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General Description

The Game Masters is a secret alias created by The Angels members Claire Seducer and Violet van Housen. Their goal is to push yellow practice laptops to known criminals, to make it easier for everyone to rob Fleeca and Paleto. They hide their identity by disguising as Artificial intelligence, wearing cybernetic clothing, and speaking in a robotic voice, resulting in a lot of their clients believing them not to be human. They call people who they select as fit to give items on an unknown number offering them an opportunity, after their first deal criminals will twat "Ready Player 1" in order to attract the attention of the group and make purchases of yellow laptops.

Major Events

Jacob Harth's Beta Test

Claire and Violet, were wondering if there was a way to practice the hacking of Fleecas as they found that the amount of money needed just to practice was off-putting to not just them, but many other groups and individuals. A few days later when Claire was talking to Marcus, at Digital Den, he offered that if she had any ideas, he may be able to help with them. Claire instantly thought to bring up the idea of creating a game that would allow the people of the city to attempt hacking before hitting the Fleeca. Marcus said that he would talk to Jacob and would let her know if it could happen.

After a few days, Jacob called Claire to ask for her ping. He said that she was interested in and to come to his ping to see it. Claire grabbed Violet and started to head up Great Ocean. Once they arrived at Hookies, they saw an arcade machine with a note on how to play. After attempting the game, Jacob approached and told them that this was a beta of the game, and he was going to leave the game in their hands to take care of and run for others in the city.

The Angels created the new persona of the Game Master as an over-arching entity that they would all represent for the distribution of the game. They tested the game with Jean Paul and Nino, before they had too close the Beta test.

Contacted by Dean Watson

A few weeks had passed when Claire was contacted by Dean asking for her to meet him by the gas station on Senora Freeway, Claire and Dean had recently come to blows as she was fired from the casino, because of this she believed this request to meet from Dean was going to result her death, she went anyway. Once Claire met with Dean, he led her to the Hobo Camp and asked if she had ever talked to this dude in a tent here saying, "he said he had something." Claire spoke to the man, and he offered her Yellow Laptops. Dean said that it seemed like something that she would be interested in, and he had instructed the man to only sell Claire these laptops.

Claire let the rest of the gang know that she now has access to Yellow Practice Laptops and that they were bringing back the Game Masters. They began to build a list of groups and individuals that may have an interest in the laptops. The first group that they felt should get the chance at the laptops were the HoA since the Angels felt that the HoA were in a very similar position as themselves.

A mission for the HOA

On the night of the Dean World opening the Game Master tasked Huck, Kleb, Julio, and Hades to get a USB with information from Lifeinvader to the Fudge Lane decryption house then to them. Lexi went undercover as an employee with Victor and acted as a contact for uploading and downloading data from the drive at the locations, while Alex ran interference and attempted to "attack" the HoA. A disguised Claire and Violet finally met with the HoA and revealed to them that they would be the first in the city to receive the laptops.

System Upgrade

After hundreds of hacks and robberies, the banks of Los Santos had had enough. In July 2021, all banks upgraded their security, making it almost impossible to hack into them, even the best of the best struggled to break into as little as a Fleeca, that was until a new hack was developed, known only by The Game Masters and it was about to make things a whole lot spicier.

On 19th July, the game masters went public with a newly upgraded Yellow laptop, lasting 3 days and no longer a single-use, these laptops hold a whole new game. When were upgraded Claire and Lexi began brainstorming how to proceed with selling the laptops, it wasn't until Violet woke up the next day that it was decided that they would change the price of 1 laptop to a larger price of $25,000, and that the first person they would sell to as their beta tester is Randy Bullet, after a good reception they began contacting more people.

Later during a very confusing conversation, Randy told Claire and Violet about the new location to buy bank laptops, when they investigated the location they made a startling discovery, you can only buy laptops based on your reputation and skill as a hacker, for example, you only buy a blue laptop if you gave successful hacked a Fleeca bank multiple time of alternatively succeeded in hacking the new practice laptops multiple times. This means if someone can't buy a green laptop they need to buy a practice laptop which means the gamemasters now control who can and can not rob banks.

