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Terrance "TJ" Walker is a character role-played by DocWizard.

General Information

Terrance "TJ" Walker is an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #499.

TJ is known to maintain a by-the-book mentality and works to punish those who break the law. However, he has a clear soft spot for his family and struggles to enforce the full length of the law on them- in consideration of his leniency towards family, he would not allow this weakness to negatively effect his line of work. This means that at times his relationship with those closest to him is threatened by his job and duty as a police officer.

Due to him being the son of Barry Benson and step-son of Irwin Dundee, he is one of the only police officers that the BBMC allow into their Billabong. He often visits this area, in Vespucci beach, to check-up on and talk to his fathers. Although he is allowed into the Billabong, TJ finds himself frequently having to disclaim to other member's of BBMC that he is a person and not just an officer of the law- due to BBMC's mistrust with the PD.

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Promoted to Officer; Badge #499 June 29th, 2021

TJ's Father

After meeting Barry Benson during a 28 minute long police chase and establishing mutual respect for each other, TJ and Barry developed a friendly rivalry. This lead to Barry calling TJ about crimes he committed, only giving information that couldn't be used to incriminate himself; TJ worked to try and get Barry to slip up and confess but these attempts were met with no progress.

A few days after this exchange started, TJ reached out to Barry via phone call, having forgotten who he was (and the rivalry they had). Barry claimed he was TJ's father, saying he had slept with TJ's mom. While TJ was initially surprised to hear this, they both took to calling each other father and son. As the two became more familiar with each other due to this realisation of their father-son relationship, TJ learnt that Barry was married to Dundee, making him TJ's step-father- Dundee was unhappy when he found out that his son was a cop but slowly learnt to tolerate him for Barry's sake.


Fan Art

Played By: DocWizard
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