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The Apothecary is a local business co-owned by Geralt of Rivia and Lola Sunshine. The business proposal was approved under Denzel Williams' mayorship and mostly operates at the Farmer's Market in Andi Jones Farmers Market & Dean World's Farmers Market depending on the time of the day. The Apothecary sells various types of potions with different perks.

On the 27th of August 2021, Geralt of Rivia sold 49% of his shares to Cecil Mournings, thus renouncing his position as the co-owner.


  • Love Potion - Heart warming and sweet
  • Mournings Brew - Refreshing and hydrating. Restores Mana.
  • Storm Bolt - Run faster and fight better with a jolt of energy!
  • Orange Gall - Increases the regeneration of cells in the body
  • Black Sunshine - Liquified smoke. Magically infused with nicotine and serotonin.
  • Ravenous Reduction - An appetite suppressant to sate that hunger monster within