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The Families are a street gang based in the area of Forum Drive.

Formerly known as the Grove Street Families (GSF), now known as The Families, the gang is known for the color green. Members are known for wearing green clothing, and often drive green vehicles. The gang center their operations mainly on weed-peddling, meth-selling, and gun trafficking, among other street-level illegal activities.


The Families started with OG members Dexx Martin, Chef, Ghost Storm & Tyrese Tyrone. They all lived in the area of Forum Drive. The Families are made up four separate gangs consisting of Forum Drive Families, Carson Avenue Families, Davis Neighborhood Families, and Chamberlain Gangster Families.

In the months of May and June 2022, the gang experienced inner and outer turmoil that have shaped the ways of the current gang's member roster. After the GG war, Drew inadvertently caused a major member fallout and death in the gang. The gang was missing and losing prominent members like OGs Summer, DK, father-and-son Microphone and Megaphone, and Enforcers LJ and Lavante. Billy and Lil Flocko's whereabouts since the war have yet to be found. After the Ballas war, Brian, Jov, and Drew were blooded out. Ty, Jerome, and CJ, the recently promoted enforcer and shotcallers respectively, have been taking initiatives leading the gang while Dexx is away, and have been successfully recruiting more members than they have lost.


See members roster and information here.

While Dexx may be known as the leader and face of the gang outside the family, The Families are actually run and lead by a diplomatic council of OGs. The hierarchy are typically are as follows (from the highest to lowest positions): OGs, Shotcallers, Enforcers, Gs, Fresh Gs, Hoodlums or Goons, Prospects, and Hangarounds.

10-99 Gangsters

10-99 Gangsters are contracts introduced initially by Shotcaller Drew during their second war against BSK with intention enabling them join in the firefight only. Many have obtained passes including Harry Brown and Peanut. After the BSK war, the contract has since only been used for interested associates and chain-bearers who want to help the gang, however it is unknown if it is still enforced after their recent Ballas war.

Known Former and Retired Members

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Former members have reasons to leave a street gang, be it the gang's decisions they dislike, outlived the south-side culture, or just complete disrespect against the gang - with the latter that results in a blood out and forget their existence in the south-side. To leave the gang without consequences, a member has to become a respected gangster or OG to be able to retire and have a choice to leave the gang unscathed.


The Families' territory is spread across the west side of the south of Olympic Freeway, controlling the neighborhoods of Chamberlain Hills and Strawberry, including some apartments along Davis Avenue. Members can be found hanging around the set of Forum Drive or the alleys of surrounding project buildings. Notable hangout spots and associated businesses include:

Territory Comparison to other Gangs, Groups, & Motor Clubs

Major Events in 3.0

Getting Into the Meth Game

After initially going into business with The Lost MC as their main buyer, The Lost ghosted their deal and immediately cut ties with GSF, forcing the gang to find another supplier. Eventually Summer heard the news from Siz of the HOA and the two groups decided then to work together in the meth game, making both into strong allies.

War with Chang Gang

After an incident with CG during an oxy run. the Chang Gang and GSF engaged in several small shootouts across the city. Dexx Martin and Debo Davis eventually kidnapped Randy Bullet and attempted to speak with him about resolving their differences. However this did not work out as planned and Randy Bullet was shot down. This along with incidents with CG associate Ray Mond and then new to the city Dean Quincy escalated the conflict into a full war where GSF was hunted down regularly. Eventually GSF OG Summer and OG Dexx arranged a meeting with Mr. K where the war was officially ended.

Marlo and D.Money getting Blooded out

Once the war with CG and associates ended it was discovered that Marlo Stanfield (who excluded himself from the war after disagreements with GSF's leadership) payed off CG for safety. Marlo was then hunted down and eventually shot by Dexx Martin and Carter Banx then ocean dumped, officially blooding him out of the gang. The following day later another member of GSF DeQuan Reeves a.k.a. D.Money felt GSF did not have his back after CG continually attacked him and OTT's label Creampie Creations after his Who-Chang diss song dropped. Eventually Daquan and Carter had a heated argument about GSF's involvement in Wu Chang Records and Creampie Creations beef that resulted in Carter shooting Daquan in the head, killing him instantly.

