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The Stable was a shadow crime organization started in 2021 by Mick Jhonson, Richard Chiclets, Nancy Drew, and Thomas Dwayne (the four original "Stable Heads"). The name was themed after equine nomenclature with a double entendre referring to professional wrestling. The group was characterized by criminals who excelled at improv and were more lighthearted than some criminal gangs, but still boasted competence in networking, intelligence, and job execution.

The Stable specialized in bank heists, meth trafficking, and confidence games. They utilized violence in Los Santos only when necessary for defensive, protective, or justice-seeking purposes. The group managed to operate in the shadows for several months until the police eventually became aware of their existence through various breadcrumbs and investigations. Sexton Hardcastle, in particular, had investigated the group from June 2021 to November 2021. When the police finally closed in on the group in November 2021, The Stable attempted to run the last of their meth out of the country with Hardcastle in hot pursuit.

The Stable operated differently from other organizations. Its leadership was tiered (Stable Leader, Stable Heads, Stable Hands, and Crimterns) akin to other organizations, but instead of the Stable Hands only funneling resources up to the leaders, the leaders also served information, materials, and opportunities down to the Stable Hands to help them grow individually, as well as within the group. The Stable was also supported by a variety of associates and informants throughout the city.

Mick Jhonson led the overall criminal direction, made large scale final decisions, and set basic rules and structure with input from the other Stable Heads. When Mick left the city, Dick Chiclets took over the primary day to day leadership. When Nancy Drew left The Stable and Dick stepped down, Thomas Dwayne took over the leadership position.


On April 17, 2021, Deputy Mayor Thomas Dwayne met with Dick Chiclets, Nancy Drew, Mick Flair, and Virgil Simpson at Vinewood Racetrack after they had finished running a wildly successful racing event there for the first time. Thomas informed them that Mayor Andi Jones had approved their company, 4EQ, as a business that could now own the deed to Vinewood Racetrack. 4EQ is shortened from "The Four Equestrians", a name inspired by one of the most famous professional wrestling stables in history: "The Four Horsemen".

"The Stable" began as a crime organization formed by Mick, Dick, Nancy, and Thomas, who led the group as its four "Stable Heads". They bought a warehouse (nicknamed "The Barn") under the name of Thomas' CEO and friend, Bunny, who stayed clean while the group ran illegal activities to pay it off. The Stable Heads recruited various "Stable Hands" to help fund the organization, including Rocky Topps, Xavier Valentine, Elizabeth Byrne, and Kirk Jerkems. The Stable granted them and Nancy access to storage units nicknamed "The Stalls".

In the early days of The Stable, Mick led The Stable's bank heists as the group's primary hacker, while Dick continued to practice as the group's primary getaway driver. Nancy focused on networking, and Thomas focused on meth distribution. Kirk cooked The Stable's secondary meth strain, rhinoceros, while Mick cooked The Stable's primary meth strain, jay. Rocky supervised Xavier and Lizzie, both of whom received practice laptop access from The Stable and gradually blossomed into talented hackers.

The Stable were also long-time allies with the Bondi Boys MC due to Mick's friendship with his half-brother Barry Benson, Nancy's friendship with Collin McKinley and Pez Speedwagon, Kirk's friendship with Wolfe McCreedy, and Dick's friendship with Jordan Lee.

In contrast to the BBMC, The Stable did not believe in shooting at police. Instead, The Stable actively befriended police officers, and liked to charm their arresting officers with laughable tall tales about their "innocence" and "reform" to reduce their charges. The Stable also avoided HUT crimes that could jail them for the 9's. Both of these principles had to evolve once The Stable ramped up their meth drug trafficking, a HUT offense at the time.

Sexton Hardcastle and Jeffrey Bundy were the two main antagonists of The Stable, having both responded in person to 4EQ's first Vault Tec heist. Hardcastle was the first police officer that The Stable ever sanctioned a mag dump on, to warn him against investigating their meth dealings. Bundy was the first police officer that Mick ever shot at, during The Stable's first heist of Bobcat Security. Bundy was also the first police officer that Dick, Thomas, and Kirk ever shot, when they gunned him down during The Stable's first armored car meth run. Hardcastle, Bundy, and the SCU later worked together to take down The Stable's meth trafficking empire.

Membership History

Mick's Stable Roster

Primary Stable Leader: Mick Flair
Stable Heads: Mick Flair, Richard Chiclets, Thomas Dwayne, Nancy Drew
Senior Stable Hand: Rocky Topps
Stable Hands: Xavier Valentine, Elizabeth Byrne, Kirk Jerkems, Smooth Williams, Abner Vaca, Thom Yung
Clean Face: Sabith Cohen
Crimtern: Marie Ortiz
Honorary Branded Member: Pez Speedwagon

Dick's Stable Roster

Primary Stable Leader: Richard Chiclets
Stable Heads: Richard Chiclets, Thomas Dwayne, Nancy Drew
Senior Stable Hands: Kirk Jerkems, Rocky Topps
Stable Hands: Smooth Williams, Xavier Valentine, Abner Vaca, Thom Yung, Marie Ortiz
Clean Face: Sabith Cohen
Crimtern: Felix Volk
Honorary Branded Member: Pez Speedwagon

Thomas' Stable Roster

Primary Stable Leader: Thomas Dwayne
Second-in-commands: Richard Chiclets (Street Underboss), Sabith Cohen (Business Underboss)
Stable Heads: Kirk Jerkems, Xavier Valentine, Marie Ortiz, Rocky Topps
Enforcer: Abner Vaca
Crimtern: Felix Volk (chose not to join the group)
Honorary Branded Member: Pez Speedwagon