News spread fast that practice laptops are needed to begin robbing banks and so came the tweets one of which came from a random grinder, where they tweets and put in the yellow pages “looking for yellow practice laptops” seeing this the game masters were not happy as it put their operation at risk to be exposed to the police so they contacted Guy Jones to teach this guy a lesson to receive a reward. And so he did, the grinder was shot in both hands and lost a finger, never to hack again, as a reward the game masters gave Guy Jones a free laptop.

Players & Profits

Only counts sales made on stream. Not completely accurate.

Old Laptops Purchased
New Laptops Purchased
Total Laptops Purchased
Total Spent
Angels 0 2 2 $6,000
Ballas 0 1 1 $15,000
Bondi Boys MC 0 1 1 $25,000
Brouge Street Kingz 0 1 1 $15,000
Chang Gang 32 6 38 $106,000
Cleanbois 20 6 26 $120,000
Hydra Gang 20 4 24 $80,000
HOA 80 3 83 $95,000
Ikea Gang 10 0 10 $5,000
Lost MC 10 0 10 $5,000
NBC 40 2 42 $60,000
Marabunta Grande 0 1 1 $15,000
Street Team 0 3 3 $35,000
The Mandem 15 15 30 $223,750
The Saints 0 1 1 $10,000
The Stable 0 3 3 $45,000
Vagos 0 1 1 $25,000
Single Player
Old Laptops Purchased
New Laptops Purchased
Total Laptops Purchased
Total Spent
Alex Datum 0 6 6 $90,000
Billy Mang 0 3 3 $30,000
Carmella Corset 5 2 7 $42,500
Cayman Turner 0 1 1 $15,000
Creo Simmons 0 1 1 $15,000
Curtis Swoleroid 5 0 5 $3,750
Deejay Bartello 0 1 1 $15,000
Elena Vega 0 3 3 $35,000
Erin Cox 5 0 5 $3,750
Eugene Zuckerberg 40 0 40 $20,000
Fiona Stewart 20 10 30 $160,000
Frank De Luca 0 1 1 $15,000
Harry Brown 20 0 20 $10,000
James Arsenal 0 2 2 $30,000
James Thompson 0 1 1 $15,000
Jay Que 10 3 13 $60,000
Jean Paul 5 0 5 $3,750
Kio Shima 0 1 1 $15,000
La Flare Davis 5 7 12 $78,750
Lana Valentine 20 1 21 $30,000
Leslie Lingberg 0 1 1 15,000
Lucas Ortiz 0 1 1 $25,000
Malakai Anderson 10 0 10 $5,000
Mando Thompson 20 1 21 $25,000
Marie Ortiz 0 1 1 $15,000 Marty Banks 0 1 1 $15,000
Mickey S 10 1 11 $30,000
Nancy Drew 0 1 1 $15,000
'Nicole Reynolds 0 1 1 $15,000
Nino Chavez 20 0 20 $7,000
Olivia Harvey 5 0 5 $2,500
OTT 5 2 7 $33,750
Sai Carter 2 0 2 $2,000
Sarah Ableton 10 2 12 $35,000
Shevy Santanna 0 1 1 $15,000
Sun Moon 0 1 1 $15,000
Sunday Bestt 0 1 1 $15,000
Taylor Briggs 0 1 1 $15,000
Thomas Normandy 0 1 1 $15,000
Trey Romano 10 0 10 $5,000
Vivian Vale 0 1 1 $15,000
Wayne Biggz 10 2 12 $35,000

Reason: Brought the police to a laptop sale.

Reason: Attacked the Game masters.

Overall Base Income $1,944,500    
Purchase Fees $447,000
Final Income $1,497,500

Items available from The Game Masters

Items Amount Cost
Old Yellow Laptops 1



$750 each
$500 each

Current Yellow Laptops 1 $25,000 (previously)
$15,000 (previously)


  • "Hello, player one"
  • "What is your ping?"
  • "Practice makes perfect"
  • "Game over."
  • "If you knew the game had no end, would you still play?"