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The Rickys are a gang founded and led by Ricky Robins.


While in custody, Ricky Robins was tased multiple times and had an AK shot near his head by Trooper Tony Andrews, who denied him medical care and a lawyer. Ricky later lost a court case against Andrews. In response, he formed a movement with the hashtag #RickyWorld, and The Rickys were formed. Ultimately, the Rickys were only created to help Ricky win a court case.  

Million Ricky March

A protest march was assembled at the courthouse. Upon start, the Rickys were approached by Brittany Angel (who joined in wearing a Ricky mask), AJ Hunter, and Rocko Colombo. Once at MRPD, the group assembled, offering hugs to officers. While being hugged, Richard Dark passed out, followed by vehicles exploding in the parking lot. Chris Moes decided to betray the group, and hit Ricky with a bat, who then shot Chris in return, forcing the police to shoot Ricky. A bench trial was held for Ricky, but Eugene Zuckerberg (Bus Ricky) helped him escape instead.

The Rickys Vs Harmony Repairs Garage

Mechanics at Harmony Repairs Garage claimed they would only sell handcuffs to Rickys at double the normal cost, as they believed the Rickys tried to rob them in the past. In response, the Rickys held a protest outside of the establishment. During the protest, Abdul AlRahim decided to attack the Rickys, as he was against their cause.

ADA Confrontation

While in custody, Ricky had a run-in with ADA Lawrence Splainer. He asked Splainer for his name and threatened his life. This encounter, coupled with weeks of protest, chaos and violence by The Rickys, forced the ADA to take action. Splainer declared that The Rickys would be recognized as a gang, and members could face gang related charges.


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