Current Stable Roster

Stable Head: Mick Jhonson
Honorary Branded Member: Pez Speedwagon

Hangarounds and Potential Stable Hands

Ex-Stable Members

  • Elizabeth Byrne - Her chaotic and self-destructive nature was too much for the group. Thomas let her know that the door is open for her to return in the future but for now she needs to go do what makes her happy without having the anchor of a group. Members of the group can continue to work and socialize with her but she is no longer privy to group secrets.
  • Jaxxon Jones - Kept making unilateral decisions, and cooked meth outside of the group. Finally kicked out when he had Abner corner meth in Mirror Park, angering the HOA and the Stable Heads.
  • Anastasia Romanov - Was shadow kicked out of the group, there was no notice or conversation made in or out of the city for why this happened.
  • Smooth Williams - Quit the organization due to values that did not align between Smooth and the leaders.
  • Thom Yung - Stepped away on good terms from The Stable due to not wanting to do crime as much anymore and being awake in different time zones. Is still good friends with most of the members.
  • Nancy Drew - Resigned due to feeling undervalued and underappreciated. Left on good terms and still wants to work with the group, just not as a part of the group anymore.
  • Kirk Jerkems - Left on good terms to prevent his personal actions from causing any further backlash to the group.

Legitimate and/or Shell Companies

The Stable formed at least two shell companies in the past. The first was 4EQ, which owns the Vinewood Racetrack behind the Diamond Casino and Resort. Although most of 4EQ's operations are legally legitimate, it was used on a few occasions to hide funds contained via criminal escapades.

Mick, Dick, Nancy, and Virgil Simpson were also behind a scheme based around an "out of state" company called Vault Tec, who sent contract worker to the banks of Los Santos for "penetration testing and security upgrades" which acted as a cover for bank heists. The crew put significant effort into falsifying records, even going so far as to build a company website and prepare testimonial videos from out of state "executives" that they could present to the PD, allowing them to walk away freely with the contents of bank vaults without police incident. At the height of their scheme they successfully arranged a police escort who accompanied them to the bank and remained there as guards during the heist until finally escorting them away to a nearby airfield for their escape. The scheme was abandoned after an unsuccessful investigation by LSPD Officer Sexton Hardcastle, Officer Jeffrey Bundy, and the Major Crimes Division.

In the week of July 26th, 2021, The Stable bought the "Maison Ricard" office building on Legion Square. Dick started two new businesses inside the office: the Down Bad Records label and an upscale restaurant called Maison Ricard (French for "House of Richard"), each with varying degrees of legitimacy and criminal benefits. Maison Ricard in particular offers Los Santos' elite an upscale restaurant experience, featuring master chef prepared courses, wine and dessert options, and live music, all in a cozy and exclusive private dining area. Stable members often rallied together to make each Maison Ricard dinner experience as fine as possible. During each dinner, a local artist would play background music and a private concert, and the Stable employees would obsessively read the room (often over two-way radios) to ensure the best possible ambiance and waiter decorum for their high-paying customers. One time when the Block Gang dared to ruin Mayor Abdul AlRahim's dinner at the restaurant, The Stable responded by blowing them up with C4. Exasperated by the lack of soundproofing from the constant noise of sirens, Dick finally sold the Maison Ricard office property for $208,000 on February 16, 2022, and immediately purchased a foreclosed mansion as the new home for Down Bad Records.

The Stable also ran a mobile taco truck business (Charros de Caballeros) which served tacos and burritos to all Los Santos residents and visitors. The stand was a legitimate business, having operated in various locations across town and receiving an invitation to cater at a National Paintball Association competition, but it was also a front for the organization's meth distribution activities.

Business Associates

APEX Security Services

Apex was Thomas Dwayne's security service that worked closely together with The Stable. They helped with legal and illegal activities. Formerly led by Tommy Cruizer and Jaxxon Jones, Thomas named Dante Wolf as the CEO.


The Stable owned a few buildings and properties around the city.

The Barn

Image 2021-06-20 010731.png

The Stable's headquarters was called The Barn, a warehouse owned by their clean face Bunny and decorated inside by Pixie Plum. Stable members periodically gave cuts of their jobs to The Barn, stashing their contributions as cash (stored in briefcases) or dirty money inside the warehouse. The Stable Heads spent this Barn money on shared group costs such as properties, storage units, bank jobs, and paint thinner. Given that The Barn was right next to the HOA's warehouse, The Stable and HOA had a friendly neighborly relationship.

The Stalls

Starting in July 5th, 2021, the Stable Hands had access to their own storage unit rental, which was codenamed The Stalls. The Stable Heads eventually grew concerned that the The Stalls were located at an oxy spot. As a precaution against the storage unit being burned by police investigations, Mick rented a new storage unit for The Stalls at Vespucci Beach.

The Office

Screenshot (748).png

Starting in the week of July 26th, 2021, The Stable owned the Maison Ricard office building on Legion Square. The building was used for Stable Head meetings, Dick's Down Bad Records business, and a fine dining restaurant named Maison Ricard. Dick sold this office property on February 16, 2022, and immediately purchased a foreclosed mansion as the new home for Down Bad Records.

Vinewood Racetrack


The Stable owned Vinewood Racetrack, and originally treated it as home turf for their meetings. During the summer of 2021, a stationary construction worker named Oscar began standing there asking for $100,000. Oscar would go on to ruin Nancy Drew's life and pit The Stable against Cerberus.

