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The Nut Boys are a blood brotherhood consisting of Robert Spowylamywanowski, Pilbis Shonly and one of Leslie Lingberg's personas, The Hunter. The group's main objective is to protect each other and take down international terrorist Mark White.

The Nut Boys enjoy singing The Nut House jingle. “Nut Here, Nut There, Nut Everywhere. Nut House!”


The group shares a variety of wild beliefs which led to the pact. Some of the most notable ones are the existence of supernatural beings such as Bigfoot, Werewolves and Vampires, as well as the cult-like belief that some way or another Mark White is behind every single malady that befalls the group. As such they reached the conclusion that by working together as one unit they would be able to fight these mythical beings, with the largest threat perceived by the group being the all-powerful, god-like being Mark White.

The rules of the Nut Boys

  • No secrets
  • Cannot keep anything about anyone but family
  • Don’t hurt each other
  • You can break rule 3 if you agree
  • No Paris
  • meet up spot “catacombs” “Nut House”
  • Nutcracker - Mark White
  • Always assume someone watching
  • No more loose ends.
  • No more rules

The creation of the news team “DAILY NUT”

During a secret meeting of The Nut Boys decided to fight news with news and brainstormed a idea to combat Mark White (code name the Nutcracker).

“The Daily Nut; Nutting but news” was formed.

The Crimes of Mark White "The Nut Cracker"

  • Runs over people in wheel chairs
  • Pushes people in wheel chairs down hills
  • Runs over dogs
  • Shoots rocket launchers at helicopters
  • Hates defenseless people and constantly terrorizes them
  • Cuts fuel lines of people on boats
  • It is rumored that Mark White is the reason there are no children in Los Santos. He killed them all
  • Most unsolved assaults in Pillbox are rumored to be cause by Mark White
  • Hates kids birthday parties and destroys there cakes and runs over the parents
  • Mark White hits people with beach buggees after he steals them
  • Mark White stalks people and hires demons to watch over city