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Tex Tuspeach is a character role-played by Burn.

 General Description

Tex Tuspeach is supposedly an IRL streamer who has moved to Los Santos. Despite his headset, however, it's unclear whether he is genuinely streaming, as at times he is seemingly controlled entirely by the 'viewers'. Most of the supposed 'donations' from these viewers come out of his own wallet as well, making it unclear whether he is ever actually being paid by anyone.

He will constantly give money away in conversation, and will often only speak through viewer 'donations' until he runs out of cash. Though his viewers names are often random and vulgar, there are several regulars.

 Regular Viewers

MLGsimp420: Supposedly a ‘professional toontown MLG pro’ who enjoys playing Tetris in his free time. He will often argue with the other ‘viewers’ in defense of whatever woman they are harassing, but becomes extremely obsessed with them and lashes out the moment his affection is rejected. He believes himself to be the nicest of guys.

Bobby: A 12 year old who stole his parents credit cards. He will always ask nearby women to ‘show bobs’ and will beg people to take Tex/him to Tilted Towers.

Terry: A self described 'billionaire' who will spend as much money as possible to get what he wants. Possibly the most well adjusted out of all of chat somehow.

Eugene: Possibly a reference to Eugene Zuckerberg. He will occasionally leave sexist comments.

Played By: Burn
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