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"I chose my family. And this is my family."

Terrance James "TJ" Walker is a character role-played by DocWizard.

General Description

Terrance James ”TJ" Walker is currently a Prospect for the Bondi Boys MC.

TJ is also the Bomb Connect for Michael Simone, distributing and selling bombs for the terrorist.

He was formerly an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #499 but resigned on the 28th of January, 2022.


TJ had been a police officer for almost two years. There were a multitude of reasons why he left (isolation on shifts, the repeated criticism of his work by other officers, the dissatisfaction with superior officers and more) but the catalyst of him leaving the PD was BBMC shooting him in the head. He had viewed BBMC as family, especially since his father is Barry Benson, vice prime minister of the club.

After the shooting he had a long inactivity period in the PD, reconnected with BBMC and listened to their side of the story. After many conversations they agreed to prospect him if he proved his loyalty. On the 28th of January 2022 he resigned from his job and a few hours later he shot a cop, execution style, in the Billabong.

TJ is loyal to his club and has told multiple people that he's happier than ever before[1]. He is a completely trusted member of the club. Nowadays, TJ is closer to them than ever before and has formed a brotherly bond with many of the members.

TJ is working hard to stay on top of things in Los Santos as criminal, you can see him constantly talking to people on the phone. Currently he's working for Michael Simone to distribute bombs[2] and TJ is working with the Lifers in Bolingbroke to distribute Ketamine[3].

For a thorough recap look into TJ Walker's Major Events.


At first glance TJ is known to be relaxed, upbeat and always up for a laugh. He usually matches the energy of people he talks to.

TJ changed quite a bit after he got shot by BBMC, he grew colder, his tone became more serious, sarcastic and dark. It took a long time to hear TJ laughing again. Nowadays, he is joking around and his tone is lighter, but you can still notice the incident influencing him. Since he became a member of the club he seems to be looser, more unhinged, and more trigger-happy. Especially in dark or difficult situations you can notice his more murderous and serious side slipping out[4].

TJ has a problem with authority, since in his past in the PD people used to abuse their rank. Sometimes he will speak openly against people of higher rank, and he will not stay quiet on the sidelines if he sees something go wrong. This can be favorable, and lead to improvement but it can also lead to hostility with other people.

TJ is loyal to his club, hardworking and would set heaven and hell for them in motion. He has no problem lying to his former colleagues about crimes and/or his club and tried multiple times to extort them. TJ is not above manipulating, killing, or torturing people if that means to get to his goal.

When he was a cop he worked diligently, with a noticeable soft spot for his family: he helped them out when he could, for example deleting warrants and giving seized materials back.

Background Information

Walker has a complicated past: He grew up in Los Santos, used to do petty crimes like stealing cars and robbing houses[5]. His friends got caught one day and Walker decided that this life wasn't worth it anymore. Thus he used his clean record to become a LEO[6].

When he was a police officer, he was the only one of law enforcement allowed into the Billabong, due to him being the son of Barry Benson and step-son of Irwin Dundee. He often visited the area, to check-up on and talk to his fathers. Nowadays he is part of BBMC and can call the Billabong his home.



Barry Benson - Father and Vice Prime Minister

When TJ was a cop he met Barry during a 28-minute long police chase. This established mutual respect for each other and TJ and Barry developed a friendly rivalry. This led to Barry calling TJ about crimes he committed, only giving information that couldn't be used to incriminate himself; TJ worked to try and get Barry to slip up and confess but these attempts were met with no progress.

A few days after this exchange started, TJ reached out to Barry via phone call, having forgotten who he was (and the rivalry they had). Barry claimed he was TJ's father, saying he had slept with TJ's mom. While TJ was initially surprised to hear this, they both took to calling each other father and son[7]. As the two became more familiar with each other due to this realisation of their father-son relationship, TJ learned that Barry was married to Dundee, making him TJ's step-father.