Special Assignments

Each member was given a special set of duties and responsibilities by the leadership, as named below.
Name Primary Duty Secondary Duty
Thomas Stable Leader and Primary Organizer Thermite Hacker
Dick Driver
Mick Hacker Meth Cook
Nancy Networker Safecracker
Bunny Business
Xavier Boosting, Meth & Weed Sales Hacker
Marie Escape Plan Playbook Weed
Kirk Meth Cook Meth Sales
Abner Enforcer
Rocky Emotional Janitor


The Stable originally adopted red and black as its organization colors. However, on August 25th, 2021, the group decided to de-emphasize having group colors so as not to be mistaken for Brouge Street Kingz. The group decided instead on a "vibe" rather than a color scheme, best described as "I do cocaine" or "Miami Vice." In general, members were allowed to wear whatever they wish, and could generally be found in any attire.


After passing a trial period and proving themselves worthy, a crimtern could either be branded with The Stable logo on a body part of their choice, or receive a tattoo.

Standard Operating Procedures

On August 2nd, 2021, Mick, Dick, Thomas, Rocky, Xavier, Smooth Williams, and Kirk met at the office for the purpose of finalizing standard operating procedures (SOPs). The following resulting general rules that were decided:

  • If it's a big job (defined as banks, meth, or weed), then if the job is successful, one equal cut of the profit goes to each Stable member and one equal cut goes to the Barn. Profit is defined as money left after all expenses for the job, including fines. If a big job is unsuccessful, nobody's fine is paid. If a Stable member does a big job with another crew, it is strongly encouraged to contribute a percentage of any personal profits back to the Barn, and such external contributions will be observed and appreciated by the Stable leaders.
  • If it's a small job, the Stable does not ask for any percentages for the Barn.
  • The Stable will not sell merchandise originating from other crews.
  • Everybody is responsible for cleaning the Stable's funds, not just their own. Money cleaning accounting will be kept for each operation. The Stalls must be organized.

Other SOPs were job-dependent due to the complexities of each market.

On September 22nd, 2021, the four Stable Heads (Mick, Dick, Nancy, and Thomas) met at Maison Ricard to discuss recent happenings and make a few general decisions for The Stable. Smooth also attended the meeting for a while to give some job updates.

  • Mick announced that due to legal issues, he changed his name and will now be known as Mick Jhonson, the People's Champion.
  • A drug ledger will be created to track the generation and distribution of product in much higher detail.
  • It was recognized that improvements in The Stable's muscle must be made so that it will never again be assumed that the crew will simply roll over for anyone.
  • The Stable will continue to focus on running and elevating legal businesses to better utilize its real estate and other properties.
  • Moving forward, Dick will take The Stable's primary leadership position (having final say in decisions), and Mick will be second-in-command.

On November 27th, 2021, a major restructuring of The Stable began as a result of Nancy Drew amicably leaving the group and Dick Chiclets stepping down as leader. This restructuring placed Thomas Dwayne as the single leader of the organization with Dick as the Street Underboss and Bunny as the Business Underboss. More structured rules were implemented, while other past rules were reinforced. Some of these included organization dues, a weekly Stable robbery (likely a Paleto) performed pro bono by all members to bring in funds to the Barn, special assignments for each member, and a weekly social event.

Criminal Activities

The Stable primarily specialized in bank heists. The group robbed bank trucks, 24/7 convenience stores, the jewelry store, Fleeca banks, the Paleto bank, the City Vault, and Bobcat Security. The group also regularly ran oxy and weed, boosted cars, and sometimes chopped cars. Eventually, The Stable built a meth empire and got into armored car heists to run wholesale meth pillows.

Meth Empire

The Stable's primary source of income was meth trafficking, particularly during a long stretch of months in 2021 when The Stable laid off banks because the Fleeca Banks were protected by a power grid that required a lot of thermite to science.

Meth Operation - Cuts and Math

Meth Sales - 96 Baggies - 0 Rep - 100% Meth
32baggies@$350 = 11200
32baggies@$450 = 14400
32baggies@$550 = 17600
= 43200 Total
22611 Expenses
52.34% Cut to barn.
This example assumes you start at 0 rep and get to ~550 at the end of 96 bags/3 pillows.

Meth Sales - 96 Baggies - Max Rep - 100% Meth
96baggies@$650 = 62400
= 62400 Total
22611 Expenses
36.23% Cut to barn.
This example assumes you start at max rep in an area.

These 2 simple examples show as rep grows the % cut to barn for expenses falls as rep grows meaning slingers get more money the more consistently they both sell and help cook to keep supplies up.

22611 Expenses Explained
4611 Thinner
8000 To cooks 2000 each
10000 For barn profit

Barn Profit is to be used to keep a minimum amount of cash on hand which is 100k to start with.
Barn profit is to be used to pay for Asset fees for the Warehouse and weekly payment for the Storage locker. (**Numbers might be off** 16k Warehouse Asset fees every two weeks and 11k each week for locker.)
Barn profit is to be used to pay for DBR Office/Maison Ricard/Smooths' Cigar Lounge if there has been no reservations for the week. (**Numbers might be off** 12k A week loan repayment on the Office/Restaurant/Lounge.)
Barn profit is to be used to keep weapons and ammo on and for hands and heads. A rough order of 5 Class 1s and 2-3 Class 2s each week is to be purchased (**Numbers might be off** ~16k@2k per gun)
Barn profit is to be used to payout each hand(and head?) a small percentage of the earnings each week. 2% Per Hand. As an example if the Barn has made 100k after expenses in a week each Hand has earned 2k passive income.

Authors Note: Some numbers might be slightly off due to human error. Please correct if needed. Will update when the new flat price of ~8k per pillow before going to sell is implemented and working.

