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The Bishop is a character role-played by willneff.


Also known as "The Slut of God", "The Strong Arm & Long Balls of the Blood God", The Reverend, Archbishop, or The Pastor. The Bishop is an elderly religious leader and co-founder of an organization that is definitely not a murder-sex cult. It's a tax-exempt murder-sex church.

The Bishop died on February 7, 2021.

The Bishop resurrected on February 16, 2021.


Early Life

"When I was a child, I dreamed of being a dancer. I wanted to be in the ballet. Russian premiere company. I could dance en pointe when I was only eight years old. I remember being in that living room in the farmhouse. My father would be a-pissin' and a-hollerin' watching Monday football, and I'd be there dancing. Swan Lake. Full rendition. I danced 'til my feet bled. Why, I wore a hole in that carpet. I hope one day I can dance still, after the fighting's done. If that day ever comes, I want you to wait for me. Maybe I can teach you to dance, too."
― The Bishop


As a child in the 70's, The Bishop fought in the Vietnam War under Commander Chuck Weaver. Weaver was a stereotypical patriot who loved America, standing ready to fight for his country against anyone who challenged the grand ol' US of A.

Sometime during the war, Commander Weaver informed his platoon of a plan to storm "Pyongpang", a totally real city in Vietnam. The Bishop and most of the platoon knew this was a rash and imperceptive plan, so The Bishop approached Commander Weaver on the platoon's behalf. The Bishop knew that the forces at Pyongpang were already expecting the American troops, but was unable to change the Commander's mind. He knew what he had to do. Later that night, The Bishop snuck up behind Weaver and pierced his spinal chord between the L7 and L8 vertebrae, stealing the now-dead Commander's wallet and the picture of Mrs. Weaver within.

When The Bishop returned back to the United States, he visited Mrs. Weaver with a folded flag and news of Chuck's death. Upon being told of her husband's passing, Mrs. Weaver broke down. The Bishop consoled her with a passionate fucking that same night, possessed by a desire to "break that man twice." First by a literal stabbing in the spine... then, a figurative stab in the heart. That day, according to The Bishop, was the day the Blood God showed himself to him in "comporal" flesh. The Bishop knew, then, that his only purpose was to spread the word of the Blood God.


Once upon a time, The Bishop fucked and murdered a homeless man. It is unclear whether this occurred in Liberty City or Los Santos. Blood for the Blood God.


"Don't be someone else's patsy; don't die for some cause. Serve yourself. Serve the Blood God."

—The Bishop

Scratchy Dick

The Bishop is often seen with his face contorted into a strange half-cocked grimace and a hand perpetually scritching and scratching at his genitals. This is likely due to his aggressive case of chlamydia alongside some deeply-embedded metal splinters, each a result of his attempt to lower the price of a car he wished to purchase. Put simply, he put his dick into the car's gas tank. The car's price remained the same.

The Bishop refers to this condition as "a scratchy dick."

Despite his greasy balding hair, long low-hanging balls, disgusting gout-ridden feet, and distinctly wrinkled skin, the Bishop has the raw aggressively sexual energy and spryness of a much younger man.

Major Events

February 7, 2021

  • Los Santos Licenses
    • The Bishop acquired his gun license on February 7th, 2021. He attempted to acquire a thermonuclear license, but could not afford it.
  • Burger SHOT!
    • After being involved in a car crash due to being sold a defective taxi, The Bishop biked to Burger Shot to buy a Torpedo with no tomato. He arrived at the parking lot of Burger Shot just as an armed standoff between some gang members [insert gang name] and a tow-truck driver was taking place. As The Bishop circled the group, the armed men started firing. After catching stray bullets in the crossfire, The Bishop leapt into action, hammer at the ready, attempting to defend himself. He screeched "I'm a vigilante!", incapacitating one shooter before getting shot down by another. Cops and EMS soon arrived at the scene, running over several fire hydrants in the process.
    • At the hospital, The Bishop flirted with the tow-truck driver from the shootout, Jordan Steele, from parallel hospital beds. The Bishop tempted Jordan Steele with a good ear-fucking. The two had a prior history of taking turns pissing in one another's wounds the day before.
    • The Bishop was picked up by his friend Melbert but was shortly thereafter run over by this aforementioned friend when he fell out of the trunk. This would be his third or fourth visit to Pillbox Hospital in less than 24 hours.
  • Flirting With Sonya Summers
    • It did not end well.[1]
  • Death
    • After being shot six times in one day, The Bishop succumbed to his wounds and died.

February 16, 2021

  • Resurrection
    • The Bishop resurrected face-down in a gutter. He attempted to find work at Burger Shot, but was turned down by Robert Spowylamywanowski.
  • Church Operations
    • The Bishop connected with Spencer Smith and debated the nuances of blood theology. After coming to an agreement, The Bishop and Spencer Smith formed a religious alliance: Latter Day Saint, Blood God (LDSBG+).

Religious Affiliation

The Church of the Blood God

Main article: The Church of the Blood God

The Bishop, together with The Father, co-founded The Church of the Blood God on Rust Island "two years ago" before eventually bringing their tax-exempt religious organization to the city of Los Santos.



  • The Bishop is a character identical to the one willneff portrayed rping in the OTV Rust server back in January 2021.




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