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The Frat is a group of college dropouts and graduates that "ran shit" on Frat Lane (upper Fudge Lane) and worked as cooks at the (now closed) southside Taco Shop.

General Description

The Frat was founded by Alex Marshall and Jackson Caldwell in Los Santos after they dropped out of Florida State University. Membership is comprised mainly of FSU dropouts and graduates. They reside in Mirror Park in a house owned by Kaleb Rush.

The group continues to move up in Los Santos, gaining drug and gun connections around the city. They eventually plan to live a life of crime doing various criminal jobs.


After Alex Marshall missed his bar exam, he was wandering around Los Santos without a job or a purpose. He decided to join up with his best friend from college, Jackson Caldwell who had just moved to Los Santos. Together in a new city and without money, they started looking for a place to live together which led them to the southside. After being held up at gunpoint multiple times, they came across Wayne Biggaz, who then also held them up at gunpoint, but later offered them a job as delivery drivers for the Taco Shop.  

Once they had put in hard work delivering food their first day, they were given a job as cooks in the shop. While working as cooks they met Kaleb Rush, a young man also in search of a job. Their personalities melded and they brought on Kaleb as a pledge for The Frat. From there, they met Brad Berkley, Chris Willis, and Thad Owens, who all quickly became members of The Frat as well. Sarah Reynolds and Diandra Rollins were also brought into The Frat due to knowing Alex and Jackson in the past.  

While originally they had just been looking for jobs, the group quickly found themselves in the middle of a lot of organized crime. This was due to their job being located around a multitude of career criminals and finding that said career criminals paid them off much better than just the Taco Shop income alone. Somewhat surprisingly with the definite help of others, they have adjusted very well to a new life of crime (despite a few near death experiences).  

Over the course of their first few days at the shop, they have amassed quite an impressive stash that includes copious amounts of meth, oxy, weed, cocaine, multiple class 1 and 2 firearms, and a few molotov cocktails.