As the group's primary meth cook, Mick perfected a 100% meth recipe for 21-jay that both The Stable and the BBMC initially cornered in the same territory. Occasionally, The Stable and the BBMC violently feuded with the Marabunta Grande over meth sales on their turf. Also at one point during a dispute with Mando Thompson over a public meth lab and the Cerberus Arena territory, the Ballas vandalized Nancy's corvette resulting in her reluctantly admitting her crew's meth dealings to Lang Buddha and Harry Brown. Some time later, Harry called Nancy asking to pay any price for four of their meth pillows, saying that the strain and quality did not matter. Nancy correctly suspected that this was for the wholesale meth export that The Stable was trying to figure out.

Notable events

First City Vault Heist

On June 26, 2021, The Stable successfully completed its first City Vault heist. As the two getaway drivers Richard Chiclets and Kirk Jerkems held hostages at the two entrances, Nancy Drew cheered Mick Flair's successful first-time hacks into the upper vault. Responding officers to the robbery were Jeffrey Bundy, Sexton Hardcastle, Dwayne Carter, Anthony Copleone, and Sam Baas. During the getaway, the group swapped into two separate cars. Dick and Mick escaped clean with all of the dirty money, but Baas and Carter caught Kirk and Nancy. Officer Bundy and Officer Hardcastle interrogated Nancy about Vault Tec, and began an investigation of the company. But after a week of investigation, the case was closed without any arrests on July 7, 2021.

On July 7, 2021, The Stable's second City Vault heist went badly awry. As Dick was driving Mick, Thomas Dwayne, and Xavier Valentine from the vault, their getaway car stalled after a couple of turns and the police immediately boxed them in. Afterward, Dick temporarily suffered from a mental phobia of driving.

Lizzie's punishment

In response to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Byrne becoming more reckless and loose-lipped with information, The Stable heads (Thomas Dwayne, Richard Chiclets, Mick Jhonson, and Nancy Drew) warned Lizzie multiple times, but her behavior did not change.

On July 12th, 2021, the Stable heads took Lizzie to Bahama Mamas West where they had a serious talk with her about being cleaner in the execution of her crimes and more cautious with the information she tells others. The talk ended with Thomas Dwayne cutting off Lizzie's pinky toe as punishment. Mick Jhonson fashioned her toe into a necklace and put it around her neck. The group then took her to grandpa's house to burn the wound shut.

The Farewell of Lizzie


After the 'toe incident', Lizzie had a difficult time trusting the Stable heads. She retreated in herself more and more. After a few weeks and several long conversations with Lizzie, the Stable heads felt her actions have still not been improved enough. Lizzie kept threatening multiple police officers and endangering The Stable on multiple occasions. Then after stalking ADA Malcador Sigilite and fearing that he knew too much information about her, Lizzie executed him on August 18, 2021 and burned his body in an unsanctioned, premeditated murder. To the Stable heads' chagrin, Lizzie had telegraphed her intent to their clean face Bunny and reluctantly pinged her to the burnt body's location (Bunny then called 911 using her own name). Unsatisfied that her chaotic actions continued even through the probationary period that Mick had set for her, the Stable Heads finally decided to cut her loose on August 24th, 2021. Nancy managed to talk them out of blooding Lizzie out. Thomas and Lizzie exchanged an emotional farewell at the stables on Vinewood Racetrack.

First Bobcat Security Heist

On September 4, 2021, The Stable finally hit Bobcat Security after months of talking about it. Mick hacked the thermite, and paced around sniping at the security guards while Thomas rolled around the hallways firing an uzi at them. After the weapons room explosion nearly downed Thomas, The Stable crew split the loot between Mick and the hostage holder Dick; then impatiently waited for the police to get themselves ready. Finally, Dick drove them away, ocean dumped their getaway car, and swam away with the C4 and half the loot. After the police mag dumped Mick's floatplane as he attempted to take off, Kirk picked up Mick in a jet ski. They fled from a police boat as Thomas escaped pursuit from a PD scuba diver. As Kirk got caught, Mick grappled around and opened fire on police for the first time, shooting at Jeffrey Bundy and Den Shiesty before the latter gunned him down. Bundy arrested Mick with half of the loot on him, and reminisced about being the first police officer to ever arrest him (for oxy running). The Stable went on to test one C4 sticky bomb on Marabunta Grande. Thomas used the other C4 sticky bomb to blow up the Block Gang who had ruined Mayor Abdul AlRahim's dinner at Maison Ricard.

In The Stable's second Bobcat heist on September 8, 2021, Mick hacked the thermite, and shot at the security guards with Xavier and Smooth while their getaway driver Dick held the hostages. Afterward, the getaway car flipped and Mick was immediately arrested. Smooth escaped on foot with part of the loot, and Dick and Xavier got caught during their efforts to grapple away.

During The Stable's third and final Bobcat heist on October 29, 2021, Dick fumbled through four thermite puzzles trying to burn through the locks, finally clutching out the last thermite after the two hostages were nice enough to give him their last stick. Dick and Marie gunned down the security guards, and looted the weapons room while Kevin Ram held the hostages at gunpoint. During the getaway, Marie and Dick got caught and were jailed together. Kevin parachuted and boated away clean with four guns and a sticky bomb.

The Mystery of the Construction Man

During the summer of 2021, The Stable noticed a man who had appeared on their large track property behind Diamond Casino and Resort. This man was dressed in construction worker attire. When approached, the man asked for $100,000 and said nothing more. Thinking that the man was there to fulfill the construction order which 4EQ had placed for improvements on their track property months prior, The Stable gave the man $100,000. However, the man did not take the money, seemingly because he did not like the appearance of the person doing the giving. The Stable continued many more times to give the man his requested $100,000 in the following weeks, trying to give the money using different people, but received the same response.

