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The Femly is a criminal syndicate that formed in Los Santos in July 2021. The group has grown into a collection of talented yet dysfunctional social misfits who coalesced into a gang of sorts following numerous bank robberies & car boosts they conducted together during the latter part of the summer.

Despite being well-known for the technical capabilities of its' members, from driving to shooting to hacking, The Femly are also known for their rambunctious and often "SBS" nature. As an example their early working name, "Oonga Boonga Crew", arose out of the monkey-like manner Goofy and May went about doing an oxy run early on in the gangs' formation (much to Jay's irritation). During the gangs' formation the Angels have proven to be a valuable and consistent ally providing not just a source of fun criminal tools, but also good friends to do crime with.

Although they are arguably one of the less violent and conflict-oriented gangs in the city, The Femly are no push-overs and respond to attacks aggressively and without remorse. However, despite being quick to draw a gun, the group is almost always willing to talk things out and come to a non-violent solution if possible. The group so far has kept themselves out of major gang conflicts in the city and shown more interest in continuing their bank-busting and car-boosting enterprises. With a large number of the group being either street racers or close friends with street racers, The Femly are also very active in the Underground scene as well.


The gangs formation has its roots in Jay's quest for a steady group of trustworthy people to do jobs with. Since arriving to Los Santos the man had made many connections - and found many flakes and backstabbers in turn. Jay's search for a crew to call his own would eventually begin to bear fruit once he met Mayumi Himura by happenstance on Twatter. After some talking, the two were robbing banks together like old pals. Jay & May's chemistry waffled between bitter divorced couple and siblings with a long rivalry, but it somehow worked.

After a short time working together, including their first vault job with Yuno Sykk & Raymond Romanov, Jay began to push for something more stable then just a group of friends doing crime together. Enlisting the help of May's girlfriend, Karina Dawn and Jay's friends Ai "Betch" Musori & Oki Doki, the nascent crew began the plans of their weed empire. While Jay showed the ladies his illegal grow spots, with help from Karina's Sand King, he also talked about plans for their own legal weed dispensary. Jay worked hard on a business plan, with the crew pitching in product ideas and name suggestions, and was soon bringing the yet-nameless group in front of Mayor Denzel Williams in the hopes of getting a legal front for their illegal plans. Unfortunately the federal government decided there were enough legal dispensaries in Los Santos (odd, considering how hard it was for the gang to buy weed in the city) and their plans were for naught. Following the disappointment of the failed business operation, Betch ended up drifting away and joining The Guild with Oki leaving for other reasons. Karina, a busy woman with her manager job at Harmony Repairs Garage and obligations outside the city, did what she could to help the crew when she was around but ultimately couldn't be present as much as she would've liked to be.

During this time, Gloryon, hearing that they were searching for crew-mates, contacted Jay one day saying he had someone to introduce to him. They met up and Gloryon introduced Jay to Goofy, an illegal street racer who was already making a name for himself. Jay was interested in Goofy's driving skills and wanted to see them for himself, so Jay asked Goofy to take him to a race. Jay had been awake for an extended period of time so he fell asleep during the race and woke up after the race had concluded stating that "[Goofy's] driving was so smooth that I fell asleep in the car." To further test his skills Jay and Gloryon invited Goofy to do a bank truck with a 4 door Buffalo, a vehicle which was known for being slow and bulky. They escaped successfully and Jay invited him to do more jobs alongside May. May, already familiar with Goofy having met him during her re-introduction to the local street scene, was excited to have him a part of their crew. Their personalities clicked quick and May & Goofy were quick to exhaust Jay with their hijinks. May & Goof usually ended up sharing a single brain cell while working together, leading to the early working name of the group, "Oonga Boonga Crew."

From there Jay, May, Goofy, and Karina ended up forming the nucleus of what would eventually become "The Femly."

Major Events

First Vault

The OG group worked together over various heists independently. Jay and Goofy were the first to do heists together, often lower tier crime such as 24/7 store robberies. Jay, upon testing May's driving capabilities, recruited her for her first job, a Fleeca with Yuno Sykk and Raymond Romanov. Karina worked with Jay and May on weed and on lower heists. The first high level job with main heist crew was a vault on July 13, with Jay, May, and Goofy successfully robbing Pacific Standard Bank.

First Bobcat Security Heist

Having acquired a Bobcat Security Card, Jay had been waiting for an apt crew to complete the mission. Having now formed a consistent and elite squad, Jay wanted to rob Bobcat Security. Jay expressed his desire to both May and Goofy, who shared similar hesitation due to the up and coming Tuner Shop. In order to be hired as mechanics at the shop, it was required that they did not have any violent felonies on their records. With the rumors of how violent Bobcat Heists were, both feared they would not be able to be hired if the job did not work out.