GSF Vs. NBC Conflict

NBC had long wanted to get into the Meth game and were actively cooking meth inside the public labs available, however at the time the only places anyone could push Meth was either on GSF, Ballas or Vagos respective blocks. NBC could not sell on the Ballas or Vagos turf so they attempted to broker a deal with GSF. Talks failed and GSF refused to let any gang sell on their turf. Unhappy with this decision Daquan Dumas then shot down Dexx Martin, Summer Mersion and Devon Jones proclaiming to take GSF's Turf by force. Only a few shoot outs occurred between both gangs afterward and eventually a second meeting was arranged. This meeting did not change anything however and the beef continued. Eventually NBC would get raided and the gang's leader Guy Jones was sentenced to the 9s effectively ending the beef and forcing them abandon their plans to take GSF's turf to sell Meth.

Vanilla Unicorn Reopening

The state shut down the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club after a citizen at the club was deported from the state for their actions effectively closing the venue indefinitely . After months of preparation renovation finally took place and the VU was turned into a exclusive event venue instead of a private entertainment club/strip Club. Inside many new features were installed such as hot tubs, towel racks, cameras and computer gear. The new VIP members were granted access to the exclusive streaming service where they can become influencers and make money streaming. However In reality a front for safe money laundering and is a service many criminals in the city take advantage of.


Dexx Martin and Outto-Tune Tyrone at the time were on good terms as GSF gave BSK some of their turf to sell meth so when OTT sought to buy a membership at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club the two negotiated a price for the membership and agreed to $120,000. However after several incidents involving OTT inside the VU, including heated arguments with management staff Dexx decided to remove OTT 's keys to the VU. This infuriated OTT and he tried to negotiate with Dexx to get his keys back or a refund for the membership he paid for. After all the trouble OTT caused at the VU as well as Bobby Schmiguel pulling a gun on him Dexx refused OTT's demands and the war started shortly after, At first GSF had no demands but eventually settled on 100k to end the conflict. The War lasted for nearly two months with both sides refusing to budge on submitting to the terms of surrender. After Failed ceasefires, False CI documents, Bobby and Double AA leaving BSK, and losing a majority of the later gunfights with GSF, OTT eventually submitted. Alone OTT arrived at the VU surrounded by GSF members and payed Dexx the 100k effectively ending the war.

The Weed Cartel

In an attempt to regain control of the weed game in the city after beating a drug trafficking charge, Wayne Biggaz a member of Chang Gang began taxing all weed packing spots in the southside. Andrew Jackson heard about this and made a proposal to Wayne and Jaylen Carter the leader of Street Team.

These three groups had the best weed strains in the city at the time, they decided to join together in an attempt to push other groups and independent growers out of the weed game. They would do this by holding down the weed packing spots together, preventing people from packing weed that was not one of their three strains. In exchange, they would offer these people one of their strains that they could pack freely and likely make more money selling than their own strain. Southside gangs were decided to be exempt from this as the packing spots are in the southside.

A group that initially had an issue with this arrangement was Sessanta Nove. Who decided to go over GSFs head and spoke to Wayne directly to try get their strain approved. However, after confrontation from members of GSF and Chang Gang an agreement was made that if they bought 10 boxes of each groups strain a week they would be allowed to grow and pack their own strain.

GSF Vs. Balla Conflict

The short-lived GSF Vs. Ballas war was the result of aggravation from the Ballas. Small things such as robbing houses, all the way up to shooting OG Donovan King and selling weed in Chamberlain Hills when they thought no GSF were around. However, the main incident which turned it from poking from the Ballas to full-blown war was an incident involving GSF prospect Dick Tames aka Megaphone.

Megaphone caught three Balla hang arounds/ prospects robbing houses in Chamberlain Hills, after some heated words Megaphone managed to shoot down all three of the Ballas and traded with the last one. This beef didn't last long and was eventually ended by GSF OG Carter Banx and Balla OG Demetrius Jones. GSF paid the Ballas $15k and the two agreed that in the future house robberies are petty and should not result in gunfights and full-on war.

Second GSF Vs. BSK


GSF Vs. GG War - The ATM Incident

After months of small incidents between Gulag Gang and GSF, such as the stabbing of Keandre Davis and catching low rank GG members seling meth on GSF turf, the two groups finally went to war over an ATM.

