The Memorial Wall

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The Memorial Wall is a monument built in memory of the NoPixel community members that have unfortunately passed away. It is located in Legion Square at the heart of the city of Los Santos. They will be missed by their loved ones, friends and fellow role-players, and viewers alike.

In Memory Of

David "itsStarkey" Chris · 05/16/2020
Boe "bLuE622" Jangles · 07/04/2020
Michael "CallMeGrub" Dias · 10/10/2020
Misty "DovahPug" Mocha · 05/10/2021


The objects at the foot of the wall include references to the characters and players listed on the wall.

  • The sign contains "What's gooood?", the catchphrase DC was known for.
  • A blue heart for bLuE622.
  • The lifeguard surfboard is a reference to CallMeGrub's lifeguard antics with Irwin Dundee.
    • The hat hanging off one of the crosses is a reference to his character, Mikey Dias.
  • A sledge hammer belonging to Misty Mocha.

Other Memorials

As well as The Memorial Wall, there have been a few other included memorials.

Boe Jangles' house has been transformed into a memorial complete with his car in the driveway and Boe himself standing next to it smoking weed. Directly across from QuickFix, where DC worked, there is a memorial painted on the side of the motel as a tribute.
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