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The Guild is a group of LARPers who play their Dungeons & Dragons characters in real life. They are commonly known as The Nerds. They originally met on a LARPing online forum and came to Los Santos to meet in real life for the first time. They do not consider themselves a gang.

List of Members

The legal names of many Guild members are not widely known because all party members refer to each other almost exclusively by the names of their characters.

Chosen Nerds

The chosen nerds are the Stormlord's chosen ones.

  • Burt Beans - Gloryon Pecorino the Storm Cleric
  • Fred Fredrick - Necrolord the Necromancer
  • Kayn Larp - Yeager Demonblood the Warlock
  • Keith Wanderlust - Lando Stormborn of the Mountain Kingdom in the North, Manager of the Cock and Attempted Dragonslayer
  • Kyrin-Chan WeuhBou - Leyla Nightingale of Embervale, First Arcane Trickster of Her Name
  • Lars Haverford - Bjorn Tripod Corleone the Battle-Ready Bionic Barbarian, Attempted Dragonslayer, Wrangler of the Fingle, Ninja Looter and Former Employee of the Week. Warden of the North.
  • Stanly Lessfield - Gea Stagdancer the Paladin

Other Members

Full Members

Inactive Members

Former Members

  • Clyde Eastside † - Meowfurryon Stormkitten, Archdruid of the Grove and Protector of the Wild. Formerly one of the chosen nerds, Meowfurryon left on his own terms after being pushed too far by Denzel Williams and pressured to go against his morals.
  • Rat Lord - Ratlord the Raccoon was adopted by Yeager as the mascot of The Guild. He was killed after Game One of Squid Game.

Former Guild Mom

  • Anna Swallows - Anna Swallows of the Deep, Mother of the Cock, Mega Karen. The Guild stopped associating with her after she was fired from the Rooster's Rest.


Chosen Nerds

Full Members


There are currently no prospects.


Gem Quest

The Guild was tasked with the mission of delivering all 7 gems to the Stormlord and his companions, in order to accomplish this mission, the Guild had to find the gemstones through fishing, hunting, or by sanitation.

Quest Artwork by Kikobri#7457 on Discord

Alchemy Quest

The Guild was tasked with the mission of learning "alchemy", which in reality was teaching the Guild how to cook meth. Every chosen member of the Guild was given the opportunity to decide whether or not they would participate in cooking meth due to the high risks involved with the operation and whoever decides to involve themselves in cooking meth would get compensated in money for doing so. In the end, Meowfurryon, Leyla, and Stagdancer would not participate in cooking meth (though Leyla currently is involved). Gloryon would later be given the nickname, "The Geisenberg", due to singlehandedly calculating the formula to produce 100% purity meth, and would be recognized as a "head cook" and be responsible for heading the meth cooking operation.

Bovice Quest

The Guild was tasked with the mission of delivering Bovice Wilkinson: 20 weed joints, 20 bottles of whiskey, and 20 cigarettes, in order to gain Bovice's trust. The Guild had various ideas to complete this quest, one such idea, included regularly delivering tea and ramen from the Rooster's Rest in their food containers to the prison in hopes that the Department of Corrections would eventually stop checking the containers, thus allowing for the Guild to smuggle whatever they want using the Rooster's Rest food containers.

Quest Artwork by Kikobri#7457 on Discord


Territory Comparison to other Gangs, Groups, & Motor Clubs

Illicit Activity

The Guild has members involved in a number of illegal activities including but not limited to:

  • Methamphetamine production
  • Racing
  • Boosting
  • Chopping
  • Terrorism
  • Bank robberies
  • Shootouts
  • Murder
  • Manufacturing and sale of silencers, weapons optics, evidence kits, and RPGs
  • Weapons trafficking
  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • War profiteering

Arms Trafficking

Hidden inside the secret dungeon of their comic store, The Guild keeps a one-of-a-kind workbench to manufacture weapons. This workbench allows them to make pistol and rifle suppressors, scopes, rocket launchers, rockets, and evidence kits. No one else in Los Santos is able to craft these devices, making The Guild the only source. The main resources needed to manufacture these items are copper, rubber, and plastic. Guild members either purchase the necessary materials or collect them while working in garbage disposal.

