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Terrance "TJ" Walker is a character role-played by DocWizard.

General Description

Terrance "TJ" Walker is an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #499.


TJ works diligently to punish those who break the law but can be seen as one of the more relaxed cops on the force. He has a clear soft spot for his family and because of that tends to be more lenient towards them. His father, step-father, and general family often are on the opposite side of the law: That means that at times his relationship with those closest to him is threatened by his job and duty as a police officer.

He is known to be upbeat and always up for a laugh. Currently, this side of him is more hidden since he's suffering the aftermath of getting shot in the head by people he believed to be family.

Background Information

Walker has a complicated past: He grew up in Los Santos, used to do petty crimes like stealing cars and he has a history of drug abuse. His friends got caught one day and Walker decided that this life wasn't worth it anymore. Thus he used his clean record to become part of law enforcement[1].

Due to him being the son of Barry Benson and step-son of Irwin Dundee, he is the only police officer that the BBMC allow into their Billabong. He often visits this area, in Vespucci beach, to check-up on and talk to his fathers. Although he is allowed into the Billabong, TJ finds himself frequently having to disclaim to other members of BBMC that he is a person and not just an officer of the law—due to BBMC's distrust with the PD.

Major Events

Fall Out With BBMC

The club has always distrusted the police but TJ, due to being Barry's step-son, was tolerated on their turf and they even formed bonds. This changed, as after a shootout with the police department BBMC decided to hunt for cops. They found TJ, kidnapped him and Dundee gave the order to shoot him. Jean Paul took the shot, the members of BBMC (Chain, Junior, Collin and Pez) watched. TJ was shot four times in the head[2], he was dead for three minutes and got brought back to life in the hospital[3]. He had to stay in the ICU for multiple days.

This cut deep, especially since Barry had given an order in the past not to harm TJ if it isn't necessary for a job. Additionally the club didn't tell Barry directly after it happened, Barry had to learn the truth from Chatterbox and Emma Gaine[4].

The break of trust, the trauma and medical complications are taking a toll on TJ. He distrusts deeply his own father, since it is Barry's club that executed him point-blank[5].

He had to do physical therapy[6], toyed with the thought of taking drugs[7] and is currently thinking about leaving the police department[8]. The facts that he gets shot (by BBMC or because it's Hellweek) just because he is a police officer and that he doesn't get recognized as an actual person are the main motivations of his present wish to leave the PD.

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Promoted to Officer; Badge #499 June 29th, 2021
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Motorcycle Driver
Motorcycle Cert.png
Officer Motorcycle Certified TBD
SWAT Cert.png
Officer SWAT Certified TBD


Personal Relationships

Barry Benson - Father

After meeting Barry during a 28-minute long police chase and establishing mutual respect for each other, TJ and Barry developed a friendly rivalry. This led to Barry calling TJ about crimes he committed, only giving information that couldn't be used to incriminate himself; TJ worked to try and get Barry to slip up and confess but these attempts were met with no progress.

A few days after this exchange started, TJ reached out to Barry via phone call, having forgotten who he was (and the rivalry they had). Barry claimed he was TJ's father, saying he had slept with TJ's mom. While TJ was initially surprised to hear this, they both took to calling each other father and son[9]. As the two became more familiar with each other due to this realisation of their father-son relationship, TJ learned that Barry was married to Dundee, making him TJ's step-father.

The two learned to grow together: Barry had difficulties trusting TJ in the beginning, since he is a cop. Barry didn't want to risk the club while TJ just wanted the truth when something personal happens. They talked and resolved their problems, strengthening their bond[10].

The relationship between Barry and TJ has changed drastically after BBMC shot TJ at point-blank. The established trust and friendliness have disappeared, TJ is cold to Barry and has given him just one chance to make it right[11]. Besides that, TJ is trying to remove the matching goldfish tattoo on the neck that both of them share and has currently covered it up.

TJ expects Barry to step up and become a leader in the club, while Barry is struggling to balance punishment, being a part of the club and demanding respect[12].

Irwin Dundee - Step-Father

Dundee has been always unhappy with TJ as step-son and never accepted him[13]. They did have their differences: In the past Dundee beat up TJ and C4d him once. They tried to make an effort[14] but recently the whole relationship broke: After a shootout BBMC decided to let out their anger on cops and went on a hunt after them. They found TJ, kidnapped him and Dundee gave the order to shoot him. This broke all the established trust TJ and BBMC had and brought bad long-term consequences[15].

After the incident TJ and Dundee ran into each other: Dundee told TJ that he will never care about him and that TJ is a disappointment to him[16].

Channing Turner - Step-Brother

Chain got adopted by Dundee, making him TJ's stepbrother[17]. Both have a mutual respect for each other, talking and even exchanging gifts[18].

Chain was part of the members that were there when TJ got shot down, effectively breaking the mutual trust. They haven't talked since the incident.

Hubcap Jones - Grandfather

Hubcap got introduced to TJ after it turned out that Hubcap is Barry's father. They have a friendly relationship, the rockstar is a person TJ can rely on and Hubcap helps to mediate between Barry and TJ sometimes[19]. Hubcap is a rockstar through and through, sometimes getting arrested and even offered TJ "legal acid" once[20].

Emma Gaine - Friend

Emma may be the current mayor but she is still a doctor and physical therapist. After TJ's incident with BBMC he contacted her because he had problems with movement and feeling in his legs. They met up, talked with each other and Emma quickly realized that Walker needs someone to rely on in this situation, so she invited him to stay over in one of her properties with access to a car.

Chatterbox - Friend

Chatter is a mutual friend of Barry and TJ. They got to know each other when TJ arrested Chatterbox[21]. TJ even teased Chatterbox by putting a clown mask on and creeping him out[22].

Chatterbox had differences with Dundee in the past, which is why TJ contacted Chatter to talk to him after his stay in the ICU. Chatterbox continues to support both TJ and Barry, tried to stop TJ from taking drugs and mediated the first talk between father and son[23].

Francis J Francer - Rival

TJ and Francis have been cadets at the same time. Francis got promoted before him and took the callsign TJ wanted. This started a rivalry between the two, even nowadays as Francis is on the opposite site of the law, the two go head to head whenever they meet each other[24].

Professional Relationships

Sam Baas - Boss and Step-Grandfather

Baas is the current chief of police, but he's still looking out for everyone. Their relationship is friendly, with some differences: for example when TJ is too hot headed about Francis or the time Baas ocean-dumped Dundee[25]. He is noticing that TJ is currently not in a good place after he got kidnapped and shot by BBMC and is worried for his adoptive grandson.



Played By: DocWizard
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