On September 17, 2021, The Stable tried again to give the man $100,000. On this particular day, the man accepted the money from Mick Jhonson and told him to head to a location where he would receive a list of phone numbers. The Stable went to this location, and it was a pay phone. When Mick used the pay phone, four mysterious phone numbers appeared in addition to the usual "Make Call" option. Mick called the first of the four phone numbers and immediately heard a clanking or dropping noise, but nothing else occurred. The crew tried to figure out what had just happened. Minutes later, a man which appeared to be Lang Buddha arrived on the scene on motorcycle. He was accompanied by an entourage of other people. Lang asked, "What the fuck are you guys doing here?" Mick responded, "What do you mean?" Lang replied that he's not stupid, and don't lie to him. Mick explained that he got a list of numbers and was told to come to the phone booth. Lang asked him who told them to do that, and Mick said the man at the racetrack. Lang then drove away without saying another word. Shortly afterward, Lang texted Nancy who said that The Stable had just cost him a "fuckton" of money. The Stable tried the four phone numbers several more times, using the conventional dialing method since the special phone selection had disappeared, but nothing happened. A short time later, the Stable noticed an air/water helicopter had landed in an alleyway near where the pay phone was. Mick tried to pilot the heli, but was unable to do so, even after attempting to lockpick it.

Later, Nancy spoke to Lang, and figured out that The Stable had inadvertently cancelled some kind of job which Lang Buddha's crew just happened to be working on at the same time. This had upset Lang, and he demanded that The Stable reimburse him for the money lost to his operation ($250,000). Nancy claimed that if The Stable did not pay Lang, then they would be ruined and all of them would be dead. Thomas said he doesn't care about Lang's threats, and Mick said he didn't want to pay either. Fearing for all of their lives, Nancy was adamant that The Stable pay Lang, but Mick thought that the deal she had arranged with Lang shouldn't have been a unilateral decision by her. Nancy was clearly shaken, saying it was one of the most intense threats she had ever received from Lang, Harry Brown, and Dean Watson. Mick stood firm to not pay Lang anything except under the condition that Lang's crew take The Stable on the job or activity they had both stumbled upon. Mick felt that The Stable was being made out to be pushovers if they simply paid what he viewed to be essentially gang protection money.

Torn between loyalties to her underground allegiance (The Stable) and her above-the-board occupation (with Lang), Nancy considered what to do. She met with Leslie Lingberg in a private meeting to discuss her position with The Stable, who made it known that Lang was only asking for $100,000. Ultimately, Nancy went to Lang's estate and gave him the $100,000 without any conditions. Lang immediately returned the money to Nancy and left, demonstrating that the whole charade was a test of Nancy's loyalty. Upon hearing about what Nancy had done, Mick left town for several days, pondering the next moves of The Stable and his own role within it. The construction man remained a mystery until December 3, 2021, when Nancy invited Lang to the construction man's new hiding spot. Lang confirmed her suspicion that the $100,000 bought cocaine bricks, and he and Mickey S then recruited her into their Stratum Knights Investments cocaine empire.

Hardcastle's Meth Trafficking Investigation

When The Stable's head of meth distribution Smooth got arrested for selling 21-jay, Sexton Hardcastle began an SCU investigation of the "Mick and friends" group for drug trafficking. One time during Hardcastle's surveillance of the group's meth spot, Thomas gave Abner permission to mag dump Hardcastle in his undercover car (The Stable's first sanctioned hit of a police officer). In September 2021, Hardcastle arrested Smooth a second time for selling meth. Afterward, Hardcastle was impressed by a new Stable scam where Kirk, Smooth, and Thomas cornered meth in broad daylight under the guise of a mobile taco truck business (Charros de Caballeros). They concealed their meth handoffs with "boxes full of tacos" and umbrellas. During Mick's long absence from the city, Kirk took over as the group's primary meth cook, received keys to The Barn, and was promoted to senior Stable hand.

First Big Meth Run

In the week of October 4th, 2021, Nancy and Irwin Dundee negotiated an agreement for the Bondi Boys MC and The Stable to attempt the wholesale 'meth export' together. They both would put in 50% of the necessary bags (20) and send 2 of each organization to run the export. Unfortunately, the BBMC dropped out after Dundee heard that the export is very dangerous and chances of getting caught and hit with 'the 9's' were very likely. The Stable continued to save up for the meth export themselves by having everybody in the group contribute to the cooking of meth. This was also a very good opportunity to see what everyone's meth strain was called because for the export, strain or quality did not matter.

Meth Strains
Mick Jhonson (21-jay)
Thomas Dwayne (48-otter)
Kirk Jerkems (51-rhinoceros)
Abner Vaca (58-rhinoceros)
Marie Ortiz (86-frog)
Richard Chiclets (87-dog)
Rocky Topps (87-herring)
Nancy Drew (88-raccoon)

On October 18, 2021, The Stable risked all-or-nothing on their first ever big meth run. Based upon second-hand information from the BBMC meth cook Jordan Lee, The Stable's leader Dick fully expected the 9's if he got caught by police during the run--but if The Stable's meth run succeeded, Dick promised to wed his "fianca" Marie later in the week. The Stable huddled at the Vinewood Racetrack for inspirational words from Dick. Then a four-person Stable team comprised of Dick, Thomas, Kirk, and Abner delivered 40 meth pillows (containing all of The Stable's meth strains) to the wholesale meth exporter. After a surprise ambush from half a dozen local security guards, Dick and Thomas carjacked their armored kuruma while Kirk and Abner followed behind in an intruder car. At a parking lot by the purple dinosaur where Richard had to pick up 10 spray bottles of "floor cleaner", Abner almost blew up the kuruma by refueling it while the engine was still on. Then Lt. Jeffrey Bundy and a cadet partner rolled up on them in response to the 37A call and the flagged armored kuruma's tracker ping. During the ensuing police chase, the Stable team mag dumped Bundy and the cadet in a pincer movement; then dropped off the spray bottles at a sand location. Following payment for a triumphantly successful job, The Stable formally branded their prospect Marie as a Stable hand.