Andrew Jackson as well as a few other GSF members attempted to steal the ATM from the Gulag Gas Station, it resulted in Drew shooting at GG associate Mr. Ratchet. Drew went on to lie to both GSF and GG, insisting that Ratchet had shot first when in reality it was Drew.

Marty Banks, in exchange for the war ending wanted to take over the turf that the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club]] resides on. Dexx Martin refused to give up the turf and the war went on for about a week. In the end, GSF and GG agreed on offering the "Ring of Fire" chili restaurant, a GSF turf found on Innocence Boulevard, and Drew was instructed to pay them $100k in exchange for ending the war.

Drew's Hostile Takeover

Drew claims Triple OG and Member Fallout

Andrew Jackson was frustrated with the lack of presence from GSF OGs, with them not being around often and returning only to overturn decisions he and other high-ranking active members were making. As a result of this, Drew decided to try and lead GSF alongside Triple OG Dexx Martin. In the middle of a GG war, Drew brought Dexx into Auntie's house and called Ballas Shotcaller Dreyvon Cartier, aka Drip, who had traveled from Los Santos to Liberty City. Drip had tracked down and kidnapped Dexx's auntie, Latoya Jackson, and was holding her at gunpoint. Drew told Dexx he was claiming Triple OG alongside him and had taken his Auntie to ensure he wouldn't be killed immediately. Dexx walked off, leaving Drew unscathed to protect his auntie.
In a petty move by Dexx and because of Drew's contempt, he let the other members of the gang decide whether they recognize Drew as a "Triple OG" which then quickly devolved into picking sides. Tyler Thompson took off his flag and didn't want to be a part of GSF if Drew was leading, saying that this is not how a true leader claims authority. Enforcer Leland Jones and OG Summer Mersion had declared their non-involvement in the family feud and wars, leading to the former to leave (but still supporting the gang however Dexx may interpret it) and the latter to retire their southside life. Other members such as Curtis James and Aubrey Adams supported Drew, saying that Drew was right and that he had been the only leader around for months, while Billy Sprinkle supported Dexx as his hatred for Drew reached a peak for his recent behavior. Drew was also very close friends with Street Team at the time, who made it clear to members of GSF that if anything were to happen to Drew or if he were to die they would get revenge on GSF.

Street Team's Involvement

After a heated meeting with several members of GSF, Drew came out of his house with a bat intending to hit Dexx, however Dexx was prepared and stabbed Drew before he had the chance. Drew was admitted into ICU due to his injuries. Mercury Frost, Drew's girlfriend and member of Street Team, was on his emergency contact list and was called shortly to the hospital and met up with GSF members. For protection of GSF's matters, OG DK told the Street Team that some crackhead stabbed Drew, but Street Team didn't believe him. Carter Banx asked doctors to put extra security on Drew's room, fearing Dexx would try to kill him again.

When Drew left the hospital several days later, the first person who called him was Mercury who picked him up and brought him to Little Seoul to protect him. She told him to not contact anyone in GSF. Hours later, Dexx found out Drew has left the hospital and began searching for him. A sinking feeling that Drew sought refuge to Little Seoul, Dexx and other GSF members circled the area looking for Drew, even asking Street Team members, who also lied about Drew's location. Eventually, Drew called DK, who had been on his side, and told him he was in Little Seoul and asked him to come alone. Drew and DK made a conversation on the roof while other members of GSF pull up also looking to talk to Drew. Street Team agreed to allow GSF members to meet him but only if they are unarmed. Microphone was the only member allowed up to the roof after being searched for a weapon. While ST members searched GSF members, Dexx and Megaphone pulled up to them, initially misunderstanding the situation that was quickly cleared up.

However not long after, a heated conversation developed between Dexx and Street Team leader Jaylen Carter, where Dexx talked down to him. Jaylen held down from shooting Dexx as per instruction from Drew, but Dexx's attitude caused Jaylen to shoot. Megaphone shot Jaylen in response. Immediately, Street Team and GSF begin a shootout that resulted in all of GSF going down to the Street Team, who were on the roof with Drew shooting down at them. While the shootout happens, Microphone picked up Drew from his wheelchair and attempted to throw him from the building. Before he can reach the ledge, Microphone was shot down by DK, who was then shot by Street Team. Father and son family members Microphone and Megaphone were DOA at Pillbox after the event and DK was admitted into ICU. Soon after hearing the news, Drew then instructed Drip to kill Dexx's auntie.

