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The Mafia "Corleone Syndicate" is a criminal gang run by Tony Corleone. Currently in a rebuilding phase.


The Mafia AKA "The Corleone Syndicate" was a crime group that existed in the old server. It was started by Tony Corleone. It was made to be a collective of crime families who would have their own workings and members, but they all worked together under the Corleone banner. three bosses' were made during its time: Tony Corleone, Kudo Kai & Chow Park.

A Possible Comeback...?

After 2 years of the Syndicate being disbanded, old leader/founder Tony decided he wanted to restart it up again after the group he was most known for, the Leanbois, separated. Tony has asked other leaders of groups or people he holds highly about their opinion and they all mostly agreed that Tony would be a great leader (again). As of December 2020, Tony joined the HOA battlepass, temporarily, until he decides its the right time to start up the Syndicate again.

Members and Affiliates


  1. Tony Corleone - Founder of The Syndicate & leader of one of the families.
  2. Chow Park - head of one of the families. He was sentenced to death for his long list of crimes by firing squad in Bolingbroke Penitentiary headed by Jackie Snow.
  3. Pistol Pete - Chow's very loyal right hand.
  4. Kudo Kai - The Asian Warlord along & leader of one of the families.
  5. Vinny Pistone - The first gang he was part of in the server came in at the same time as Pete.
  6. Joe Kerr - Kudo's right hand & good friend to everyone in the syndicate. He was also the most bloodthirsty out of everyone.
  7. Tommy Cruizer - The first 2020 member of the Syndicate.


  1. The Execution of Chow Park
  2. Loyal Pete


  • In joining the group, Vinny and Pete got their starts from being nobodies in the server.