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Theodosia "Teddy" Addison was a character role-played by Delanei.

Early Life

Theodosia Addison, nicknamed Teddy, grew up despising her parents for being “too self-absorbed” and neglecting. She grew up with terrible trust issues, which molded into issues with creating other connections outside of her sister.

Teddy has only cared about one person in her life, which was her sister, Elfie (age 14 and Teddy being 16.) While Elfie dwelled on her young drug addiction, Teddy stood by her side and protected her whenever she needed it.

Her sister later died due to a drunk driving accident when Teddy was 17, Teddy felt as if a hole was ripped out of her heart. The unnamed man, left without a scratch. Teddy, now with nobody by her side, felt the need for something, not knowing what and not being able to satisfy this need she went her passing days becoming more and more dissociated with reality.

One night, she spotted a man that she believed were to be the drunk driver that killed her sister. Teddy watched as this man entered his home, a little home located in the middle of a dead and forgotten field, away from humanity. After months of watching she knew everything about him, his little secrets, his addictions, relationships.. After little thinking she found an old ski mask in an old storage shed in the back of the mans house, she brought it home with her, and embroidered this mask to make it more to her liking. She wore this mask as she cornered the man in his own house, hatchet in hand. She slashed the mans thigh, just hard enough to send him to the ground unable to stand. Teddy brought the man to his own shed, starving and bleeding out, to eventually succumb to the cold, inevitable death that was brought upon him. Teddy, waking and realizing how broken she's become.

Her mask is now considered to be a part of her identity, as a way to symbolize her wrong doings and keep herself covered from the world. (though she's been more and more accepting with taking off the mask around people)

Sai Carter

Teddy met Sai Carter first when she found herself at Garage Q, after a quick conversation and a flirt from Carter, Teddy then made her way to integrity. Unbeknownst to Teddy, Sai had planned their meeting all along, and devised plans to get to know more about her.

In a quick attempt to create a new story for Teddy and make Sai a quick job well done, Sai drove up next to Teddy, gun in hand, demanding her to take part in the mess he's participating in (the cult of serial killers, suspected to be Mr 9s group.) Teddy, not knowing who is forcing her to be in this situation, cried for help as she was brought to the back of a gas station, with a weeping female, hands chained together, blindfolded with a snowman mask upon her face held captive, expecting death. Sai, forced Teddy to put on a fake persona, named Addi (a nickname her deceased sister would call her) recorded her as she read out a script Sai gave to her before the murder. She would then go on to stab that lady.

This caused something to unhinge in Teddy, as she got reminded of the joy that was brought to her from the events that took place in the past. Sai, was initially confused and surprised about how well Teddy did the job, but was convinced that he ‘had broken her’ not knowing about Teddy’s past.

Elena Vega, Lexi Law and the Angels

One night in October, two weeks into Teddy's journey, everything went to shit.

It all began in the tuner shop, with Teddy Addison, Sai Carter, Alexander Campbell, and Claire Seducer. This is the first encounter with Sai, Teddy, and the Angels. As Alexander repaired Teddy's Sultan, Claire and Sai talked to each other in an aggressive manner. Teddy tried to soothe the conversation and as she tried to tell Sai to back away from the situation, she was shushed by him. Claire started to defend Teddy and encourages Sai to step outside of the shop to sort this whole situation out. They all stepped outside where Claire began pushing Sai, encouraging a fight. Sai punched back and that was when Teddy stepped in, defending Sai, as a way to possibly gain respect for this cult Teddy had joined.

This is what is suspected to kick off the feud against Sai Carter and the Angels.

One day, Teddy was taken hostage by the Angels and brought to the back of the Legion Square Bank. The Angels threatened her to call and trick Sai Carter into coming to the back of the bank. Sai did not show, so they burned Teddy alive which caused an ATV to explode in Teddy's leg, granting her a permanent limp.

Later, the Angels scooped up Teddy and Sai and brought them to a mine, where they were again burnt alive and told not to fuck with the Angels.

Weeks later, in a fit of rage and panic, Teddy slit Elena Vega’s throat, immediately incapacitating her. She left the body in the ocean and EMS eventually found it. Sai recorded this and sent the video to the Angels using an anonymous phone.

Elena and Lexi Law, after investigating for weeks, eventually figured out Sai and Teddys actions, and planned for revenge. Teddy knew it would eventually come to the point where they found out, finding notes with wording such as “Karmas a bitch!” next to her car. So she thought of a plan that could possibly act as evidence to prove that she wasn’t in the wrong. This was also to be used to get the PD after Sai Carter. To create a fake cult, a fake threat, and a fake video of her being “cleansed” (tortured) by this cult. This backfired as she was enacting this plan, because the cult leader she invited to help out was an actual psychopath. While recording the video, Teddy was actually cleansed and tortured, but nobody found out as everyone involved thought it was still her acting and faking everything.

Elena and Lexi later tortured Sai for answers, with Sai basically blaming the whole thing on Teddy. Then, in an attempt to kill Sai, Elena stabbed him and moved on to Teddy, bringing her behind an old warehouse with a gas canister. Against the wall, Lexi and Elena grilled Teddy for answers by burning the word "Devil" in another language onto her back. Teddy told a TDLR of her whole story, manipulation by Sai, the reason she chose Elena, and most importantly, that Sai forced her to kidnap Elena and do his bidding for him (which was a lie Teddy told to get out of the situation.) Elena and Lexi, believing that she was sincerely sorry for what she did, let her go, resolving the situation between Teddy and them.


She thought Spiderman was a DC character.