunpoint, but he doesn't stop because he wants the city to be cleansed of these criminals.

LSPI (Los Santos Private Investigations)


In 2021, Thomas decided to focus on pursuing a career as a Private Investigator (PI) and focus less on reporting the news. He worked on gaining his business licences so he could become an official PI. In the meantime, he freelanced as a PI, gaining as many cases as he could. As soon as he got his business and vendor's licence, he started his business, Los Santos Private Investigations (LSPI) and slowly became the Los Santos government's most trusted PI firm. LSPI currently has 7 members/employees and has proven itself by solving multiple cases. Thomas and his employees usually set up the LSPI stall in the Dean World Market.

Character Arcs

The LSBN Arc

Thomas started his news career in Los Santos, at Weasel News, as an intern. He slowly started to make friends with those at Weasel News, Including Ron Otterman. At this point, Otterman was slowly beginning to create his own news company, LSBN. Thomas started to do things for Otterman. The main highlight was dressing up as spiderman and taking pictures for Ron, as that was what Ron really wanted. Thomas was working as Louie Panlin's intern before he was fired by Dillon Dubbs on 16/07/21.

The Ursula Arc

Thomas and Ursula met while working together at Weasel News and then later on LSBN. Thomas has always admired Ursula and her dry, deadpan delivery of everything she says. After Ursula's Brain Injury, he realized just how much he cared for her. They started to develop a 'relationship' of some sort. Ursula, at the time, was in an open relationship, and Thomas kind of just slotted into that relationship, becoming very close with Ursula. However, Ursula and Thomas had a conversation, and Ursula ended their agreement. This has caused Thomas to go off the rails; he took a week trip back to Liberty City and came back a raging alcoholic. Thomas used to be Ursula's intern at LSBN.


Romantic Relationships
  • Misty Mocha † (Previous Relationship)
  • Ursula Leichenburg (Previous Relationship)
  • Cassandra Silverton (Previously romantically interested in)
  • Rory Borealis (Previously seeing casually)
  • Sparkle Lee (Previous fling)
  • Clara Mellow (Previous Relationship)
  • Ursula Leichenberg
  • Steven Hayes
  • Shirley Lemons
  • Ron Otterman
  • Ari Preston
  • Anna Hanna
  • Richie Nickel
  • Bob Moss
  • Crystal Clear
  • Charity Deimos
  • Stephanie "Sooty" Gamwich
  • Felix Volk
  • Garry Roche
  • Roman Shacks
  • Sage Winters
  • Brett Maxwell
  • Kenneth Jesperson
  • Luke Bloom

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetBCSO.png Hired to the BCSO; Badge #589 November 18th, 2021
CadetPBSO.png Transferred to the PBSO December 2nd, 2021
Resigned February 6th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date


  • Thomas has two permanent black eyes, in his own words "Every time they start to heal, I get punched again.", this is why he is often found wearing sunglasses regardless of the weather.
  • Is often found wearing a bulletproof vest because "news reporting is a dangerous job".
  • Thomas has an ongoing investigation into Purple Punisher to keep his cover, also claims to hate him and constantly berates the idea of vigilantes.

Played By: Noir_PI
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