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The Mandem (MDM) is a British gang that currently operates in Los Santos. They engage in criminal activities such as boosting, street racing, kidnapping, drug trafficking, gang wars and robbery.


The Mandem is a mostly British gang that operates in Los Santos. When the gang was first formed, they did not have a leader and didn't seem to consider adding new members. However as they progressed as a gang, they started to add members.

  • On July 16, 2021, Stacey Doyle became a full member of The Mandem.
  • On August 19, 2021, Tommy Tate was appointed as the leader of The Mandem.
  • On September 7, 2021, Dean Quincy and Patar Bellosh became full members of The Mandem.
  • On October 12, 2021, Stacey left The Mandem after being offered a job in the police.
  • On December 11, 2021, Vince Watson became a full member of The Mandem.
  • On December 21, 2021, Lana Valentine became a full member of The Mandem.
  • On February 23, 2022, the Roadmen were founded.
  • On April 1, 2022, Ved Jiggyjoglue became a full member of The Mandem.
  • On June 14, 2022, Adam Ababwa was appointed as Second in Command, Patar was appointed as Third in Command, and Dean was appointed as Enforcer.
  • On June 30, 2022, the Roadmen were disbanded and all of it's members were brought into MDMA.

The Mandem started out as a group of friends, but they soon became a gang when they started to participate in frequent criminal activity. They spend lots of time together, and over the past few months have been strengthening their reputation as a well-known and increasingly more respected gang in Los Santos.

The Mandem are all very close and see each other as family. They are willing to go to great lengths for each other, for example, when Tommy, Stacey and Moses held up and shot a cop in order to save Dwayne from going to prison.

They made The Roadmen, due to them expanding their operations in the weed and meth empire. Roadmen works under Mandem, taking part in their drug and weapon involved business. MDM and RDM are very close allies. Subsequently, MDM chose to expand. Their first action was to absorb RDM making them MDMA.

The Mandem do not have a gang colour but often wear their custom Mandem vests and their custom chain which features a British flag. When they first formed, they would often wear puffer jackets, however over time they stopped wearing them as much, and started to wear 'Strapz' bullet proof vests, which lead to them getting custom Mandem vests made.

Divisions of The Mandem

Affiliated Companies

Name Products/Services Owner Shares Owned Details
Mandem Enterprises Enterprise Tommy Tate 100% The Mandem Enterprises is an empire building umbrella company that is working with Cerberus, owned by Tommy Tate, all MDM businesses will fall under this company to facilitate larger growth and an economic empire.
Los Santos Care Health and Medical Insurance Company Dean Quincy 100% Los Santos Cares is a Health and Medical Insurance Company owned by Dean Quincy.
Hydra Sec. Security Company Dean Quincy 100% The Hydra Sec. is a former Security Firm owned by Dean Quincy, which is now inactive and now used as a front to fund his gun bench.
Patar Bellosh Hiring Manager / Supervisor
Moses Khan Supervisor
Tommy Tate Shadow Investor
MDM Records Record Label Dwayne Flores 100% MDM Records is a British record label based in Los Santos, owned by Dwayne Flores and Tommy Tate. They have a new Records Building opposite Bahama Mamas that opened on 20th June and is currently undergoing several constructions.
Patar Bellosh Executive Jiggity Artist
Moses Khan Director of Vibes
Tommy Tate Shadow Owner/Director of Vibes
Adam Ababwa COO
Eli Porter COO
Dean Quincy Head of Security
Lana Valentine Director of Vibes
Vince Watson Director of Vibes
Ved Jiggyjoglue Director of Vibes
Vince's Tailor Company Vince Watson 100% Vince's is a Tailor Company for kevlar-suit owned by Vince Watson, it's currently under huge copium after suffering major setbacks in different aspects.
Dean Watson 20%
Marlo Stanfield 20%
Dean Quincy 10%
Ved Services Delivery Ved Jiggyjoglue 100% Ved Services is an delivery company owned by Ved Services.
Patar Bellosh COO
LV Designs Interior Design Company Lana Valentine 100% LV Designs is an interior design company owned by Lana Valentine.
Vince Watson Decorater
Jiggity Studios TV Studio Company Patar Bellosh 100% Jiggity Studios is Patar's passion project, and baby.
Moses Khan CEO
Tommy Tate Manager
Vince Watson Cinematographer
Ved Jiggyjoglue COO
UK Oil Gas Station Tommy Tate 100% UK Oil is a gas station on Cougar Ave. near the Mandem Block, and is owned by Tommy Tate.
Patar Bellosh Manager
Vince Watson Half-Man
Ved Jiggyjoglue Half-Man
Gold panning Company Gold Panning Company Adam Ababwa
Tommy Tate
100% The "Gold Panning Company" is a gold panning company owned by Adam Ababwa and Tommy Tate, which allows you to do gold panning in several locations in Los Santos to find gold.
Trident Investments Investment Company Dean Quincy 100% The Trident Investments is a former Invest Company owned by Dean Quincy, alongside Tommy Tate and Patar Bellosh, to invest in up and coming businesses but now is defunct.
Patar Bellosh Co-Founder / Investor
Moses Khan Co-Founder / Investor
Tommy Tate Co-Founder / Investor
Adam Ababwa Co-Founder / Investor


Territory Comparison to other Gangs, Groups, & Motor Clubs

Current Turfs

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Gang Sprays

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  • The first Mandem only heist was a Gruppe Sechs Truck, which ended with all four members being arrested.
  • The first successful Mandem only heist was a 24/7, where all four members escaped.
  • The Mandem were the third gang to receive a custom chain, after Chang Gang and GSF.
  • The Mandem and NBC were the first people to rob the Bay City bank.
  • The Mandem did their first S+ Boost of a Diablo GTR on 29 January, which Vince vin scratched and later converted.
  • While The Mandem were trying to hit Paleto for the first time, Tommy said that they should change their name to The Plandem, as they always spend a long time making plans that usually come to nothing. This name caught on with the other members, who now frequently say the name.


  1. Randy becomes MDMA
  2. Stacey joins The Mandem
  3. Tommy becomes the leader of The Mandem
  4. Dean and Patar join The Mandem
  5. Stacey leaves The Mandem
  6. Adam Ababwa returns!
  7. Vince joins The Mandem
  8. Lana joins The Mandem
  9. P Money becomes MDMA
  10. Ved joins the Mandem