A Stable Wedding

A week after The Stable's first successful big meth run, Stable leader Dick Chiclets fulfilled his promise to marry Stable hand Marie Ortiz on October 26, 2021 in an outdoor wedding ceremony at the Vinewood Racetrack.

On the morning leading up to the ceremony, Dick was low on gas with a hot gepard on him (from the big meth run) when the he fled from a felony stop for an oxy run, leading the police on a wild 17-minute car chase headed by Brittany Angel. He managed to escape the police six consecutive times before he was finally able to dump the hot gepard in a dumpster. Then after getting away from the police two more times, he retrieved the gepard.

BBMC members Collin McKinley, Wolfe McCreedy, Stevie McQueen, and Channing "Chain" Turner attended the wedding. Prior to the ceremony, Wolfe confided in Kirk Jerkems about trouble brewing between the BBMC and The Stable because Abner Vaca had been caught name-dropping them in a public meth lab. Kirk informed him of Abner's "7-day vacation" for an unrelated looting issue. After openly joking at the wedding reception about BBMC hunting Stable, Wolfe relayed this "vacation" to Collin (who had been keeping an eye out for Abner). Pez Speedwagon and Collin would later note Wolfe's talk with Kirk in a future BBMC investigation as to why The Stable seemed to be on "high alert" after the wedding.

Just before the wedding ceremony started, Mick Jhonson showed up as a surprise guest to support his friend Dick. The groom Dick and best man Kirk parachuted onto the racetrack, and joined the wedding party with Mick. First Nancy Drew and Sabith "Bunny" Cohen walked the aisle. Then Sam Baas (in a checkered flag suit) exited a pink corvette with the bride Marie, and walked her down the aisle. Rocky Topps officiated the ceremony wearing a horse head; Nancy, Mick, and Kirk gave speeches; and Dick and Marie exchanged vows that they wrote themselves. The ceremony ended with everybody shooting bullets up in the air.

The reception was held at the Vinewood Racetrack stables, and was catered by the same kind of taco truck that The Stable used as a front for their meth sales. Mick was last seen at this wedding with his fiancé Jessie Jugg before he was declared missing by Hardcastle in the MDW.

The End of the BBMC Alliance

On one of a string of meth cooks, Abner Vaca, Xavier Valentine, and Lil Cap (after previously cooking with Pez Speedwagon's wife Cindy Tipton) were interrupted by Reggie Might and other Vagos members who were carrying AK-47s. Upset that the composite crew was unwelcome to use the particular meth lab in question, Abner attempted to pacify the situation to save his science batches. The Vagos did not seem to know who The Stable was, even though Mick Jhonson had taught several of them including Carlos Loco months prior how to cook meth in the first place. Reggie asked if The Stable had allies to which Abner answered, BBMC. Reggie searched Abner and found a strain of meth, which Abner confirmed was BBMC's.

BBMC and Stable Meeting.png

Later, Pez Speedwagon phoned Nancy Drew that the BBMC were unhappy about Abner's name dropping. Under the suspicion that Wolfe McCreedy had alerted The Stable about Dundee's inclination to "hunt" them, BBMC enforcer Collin McKinley questioned several of the attendees from Dick's Stable wedding including Kirk Jerkems. Eventually, The Stable and the BBMC met for a long discussion on neutral territory at Legion Square to discuss the issue. Collin, Pez, and Jordan Lee heard Abner's side of the story (Barry Benson left the meeting early to pick up a practice laptop), but Collin and Pez still wanted Abner to be punished, and also wanted proof of such punishment. The two Stable heads present, Richard Chiclets and Nancy Drew, both realized that the "alliance" the Stable had with the BBMC was weaker than either of them had previously taken it for, and that the BBMC was making it clear that their relationship with the Stable was really more of a friendship or acquaintance. Dick unloaded nine rounds into Abner in front of Collin and Pez just to be done with it, and then said to clean up this mess as he walked away. Unbeknownst to the BBMC, Abner had put on several layers of body armor prior to the meeting, a fact of which Dick claimed to be aware of.

Later when Jordan complained to Dick that The Stable should have taken the name-dropping more seriously, Dick revealed The Stable's disappointment in the BBMC for refusing to vouch for them as their long-time allies--and just like Santa Claus, said that The Stable no longer believed in the BBMC. Some time after that, the BBMC uncovered Wolfe's deleted text messages to Kirk. When Wolfe refused to lure and torture Kirk for them as punishment, the BBMC blooded Wolfe out. Subsequently, Dundee forbade BBMC members from ever speaking to The Stable again.