Distribution of suppressors happens in multiple ways:

  • Handouts in disguise. Especially during the initial promotion phase when suppressors weren't widely known yet, Yeager and other Guild members would dress up and silently hand out suppressors for free.
  • Dead drops. Yeager contacts buyers from a payphone using a voice changer and sends them an anonymous ping from the location where the suppressor will be left for them to pick up.
  • Third party sellers. Over time, The Guild has carefully selected other people to distribute suppressors for them, the first one being Nino Chavez, the second being Mary Mushkin, after her Fiona Stewart, and Tony Corleone. Due to their close affiliation with Talon, which the chosen nerds are also a part of, both Nino and Tony are trusted sellers who know about The Guild's workbench. On the contrary, neither Mary nor Fiona were initially aware that it was The Guild they were working for. All meetings and phone calls were handled with masks and voice changers. After joining The Guild, Fiona was told about the workbench. Mary remains unaware.

For the distribution of rocket launchers and rockets, The Guild had originally planned to hold a special event they referred to as "The Hunt." Yeager anonymously contacted members of various groups and gangs and offered them a rocket launcher for $100,000. This rocket launcher would not come with a rocket, but serve as an entry ticket to The Hunt. The Hunt would be a scavenger hunt and likely fight to the death where each group uses "whichever means necessary" to be the first to obtain the rockets. Rockets could not be bought, The Hunt would the only way to get them. Lang Buddha was the first person in possession of a rocket launcher with a rocket without being required to participate. It was a birthday present from The Guild.

Despite their initial dedication to this plan, The Guild came to the realization that they were not creative enough to think of the clues that would be required to organize such a scavenger hunt. The plan was canceled and rocket launcher sales will be handled more conventionally instead.

Scopes are currently not being sold and evidence kits are only given out in rare cases. Carmella was the first person outside of The Guild to receive an evidence kit, and Lando has used his to built a private blood bank that could be used to incriminate people in the future.


Despite appearing like a gang to others, the Guild have made it a point to let everyone know that they are not a gang, they are just a group of friends role-playing together. Stagdancer cares deeply about ensuring that they are not registered as a gang by the police. If The Guild was officially acknowledged as a gang, it would give the police more legal means to cross-investigate all Guild members if one member has been involved in a crime, and therefore putting Talon, the production of meth, and their weapons business at a greater risk.

Most recently however, Yeager, being the most impulsive of the Guild members, has started going against this agreement and loudly proclaims that they are a gang and that he is a gang leader (despite The Guild not having an official leader).


The Guild once were the top meth cooks of Los Santos with two different strains at 100% purity. Gloryon was the first to reach 100%.

After they left the meth game, only certain members of the Guild became involved in other drugs. Bjorn became involved in weed by assisting Denzel Williams, and Gloryon helped the lifers in prison with their recipe for ketamine.


On December 1st, Speedy enlisted Bjorn to assemble a team and harass UwU Café farmers and "grinders" at night when the Vagos normally aren't around.

War Profiteering

After Lando, Bjorn and Yeager found out about Lost MC's plans of starting a revolution, they decided to approach the group with an offer to supply rocket launchers and rockets for the upcoming war. This sparked an argument about the price and quantity of the weapons within the Guild, with most Guild members favoring five RPGs and 25 rockets for $1,000,000, and Yeager wanting to lower the price to make the deal more affordable for the Lost. Without coming to a mutual agreement, Yeager, Barry, and another Guild member met up with Lost MC later. They offered a severely marked-down deal: ten RPGs and 50 rockets priced at $500,000, a price Bjorn noted was barely profitable. The Lost accepted and utilized the weaponry the next day.


The Guild have developed their own vocabulary which consists of archaic terms to describe modern concepts that would otherwise not fit into their D&D universe. They also refer to everyone outside of the Guild as either "Sir", "Mr" or "Ms" followed by the person's first name (e.g. "Ms Ellie").

Guild Expression Meaning
steed bicycle
mount, carriage vehicle, car
dragon helicopter, Yeager's first car
pigeon text message
sending stone, summoning stone, communication crystal mobile phone
healing potion medkit, bandages
catnip weed
skooma meth
wand gun
popsicle silencer
city guard, city guardsman LSPD member
queen's guard, state guardsman state trooper
queen/king of the forest park ranger
emperor boss (specifically referring to Lang, Don, Nino)
high cleric nurse, doctor, EMS
(foul) temptress, succubus stripper
crusading playing World of Warcraft
karate car chopping


  • The Guild is often compared to the HOA.
  • Other Guild members are commonly mistaken for Gloryon.
  • All Guild members are virgins.
  • The Guild semi-ironically claimed Vinewood as their territory.
  • All new members are blooded in with the Stormlords Holy Fire in the Guild Hall
  • The Guild has been influential in several law changes in Los Santos, case law People v Wrangler, Case law People v Burt Beans, and a member of the Guild caused a Torture law to be legislated.