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The Highwaymen is an Official Unit within the Unified Police Department, founded by Rocko Columbo, The Highwayman.

General Description

Founded by Rocko Columbo, The Highwaymen are a unit designed to follow in his legacy, patrolling the Highways on San Andreas.

Alongside the Highway Patrol, The Highwaymen receive regular funding to maintain Billboards across the highways.


The Highwayman Oath

I was a Highwayman,

Along the coach roads I did ride,

With sword and pistol by my side.

Many a young girl lost her baubles to my trade.

Many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade.

They finally hung me in the Spring of twenty-five,

But I am still alive.

In the name of the First,

The Second,

And the Third Speeding Degree,

And the Holy Ghost of the Interceptor.

A+ Men.

Former Members

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