The Barn Burned and Second Big Meth Run

On the night of November 9, 2021 after The Stable's marathon day of meth cooking, Kirk accidentally interrupted a police raid of his own apartment. Lt. Jeffrey Bundy had come to search the apartment for illegal guns, but instead found three pillows of Kirk's meth strain 51-rhinoceros. The Street Crimes Unit charged Kirk, Abner, Xavier, and Felix with felony obstruction for driving up to the apartment building, subpoenaed their phone records and text messages, uncovered "The Stable" name (Bundy had first heard the name when the HOA tried to save their own warehouse by false flagging The Barn), and suspected LSPD Sgt. Dante Wolf (Nancy's boyfriend) of being a mole for them. Also because Thomas' car had interrupted the raid, the police correctly suspected that The Stable was stockpiling meth in the warehouse of Thomas' Bahama Mamas West CEO Bunny. As Det. Sexton Hardcastle secretly camped outside of The Barn for eight hours, Nancy narrowly stopped The Stable from raiding it thanks to Dante's passing comment that Hardcastle was too busy staking out a warehouse to go treasure hunting with her.

On November 12, 2021, The Stable risked a big meth run to empty out The Barn despite the threat of police surveillance of the property. Dick, Thomas, and Xavier stormed into the warehouse while Kirk, Abner, and Marie scouted out the area for police. The six of them then smuggled all of The Barn's meth pillows to the wholesale meth exporter, carjacked the local security guards' armored Landstalker SUV, and transported the liquid meth in a three-car convoy. Suddenly near Grapeseed on the Los Santos freeway, Hardcastle (who had bolted down Mount Chiliad in his first ever 37A response) led Air-1 and a swarm of police cars after them. Hardcastle caught eyes on the armored SUV, but then immediately collided with Abner's interference car. Then as Hardcastle sped after the armored SUV, he traded wild pits with Abner while Crocodile Steve followed behind in an interceptor. Kirk created another diversion that provoked all of the surrounding police to violently pit his car until he flew out of the windshield. In the ensuing chaos, the police shot down Xavier and Marie. Kirk and Abner took a last Bandito Boys stand, shouting over the radio at Dick and Thomas--who were hurriedly dropping off the last of The Stable's meth--to leave them behind. Kirk and Abner then exchanged fire with Hardcastle until all three of them went down. Guilt-ridden that the four Stable Hands had sacrificed themselves to save the two Stable Heads, Dick and Thomas dumped their armored SUV and drove away to pick up their final meth export payout (they had saved Bunny from incrimination, but would go on to swear off meth forever). Meanwhile, Nancy endured a police interrogation from Bundy, Shane Jones, and Sam Baas on the incorrect theory that she and The Stable had attempted to ocean dump her boyfriend Dante. Ironically, Lang Buddha was the one who had done it (after mistaking Dante's treasure hunting as cocaine run surveillance), and both he and Mickey S were the reasons why Hardcastle was originally called to Mount Chiliad before his 37A.

As a consequence of the three seized 51-rhinoceros meth pillows, Kirk and Abner accepted Bundy's plea deal and turned themselves into Hardcastle and Hayes on November 21, 2021. Kirk served three days in prison for drug trafficking; Abner served two days in prison for accomplice to drug trafficking. Bunny and Nancy began using The Barn to store honey and bee's wax for their legal business Plan Bee, renamed The Barn to "The Hive", and eventually paid out The Stable for full ownership of the warehouse. Ironically, Hardcastle later saved Bunny from her first felony arrest when she provided falsified documentation for the delivery truck that she had stolen to transport Plan Bee's goods. On January 18, 2022, Nancy invited Corporals Hardcastle and Lily Pond into the warehouse, and gave them a guided tour.

Back to Bank Heists

Starting in November 2021, The Stable left the meth game and returned to robbing banks. Thomas became the group's primary thermite hacker, clutching out the electrical box patterns so that The Stable could finally rob a Fleeca Bank successfully. Xavier inherited his father Mick's hacking role in The Stable, successfully hacking the Fleeca power grid, Paleto Bank, and the City Vault (while being shot at by another bank crew) for the very first time.

The Stable encountered a new paradigm in the bank scene when Chang Gang and Francis J Francer stole their Fleeca Bank from them on November 20, 2021. When Dick shot out Chang Gang's tires in retaliation, the resulting firefight led to the police breaching the Fleeca Bank and wiping Chang Gang out. A couple of weeks later on December 3, 2021, The Stable stole a Fleeca Bank from Ivan Samarsky, but felt divided over the unseemliness of it.

As redemption for a failed months-old upper vault heist with Mick where The Stable's getaway car got boxed in after only a couple of turns, Dick, Thomas, and Xavier recruited Kirk on December 14, 2021 for The Stable's first City Vault heist in ages. Another bank crew of Ivan, Wiked, and Yair attempted to breach the same bank, gunned down Dick, shot at Xavier as he hacked, and shot out a tire on their getaway car during a police chase led by A.J. Hunter. Thomas managed to swim away with half of the loot. During The Stable's next City Vault heist (the first time for Rocky and Marie) on December 17, 2021, the police chased them in Thomas' car to the vault after a motorcycle exploded their only hostage and Tony Andrews spotted an uzi on Xavier's back. The crew's only bargaining chip was a single bank customer whom their lookout Rocky had taken hostage by the ATM, causing Andrews and Kyle Pred to consider breaching. Andrews allowed them four minutes, enough time for the crew to leave the bank with half of the loot. In the ensuing police chase, the entire crew escaped when Dick accidentally ocean dumped their getaway car by the docks.