After much back and forth, Jay managed to convince the group to attempt the job. Jay successfully used thermite on the doors, and, along with Peter Ross, murdered all the guards in the back. May's strategic positioning of hostages, blocking all possible lines of sight, prevented a breach after Trooper Snow noticed the sounds of gunshots and explosions in the back. Goofy outdrove the PD in his Sultan, with the crew rejoicing and breathing a sigh of relief.

First Capture

The main heist crew was caught for the first time together on their fourteenth heist, a vault, after Goofy flipped the car on a turn off-road. May and Jay were caught and sent to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Goofy, with the help of a lawyer, dodged charges and jail time by pretending to not have been involved. After this incident, the crew collectively decided to consider to do other escape tactics other than just driving, such as bikes, squeezes, and swaps. On their next vault together, they had a backup plan of Jay's new Akuma stationed, however, Goofy ended up out-driving the PD due to favorable negotiation terms. After negotiations were discontinued, Jay's bike switch strategy developed due to this heist would become the main plan if out-driving did not work.

Weed Business and the Attempted Execution of Jeff Spencer

Needing a way to clean large amounts of dirty money quickly from bank heists, and being roommates with Rooster's Ranch CEO Eve Summers, Jay joined the underground weed trafficking world. He eventually sought to open a legal weed dispensary with Betch, naming it BJ's after their names. Getting Mayumi Himura and Karina Dawn to help, Jay went through all the legal channels to get the business approved. Following a much anticipated business proposal meeting, the business received approval from Mayor Denzel Williams. The dispensary was eventually denied by the federal government, however, the crew has continued to run illegal weed.

One time after harvesting his crop in Zancudo with Johnny Sinner and Karina Dawn, Jay was spotted by Deputy Sam Baas. Getting in a shootout in an effort to escape what Jay thought would be a held-until-trial (HUT) charge on the grounds of drug trafficking, Jay and Johnny were downed and taken into custody with multiple weed plants, with Karina escaping. Jay was placed in interrogation and eventually charged with drug trafficking, getting set up to Bolingbroke Penitentiary indefinitely until his court case. The following day, the charge was dropped and reduced to simply criminal possession with intent to distribute on the grounds that drug trafficking required multiple repeated instances. Jay was then released with time served.

Following this incident, Jay and the gang would become much more serious and careful about completing weed runs, but still used them as a method of cleaning cash. Jay often panics if there is even a hint of police presence anytime there is weed in his vehicle, much to the amusement and frustrations of Mayumi Himura when she is trying to rescue him.

Two months later, Jay and his crew ran into Jeff Spencer at the Apartments, the man who snitched on Jay which resulted in him getting sent in for the HUT charge. Jay wanted to just drop the matter, however, May refused to and kidnapped Jeff. May, alongside Karina Dawn and Goofy, then shot Jeff down after warning him not to mess with other people's weed grow operations and that he snitched on the wrong person. Jeff was not ocean dumped and was rescued by EMS, however, the deagle was disposed of and it appears that the crew left Jeff with nothing besides his lesson.

The Kidnapping of Karina and Goofy

When most of the crew was chilling at Benny's, Mayumi Himura received a call from Karina Dawn suggesting that her and Goofy, who were out to get food, had been kidnapped. With the entire team mobilizing after May broke the news, the crew, including Rat and AP strapped up with arms and searched for the kidnappers. After leveraging their vast network of connections, the group figured out that Bobcat Security was being robbed and that it was not one of the major criminal gangs. It was at this point that the Bobcat had concluded and Goofy and Karina were released, with Goofy being searched and loosing his diamondback pistol.

Claire Seducer from the Angels, in addition to Karina's own statements, led to the group finding out who the group who robbed Bobcat was: Lana Valentine, Carmella Corset, Jupiter Adams, and Heath Argo. After meeting up and regrouping, the group tried to figure out a course of action. Arguments ranged across the spectrum, from Jay suggesting they should not seek retribution to Rat wanting to kill Jupiter. The main reasoning for any response at all besides simply kidnapping was the potential danger as Bobcat is known to be a very volatile situation, as well as the police search that led to Goofy loosing a gun he just purchased. The consensus that was agreed upon was to tax the group 2-3 diamondbacks in return for dropping the matter, one for the lost gun and one for the danger. The crew decided to target Jupiter the most as she had known Goofy, often riding with him in races in the past, and still kidnapped him despite him appealing to her specifically not too.

