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The Hobos are a gang who operate under the the Olympic Freeway, near the Vanilla Unicorn. They hold up people who run across under the Hobo Bridge (often delivery vans and tow truck drivers) for a fee or run Hobo Burgers, a burger food truck run by Hobo Kyle. The Hobos' gang sign is a hobo dropping. While not doing anything for money, the hobos eat their free time playing over a large electrical transformer called the Hobo Playground found under the bridge.

Remaining hobos and its associates have drifted to different lives outside the bridge with varying degrees of success since Hobo Kyle left the city in June 2021.

The Hobo Initiation

Becoming a hobo is optional but necessary to in order to fully live under the bridge. By tradition, Kyle holds an initiation for interested prospects called the Bridge Jump. The test takes place at the highest bridge near the Port of Los Santos, where the candidate then jumps off and succeeds being fully hobo when the candidate lands on the river water.

Not many people survive the fall and only succeeded being caught by concrete. When people fail the jump, they still become hobos.

Participants of the initiation that are not willing to become hobos are called honorary hobos.