The End of The Stable

By the end of 2021, the cleaner, more cautious contributors in The Stable like Nancy and Felix felt marginalized by the more impulsive criminal ones. Nancy felt excluded from important Stable head decisions such as who could use The Barn funds for bank science. After a symbolic gesture where Dick reimbursed Nancy the $50,000 she had lost to the racetrack's construction man and temporarily fired her from the company they co-owned 4EQ, Nancy amicably resigned from The Stable on November 26, 2021. Dick stepped down as the group's leader, but agreed to stay in The Stable as a stipulation of Thomas' assumption of leadership. Thomas made Dick and Bunny The Stable's new underbosses, and Felix quit his crimternship.

Also by the end of 2021, a wide variety of factions (in addition to the BBMC) had begun to hold The Stable responsible for the Bandito Boys' actions. When Kirk, Abner, and Chatterbox impersonated police officers and unknowingly robbed an HOB member on November 28, 2021, The Stable agreed to take accountability by paying the HOA 15,000 recycled materials. When Kirk, Abner, and Marie (blacked out with guns instead of wearing their casino hotel employee uniforms) barged into the Angels' Diamond Casino Hotel room on December 6, 2021 to warn Randy Bullet against cooking meth there, The Stable took accountability by giving Kirk's meth table to the Angels and letting both them and Randy beat Marie unconscious. Randy's complaints about The Stable to Dean Watson and Diamond Casino Hotel CEO Tommy T led Lang Buddha to believe that the Angels were trying to manipulate Cerberus into pushing the other Diamond Casino Hotel CEO Bunny and her Stable friends out. Irregardless, Lang distrusted The Stable (and hated Kirk in particular for advertising metamorphine at Rooster's Rest). He convinced Cerberus that all of Bunny's Stable friends should be fired from the Diamond Casino Hotel (meanwhile, Bunny had already done so). Bunny also had to evict Thomas and give his hotel room to Lang.

Kirk left The Stable on December 7, 2021 to protect the group from any future backlash. Later, he and Abner started their own "Bandito Bunker" with Xavier. Other Stable members like Thomas became convinced that The Stable name had become more of a liability than a proud association. The group stopped having Stable meetings and paying dues, started to just individually buy into each bank job as friends without giving The Barn a cut, and began admitting that The Stable had disbanded. Nancy went on to start the Clean Queens; Dick blooded in to GSF; Marie went on to join Mortelle; and Thomas went on to walk the earth. Kirk took over payments of The Stalls from Thomas. Ironically, it wasn't until the end of The Stable's run that the police finally listed "The Stable" as an official gang in the police MDW.


Following the break-up of The Stable, the members stayed friends. They braved new paths in life, and befriended new people. Nancy climbed the corporate ladder at Cerberus; Dick pursued his love of weed as a South Sider for The Families; Kirk sated his appetite for meth, guns, and tomfoolery with the Clown Cartel; Marie found her voice in the all-female gang Mortelle and divorced Dick; Bunny and Thomas finally got construction on Bahama Mamas West; Xavier became a proficient S+ boost hacker; and Bunny was elected Mayor of Los Santos in a hard-fought campaign. Unfortunately, Abner's love of banditing landed him in Afbanistan.

The police finally raided The Stable months too late, long after they had broken up. Ironically, it was over Dick's weed--not the meth trafficking that the group had built their empire on. On February 11, 2022, the police held and raided Rocky Topps for cornering Gods Green Crack. Then on February 12, 2022 as a result of driving without a license and circumstantial evidence of weed sales, Randy Wrangler put Dick on an investigative hold and started a chain reaction of subpoenas and raids looking for Gods Green Crack associates and Dick's warehouse. The Street Crimes Unit raided Dick's apartment, Maison Ricard, Bunny's warehouse (because as Rocky's housemate, SCU suspected she was stashing Dick's weed for them), Marie Ortiz, and Cindy Tipton's cleaned-out warehouse. After the police found bee's wax, honey, and Kirk's bag of baby turtles, Nancy joked that The Stable was going down.

Return of the Mick

Stable assemble for mick-gracie.jpg

Starting on March 22, 2022, Mick Jhonson began calling out for help with cryptic texts. Following several phone calls for help from Mick and Nancy's twat of "STABLE ASSEMBLE", all of the original Stable OGs including Lizzie reunited on April 27, 2022 to search for Mick with his long-time fiance Jessie Jugg, Nancy's BBMC friend Collin McKinley, and Ursula Leichenberg. After they sleuthed that Melbert Rickenbacker had left Mick for dead at the Kortz Center and Ursula's alternate personality Gracie had nursed him back to health there, The Stable played a game of cat-and-mouse with Mick's captor: a gunman blacked-out with a cowboy hat named "The Highwayman". The Stable and Collin converged on The Highwayman at the Los Santos International Airport, exchanged gunfire with him, and managed to rescue a starving Mick from one of the hallways. The police chased Collin, Dick, and Nancy from the airport, recovered a comatose Mick from their trunk, and admitted him into the ICU. Capt. Jeffrey Bundy ended up interrogating Nancy again, and the Unified Police Department subpoenaed six hours of phone records from Dick, Collin, Xavier, Nancy, Lizzie, Ursula, and Jessie.

The next day on April 28, 2022, Sgt. Sexton Hardcastle escorted a comatose Mick out of the ICU so he could marry Jessie Jugg in a "MatriMania" wedding. Rocky ring announced/officiated the ceremony at the Vespucci Beach wrestling ring. Best man Dick wheeled a drooling Mick down the aisle, and Pez Speedwagon held his body up inside the ring. Maid of honor Nancy walked Jessie down the aisle. Dick recited vows on Mick's behalf in his voice. After Mick woke up and proclaimed "I WOOOOO!", a yeti crashed the wedding and triggered a battle royal. Afterward, Mick was shocked to learn what Hardcastle knew about The Stable, and discovered that the group had disbanded.