After May and Jay left, the remaining group met up with the Bobcat robbers at Benny's, where they exchanged some choice words. No apologies were spoken, but guns were handed over and the matter was mostly settled. Insults were thrown around on both sides, and no one was particularly content with the outcome.

"Tori No Akuma" 2JZ Mission


Hotties With Shotties

After May was contacted anonymously about surplus Russian weaponry, the gang soon found themselves in steady supply of Izh-81 shotguns. With a warehouse full of the huge Russian boomsticks, the gang looked forward to making a name for themselves by using them and selling them. Unfortunately the weapons technicians of the city favored auto pistols and AK-47s, with the shotgun never quite taking off.

There's Weed In Them Hills

After stepping back from racing full-time, May had time on her hands and money to make to help pay the gangs' expenses as well as her own asset fees. Instead of using her Silvia S15 Spec-R to illegally tear up the roadways, she went off-road and used it to illegally tear up the dirt pathways of the mountains off Great Ocean Highway. With one-hand on the steering wheel and the other holding her cell-phone to her head talking to one family member or another, May turned her finely tuned sports car into an off-road drug smuggling machine. Planting in a secluded canyon, May made multiple runs to her favorite spot netting a decent amount of weed & seeds for the gangs budding operation. Eventually these plans petered out once May had obligations outside the city and couldn't return to maintain it. But her spot remains, and as far May knows, it hasn't been burnt.

Meth Money Moves

The gang's fortunes started to look even brighter once Jesse Reed approached AP about an offer to move meth for the BBMC. With the production of the drug currently out of reach for PT due to a lack of knowledge and connections - having someone offer them high quality product for them to push on their own was a great deal. AP spread the word to Goofy and May only, keeping the majority of the gang in the dark for operational security purposes. Once a meeting could be arranged, Jesse filled in Goofy and AP on all the details of the meth business in Los Santos. How much they'd get, how it came, how to break it down, the works. The boys heads were spinning with the new info and the possible dollar signs in their future!

Unfortunately shortly after this deal the DEA shut down the private meth labs in Los Santos leaving the gang's meth plans dead before they started.

What's in a Name?

Since the group's formation they struggled to find a name or identity that truly fit the diverse and chaotic crew. The main competitors early on were "Oonga Boonga Crew" and "The Phantom Thieves," with the crew mostly settling on the latter as their working name for the early formation of the group. Originally conceived by May, inspired by Persona 5, the "Phantom Thieves" name proved somewhat unpopular with the rest of the gang but with a lack of better alternative that's what May ended up using for gang-related business dealings with other groups in the city.

After some meetings, and a general sense in the group that they didn't want to be a "gang" but a "family," most of the group had started to refer to themselves as "The Femly" after the Fast & Furious meme. Originally shot down early in the group's formation due to the meme's use by other groups in the city, the crew ended up making the name their own via regular "Femly checks" on Twatter. They now go by this name almost exclusively.


Nightfall was a racing crew formerly comprised of all the members of The Phantom Thieves/The Femly and close associates. The formation of the race crew came after chaotic changes in the Underground and the assassination of Marcus Mathers (Big M) ordered by the Puppet Master. The crew focuses strongly on the elements of a positive race scene and diplomatic/nonviolent communications with other racers and the PD. Meetups, car cruises, and other events by Nightfall harken back to the old school NoPixel race community and ethos. The crew is known for their superior racecraft, playful antics, lewdness at times, and their shared attraction to being rather Pepega.

Unfortunately, due to the unexpectedly violent & chaotic nature of the racing scene following it's restructuring, May withdrew from the scene. The stressful nature of the new scene ruined the spirit for her, and the overwhelming police responses she seemed to get made the risk far too great. Goofy & AP attempted to lead Nightfall without her but after the struggles with more powerful groups & the unshakeable image that "all the good racers joined Nightfall to dominate", they found little reason to keep Nightfall going. Goofy & AP departed for Tony Corleone's crew, Redline, while the rest of the members of Nightfall found their own way. Nightfall is currently defunct.

Nightfall Member Roster
Current Members Racing Alias Title Additional Info
Mayumi Himura Valentine Leader Resigned/Left for Yokai
Octavio Stenberg Hypergoof Leader Left for Redline
Adam Peterson AP Left for Redline
Bryan Chapman Orange
Zane Jackson Ratatouille Left for Vendetta
Meelo Graves Nex
Jesse Reed Highnoon
Anna Jørgensen Lilac
Miles Lewis Aqua
Ivy Poppins MommyMilkies
Kitty Dream Mermaid also Britney Gang
Jay Que JK

The Femly


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