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The Mandem is a British gang that currently operates in Los Santos. They engage in criminal activities such as boosting, street racing, kidnapping, drug trafficking, gang wars and robbery. On August 19, 2021, Tommy was officially appointed as the leader of The Mandem.


The Mandem is a mostly British gang that operates in Los Santos. At first they didn't want to add anyone to the gang, instead giving people the title of Mandem Associate (MDMA). However after Remy and Adam disappeared, they stated to talk about recruiting new members. On July 16, 2021, The Mandem offered Stacey Doyle a place in the gang, which she accepted. On September 7, 2021, Dean and Patar were accepted into The Mandem. On October 12, 2021, Stacey left The Mandem after being offered a job in the police. On December 11, 2021, Vince Watson became a full member of The Mandem after being MDMA for almost two months. On December 21, 2021, Lana Valentine became a full member of The Mandem.

The Mandem are all very close and see each other as family. They are willing to go to great lengths for each other, for example, when Tommy, Stacey and Moses held up and shot a cop in order to save Dwayne from going to prison. They have said that people won't become a part of The Mandem unless they see them as a member of the family.

The Mandem started out as a group of friends, but they soon became a gang when they started to participate in frequent criminal activity. The Mandem spend lots of time together, and over the past few months have been strengthening their reputation as a well-known and increasingly more respected gang in Los Santos.

The Mandem have claimed a block as 'The Mandem Block' and hope to eventually purchase the entire block. They have come up with lots of plans for businesses, however they are yet to actually start any. They were also interested in buying a house, which they were going to do under Reginald Watson's name, however this idea was also scrapped. Reggie was going to be The Mandem's clean man, however he started to participate in criminal activity after he met The Mandem. Tommy found out that Lexi Law was the owner of multiple businesses and asked her if she would help them start a business as some point, which she agreed to.

The Mandem are a fairly well-respected gang in Los Santos, and have built strong relationships with other gangs. They have started to gain more power in the streets and the drug game, which drastially increased on December 7, 2021, when they got access to a weapons bench. So far, they have only gotten into four notable conflicts. Firstly, they lost a 3-day war to the Ballas, which they resolved and subsequently became allies. They also got into a spontaneous shootout with BSK, after they got revenge for Dwayne robbing them. After Dwayne was shot down, the Mandem instigated and won an impromptu shootout at the apartments. They also got into a shootout with the Marabunta Grande after they thought they robbed Dwayne. The Mandem managed to down one of the Marabunta, however the police then arrived, so the fight was not concluded. Shortly after this, The Mandem were told that the Marabunta never robbed Dwayne, so they said there was no need to continue the conflict. They then had another conflict with BSK, when OTT stole Dwayne's Mandem chain. The Mandem, along with Curtis then went to Brouge Street and won a shootout without any of their members going down.

The Mandem have got a good relationships with Chang Gang, Angels and NBC. Tommy in particular has got good relations with these gangs, as he is friends with all of their leaders, and most members of the gangs. Tommy, Moses, Patar and Dean are all good friends with members of NBC and Dwayne is friends with members of The Ballas. Patar is friends with members of the Vagos, however the others have rarely interacted with them.

The Mandem do not have a gang colour. However, they do all wear puffer jackets and 'The Mandem chain', which is a custom chain featuring a British flag. Despite originally all wearing puffer jackets, they slowly stopped wearing these, now wearing whatever they want instead along while also often wearing different coloured bullet proof vests following on from Tommy changing is usual puffer jacket to the green vest he can usually be seen wearing now.

While The Mandem were trying to hit Paleto for the first time, Tommy said that they should change their name to The Plandem, as they always spend a long time making plans that usually come to nothing. This name caught on with the other members, who now frequently say the name.

Affiliated Companies

  • Diamond Casino Hotel
    • Tommy Tate: CEO
  • Hydra Sec.
    • Dean Quincy: Owner/Manager
    • Patar Bellosh: Hiring Manager/Supervisor
    • Moses Khan: Supervisor
    • Tommy Tate: Shadow Investor
  • Trident Investments
    • Dean Quincy: Co-Founder/Investor
    • Tommy Tate: Co-Founder/Investor
    • Moses Khan: Co-Founder/Investor
    • Patar Bellosh: Co-Founder/Investor
    • Adam Ababwa: Co-Founder/Investor
  • MDM Records
    • Dwayne Flores: Owner/CEO
    • Tommy Tate: Owner/DOV
    • Eli Porter: COO
    • Adam Ababwa: COO
    • Patar Bellosh: Executive Jiggity Artist
  • Vince's
    • Vince Watson: Founder/Owner/CEO/Tailor
    • Dean Quincy: Investor
  • LV Designs
    • Lana Valentine: Owner/CEO
    • Vince Watson: Decorator
  • Atlantis Exploration Company
    • Tommy Tate: Co-Owner
    • Adam Ababwa: Co-Owner


  • The first Mandem only heist was a Gruppe Sechs Truck, which ended with all four members being arrested.
  • The first successful Mandem only heist was a 24/7, where all four members escaped.
  • The Mandem were the third gang to receive a custom chain, after Chang Gang and GSF.
  • The Mandem and NBC were the first people to rob the Bay City bank.


  1. Randy becomes MDMA
  2. Stacey joins The Mandem
  3. Tommy becomes the leader of The Mandem
  4. Dean and Patar join The Mandem
  5. Stacey leaves The Mandem
  6. Adam Ababwa returns!
  7. Vince joins The Mandem
  8. Lana joins The Mandem