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The Mandem is a British gang that currently operates in Los Santos. They engage in criminal activities such as boosting, street racing, kidnapping, drug trafficking, gang wars and robbery. On August 19, 2021, Tommy was officially appointed as the leader of The Mandem.


The Mandem is a mostly British gang that operates in Los Santos. At first they didn't want to add anyone to the gang, instead giving people the title of Mandem Associate (MDMA). However after Remy and Adam moved to the Bahamas, they stated to talk about recruiting new members. On July 16, 2021, The Mandem offered Stacey Doyle a place in the gang, which she accepted. On September 7, 2021, Dean and Patar were accepted into The Mandem. On October 12, 2021, Stacey left The Mandem after being offered a job in the police.

The Mandem are all very close and see each other as family. They are willing to go to great lengths for each other, for example, when Tommy, Stacey and Moses held up and shot a cop in order to save Dwayne from going to prison. They have said that people won't become a part of The Mandem unless they see them as a member of the family.

The Mandem started out as a group of friends, but they soon became a gang when they started to participate in frequent criminal activity. The Mandem spend lots of time together, and over the past few months have been strengthening their reputation as a well-known and increasingly more respected gang in Los Santos.

The Mandem have claimed a block as 'The Mandem Block' and hope to eventually purchase the entire block. They have come up with lots of plans for businesses, however they are yet to actually start any. They were also interested in buying a house, which they were going to do under Reginald Watson's name, however this idea was also scrapped. Reggie was going to be The Mandem's clean man, however he started to participate in criminal activity after he met The Mandem. Tommy found out that Lexi Law was the owner of multiple businesses and asked her if she would help them start a business as some point, which she agreed to.

The Mandem are a fairly well-respected gang in Los Santos, and have built strong relationships with other gangs. They don't have a great deal of power and have little influence in the street and in the drug game, however their music has helped the gang gain widespread attention and respect. So far, they have only gotten into two notable conflicts. Firstly, they lost a 3-day war to the Ballas, which they resolved and subsequently became allies. They also got into a spontaneous shootout with BSK, after they got revenge for Dwayne robbing them. After Dwayne was shot down, the Mandem instigated and won an impromptu shootout at the apartments.

The Mandem have got a good relationships with Chang Gang, Angels, Ballas and NBC. Tommy in particular has got good relations with these gangs, as he is friends with all of their leaders, and most members of the gangs. Moses is good friends with members of NBC and Dwayne is good friends with members of The Ballas. Patar is friends with members of the Vagos, however the others have rarely interacted with them.

The Mandem do not have a gang colour. However, they do all wear puffer jackets and 'The Mandem chain', which is a custom chain featuring a British flag.

While The Mandem were trying to hit Paleto, Tommy said that they should change their name to The Plandem, as they always make plans that come to nothing. This name caught on with the other members, who now frequently say the name.

Affiliated Companies

  • Diamond Casino Hotel
    • Tommy Tate: CEO
  • Hydra Sec.
    • Dean Quincy: Owner/Manager
    • Patar Bellosh: Hiring Manager/Supervisor
    • Moses Khan: Supervisor
    • Tommy Tate: Shadow Investor
  • Trident Investments
    • Dean Quincey: Co-Founder/Investor
    • Tommy Tate: Co-Founder/Investor
    • Moses Khan: Co-Founder/Investor
    • Patar Bellosh: Co-Founder/Investor

Mando and the Ballas

A bit of conflict later resolved in to an alliance with The Mandem. Following is an overview of major events in The Mandem - Ballas arc.

May 31st 2021 - Adam and Dwayne were at the apartment and bumped into Mando's car. Mando gets out and shoots Dwayne as a message to Mr. K in relation to an ongoing beef between them.

June 4th 2021 - Adam, Remy and Tommy drove into the apartments and caught sight of Mando next to the NoPixel Trading Cards Truck. Tommy proceeds to slow-roll up to him. Adam headshots Mando from the car whilst Tommy yells out "Mandem on top! Mandem on your headtop!" and the group drive off.

June 5th 2021 - Mando tweets "Tea and Crumpets for the Brits down at the Grove Gas Station" to bait out a fight. Dwayne, Eli, Tommy and Adam drive into Grove St. where Mando and Kitty lie in wait. Their vehicle gets shot up and they choose to disengage and climb to the top of the Mega Mall roof to gain an advantage. Both sides exchange fire. The group decide to get back into their car to reposition. Mando and Kitty keep up the gunfire from the roofs and down the driver. The car crashes off the road and the rest of the group get downed in their attempts to exit the car to take cover. Mando pulls up beside them in a car and shouts out "Ballas on top! Mando on your headtop!" this time and escapes before the cops arrive on scene. The cops arrive on scene to arrest the group and follow the transport to Pillbox and then to MRPD where they are charged for Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2].