Ballas' Involvement and Family Matters

The next day, Dexx received the news of his auntie's death and sent Ty and Brian to hunt for Drip. They found and shot him outside the Grove Street Gas Station, and brought him to Dexx. In retaliation for Ballas clowning at GSF members in Forum the other day, Dexx uttered a cul-de-sac takeover to Drip, a move that reignited the second war against the Ballas.

A few days into the war, Ty brought several members of GSF together to talk out all the internal issues, explaining that they wouldn't be able to push the Ballas from Chamberlain if they were spending their time fighting each other. Carter threatened Dexx and Drew, saying that if they don't move past their issues he will kill them both and run GSF himself. In a turn of events, Billy showed up in the meeting, not knowing Dexx and Drew still coming to a semi-resolution. Billy, seeing only red, hastily shot Drew, causing Carter to shoot him down.

Drew was eventually blooded out of GSF by Tyler Thompson, Curtis James, Paklin Nash and Derek Zane after the second Balla Vs. GSF war due to his attempted hostile takeover.

GSF Vs. Ballas - War for Chamberlain Hills

After the fallout from Drew Jacksons attempted hostile takeover left GSF members Rick 'Microphone' Tames and Dick 'Microphone' Tames dead, Drew ordered Dreyvon 'Drip' Cartier, shotcaller of the Ballas to kill Dexx Martins auntie who he had previously kidnapped to aid in Drews takeover.

When Dexx hears of her death he orders GSF to hunt down Drip, he is found by Tyler 'Ty' Thompson and Brian O'Copnel and shot down outside Grove Gas Station. They bring him to Dexx on Forum Drive and he is taunted while laying on the concrete, Dexx tells him that he is going to take over the cul-de-sac. When Drip returns to the Ballas and tells him what happened war is declared. Ballas decide that in reparation for Dexxs words they will take the southside of GSFs territory Chamberlain Hills. Ballas OG Demetrius 'Draco' Jones reveals that taking over Chamberlain Hills was the plan for the ballas eventually for when the Ballas got their turf flag, but the plan got moved forward because of GSFs actions.

Towards the beginning of the war terms were set including; only fighting on Chamberlain and no going after people when they were solo. These terms were broken by both sides, both gangs saying the other broke them first, having terms was eventually abandoned. Throughout the war, the Ballas managed to remove two GSF tags on Chamberlain and replace them with Balla tags. After a few weeks, the Ballas approached GSF with terms to end the war, there were three options.

Option 1: GSF pays $1M to end the war and the Ballas leave Chamberlain. Option 2: Ballas sprays stay on Chamberlain and the two groups share the turf. Option 3: GSF hand over the remaining GSF sprays on Chamberlain to the Ballas but get to continue selling product on Chamberlain.

GSF rejected all of these terms, finding them to be unreasonable and the war went on for over a month and a half. A meeting was eventually set up between the two groups, Curtis 'CJ' James and Ty from GSF, Mona Sanchez, Tyrell Fresh, Drip and Draco from the Ballas were present. GSF presented another set of terms to end the war.

GSF handed over the Dollar Pills spray and surrendered the turf to the Ballas along with $120. In exchange, the Ballas handed over one of the Balla sprays on Chamberlain and GSF wiped the other. The Ballas agreed to these terms, and Balla leader Tyrell handed over one of the sprays to Ty and Aaron Alexander gave them $120k. GSF wiped the second spray and replaced it, the GSF spray was handed over to Mona by Dexx a few days later.




  • "It's a Green World dawg!"
  • "GSF Madafaka!"
  • "26 mob on god" - Chamberlain set motto
  • "Families for life!"


  • The gang is officially known as The Families however they are commonly referred as "GSF" in the city.
  • The Families at one point are called "Green Sultan Families" because of members owning Karin Sultan cars.
  • Because of the history of some members' with the HOA, some of them are honorary members: Summer, Carter, Drew.
  • On October 29, 2021, three Family members participated in the Squid Games event: Dexx, Summer, and Billy.
  • They possess one of the best quality of weed strain in the city (99% quality) and is named Green Supreme OG that was discovered by OG DK. Formerly called God's Green Crack and Gorilla Glue 26.


9's in the trunk - The Families

featuring Double A, Dexx, Drew, Billy, Jerome, and Ty