June 8th 2021 - Dwayne whilst on his own kidnaps Mando, shoots and leaves him to bleed out. Later at a Gallery event Adam, Dwayne and Moses share a bit of banter between Mando and other Ballas. They arrange a shootout for later that night. The three and Tommy geared up and set up on a rooftop across the Los Santos Medical Center on Strawberry. The Ballas engage on them from across the way on Hospital side and both sides exchanged fire. The cops responded to reports of gunshots before the fight could be settled. With both groups making an escape, The Mandem make another attempt to shoot up the Ballas on Grove. Tommy and Moses position themselves on top of Mega Mall while Adam and Dwayne get up on roofs nearby. They managed to catch Mando off guard at first but the Ballas being more experienced eventually pressed and shot them down. Mando jumped on a bike and cycled around the area to observe the Mandem getting arrested. At the police station the gang were questioned separately in an attempt to establish the scenario of a gang related shooting. All four firmly denied that they were anything more than a group of friends. The group were charged with Gang related shooting, Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1], and misdemeanor possession of an illegal substance [Oxy]. Faced with these charges the group declared themselves to the Police as The Mandem and yelled out "Mandem on Top!" while being sent up to prison.

Having earned Mando's respect, The Mandem were invited to a meeting with the Ballas at his home on Grove St. After a bit of banter, Mando recognizing The Mandem as a newly established gang deserving of an opportunity offered them a small supply of Meth to get started. The Mandem would work with the Ballas to keep the reputation up on their Meth corner during the Ballas off-hours.

June 9th 2021 - The two groups having made peace, Moses, Adam and Mando planned and executed a successful store robbery. Mando cracked the safe whilst Adam and Moses held up the hostage and negotiated with the police. Incidentally the store they robbed was the one Mando's father, Tyrone Thompson, had died in. The getaway whilst messy was successful with Adam and Moses having ditched the car and on foot was later picked up by Mando.

Later Mando offered Moses and Adam rob the Jewellery store. Mando laid out the getaway plan - He and Patar would hit the store while Adam and Moses would be the getaway drivers waiting at the Red Garage. The two would drive to the red car garage, climb up on to the highway to Adam and Moses car, drive to the highway, get out of the car and into a new getaway car. The first hostage drove away and they shot him and had to split up. Mando robbed the guy they downed. Patar and Mando regrouped and drove to the apartments and got a different hostage. Patar called Adam to tell him that the plan was in motion and to get in position. They pulled up to the jewellery store and after scouting the area Mando eventually found the correct fuse box on the roof. Mando set up a thermite on the fuse box of the roof and disabled the door. Mando smashed the store counters while Patar held up the hostage. While waiting for the other two, Adam and Moses decided to take the doors of their cars. Mando and Patar negotiated themselves out of the Jewellery store, jumped in the car and drove off. They only had two cop cars on them. They drove to the garage, jumped in the cars and drove off. They jumped out at the spot, but Mando could not see the car at first. They got in eventually anyway but drove the wrong way and were spotted by Air 1. They escaped via the tunnels and split the loot 4 ways at the fence.

June 10th 2021 - Adam, Moses, Mando and Yair decided to hit the jewellery store after running Oxy. They initially wanted to wait for Tommy to wake up, but they had several Thermites and Safe Crackers so they decided to do it anyway. Mando laid out the plan. He wanted them to climb up on the highway from delivery trucks and have cars waiting for them. Truck 1 was parked up against the highway so that if the cops were to ram the truck it would stay put. Truck 2 was blocking the entrance to the highway. Up on the highway there would be two getaway cars. They expected Air 1 to be there so the plan was to gain distance by driving on the highway full speed. The split into two groups; Moses and Yair would be on truck duty, and Adam and Mando would be in the store. While setting up the cars, Mando got into a fight with a local and got hit to a point were he feared his DNA was left on scene. Adam and Mando then went to pick up a hostage from the truck depot. Mando went up to do the thermite while Adam kept the hostage. Mando failed the thermite this time. They grabbed the hostage and drove off. Mando managed to escape the police instantly by driving through the red garage.

They then went to hit a store with Adam, Tommy, Moses and Mando. They hit it successfully and used the get-a-way plan with the trucks. Unfortunately, Tommy was tazed when climbing up onto the highway and got arrested. He got 20 months in jail and a $2925 fine which they took out of the cut. Adam gave his cut to Tommy as well. They got a dongle from the store. They then planned a jewellery heist with an elaborate getaway plan. It is a plan that Mando had successfully done before by posting a gunman up on the rooftops at Zancudo Military Base and catching the cops off-guard and into panic by leading them into gunfire. Tommy and Adam however did not want to risk a fine from shooting at cops and decided against it. Instead they decided to lead the cops up to the military base and then crash into a barricade and escape on foot over a fence where Moses would be waiting with dirt-bikes. They would all be dressed in the same camo gear and split on bikes so the police wouldn't know who had the loot on them. They spent two hours trying to hit the jewellery store but the fuse box couldn't be hit with thermite that tsunami.

The Mandem briefly sold meth on the corner but became discouraged after Mando and Kitty were arrested and given the 9s.

Mando and members of The Mandem remain friends.


  • The Mandem were the third gang to receive a custom chain, after Chang Gang and GSF.


  • "Pussio with a capital P"
  • "Tayble Tennis"
  • "Don't know me it's Tommy T"
  • "Are you skunked?"
  • "Come on"
  • "Say less"
  • "My Guy"
  • "Wagwan"
  • "Never drown with Remy Brown"
  • "Mandem on top"


  1. Randy becomes MDMA
  2. look at these clowns
  3. Tommy is being interrupted
  4. Adam "Canelo" Ababwa is back at it again
  5. Stacey joins The Mandem
  6. Dean and Patar join The Mandem