The two learned to grow together: Barry had difficulties trusting TJ in the beginning, due to his profession. Barry didn't want to risk the club while TJ just wanted the truth when something personal happens. They talked and resolved their problems, strengthening their bond[8].

The relationship between Barry and TJ did change after BBMC shot TJ at point-blank. The established trust and friendliness disappeared, TJ was cold to Barry and had given him just one chance to make it right[9]. Besides that, TJ tried to remove the matching goldfish tattoo on the neck that both of them share and had it covered up. TJ wanted Barry to step up and fulfill the leader role in the club, while Barry struggled to balance punishment, being a part of the club and demanding respect[10]. Even though TJ struggled heavily and treated his father differently, Barry never showed him the cold shoulder and supported him continuously.

Through time and conversations with BBMC, TJ slowly processed what happened. The separation had left him missing the interactions with them and TJ told his father that he wants the family back[11], this motivated Barry to help TJ to become part of BBMC.

Barry is proud of his son becoming part of the "dark side" and the father son duo is closer than ever before. Both of them are working together, planning torture sessions for people they dislike[12], supporting each other when one of them wants to kill another person[13] and the business they created is booming[14].

Irwin Dundee - Step-Father and Prime Minister

Dundee had been unhappy with TJ as step-son and had never accepted him[15]. The main issue between them had been always TJ's profession since Dundee never even thought about getting close to a cop, even if the cop would be his step-son. They did have their differences: In the past Dundee beat up TJ and C4d him once. They tried to make an effort[16] but the whole relationship broke as after a shootout BBMC decided to let out their anger on cops and went on a hunt for them. They found TJ, kidnapped him and Dundee gave the order to shoot him. This broke all the established trust TJ and BBMC had.

After the incident TJ and Dundee ran into each other: Dundee told TJ that he will never care about him and that TJ is a disappointment to him[17].

After TJ proved his loyalty through shooting a cop, Dundee recognized him as son. Dundee was teaching him how to be a criminal, how to be a part of the club and is acknowledging TJ as full member of the club. He even used TJ's PD knowledge to teach the club useful information.

Dundee seems to enjoy having TJ around, is including him in criminal activities and is relying on him while doing them. After being a part of the club for almost two months, their relationship has been the best it has ever been. Dundee told TJ he loves him on the 20th of March 2022[18].

Due to TJ's difficulty with authority, feeling without any direction and being the Financial Chief of BBM, both of them had conversations and arguments, but in the end their relationship improved and they saw the other's side better. Dundee even ended up apologizing to TJ for shooting him in January[19].

Channing Turner - Step-Brother and Patched Member

Chain got adopted by Dundee, making him TJ's stepbrother[20]. Both have had a mutual respect for each other, talking and even exchanging gifts[21].

Chain was part of the members that were there when TJ got shot down, effectively breaking the mutual trust. In a talk after, it became clear that Chain has shut off his feelings, trying not to feel regret while TJ is worried about him.

Chain was showing TJ the ropes of being a criminal. Chain had commented that it's weird having a cop in the club, especially after what had happened, but the relationship was on its way to being more friendlier again. Nowadays, both of them joke around with each other in a brotherly manner but the topic of TJ's execution hasn't been touched until now.

Jesse Reed - Boyfriend and High Command

Even before TJ became a part of the club, Jesse supported TJ[22]. Since the beginning Jesse has had a lot of respect for TJ and cared for him, for example Jesse helped TJ to chip off his debt after his first arrest. They immediately had an affectionate chemistry, joked around/teased each other[23] and have had always each others backs.

They started to joke around about dating each other[24]. The joke blossomed more and more and got a more serious undertone, so much that they started to tell others[25] and made it official on the 19th of February[26]. The two are owning a house together in the Billabong[27].

The two are a solid team, relying on each other and staying calm, even during battle[28]. TJ and Jesse told that they love each other on the 10th of March[29] [30]. Even while said in a lighter tone, for TJ this was a big step, since the word is very strong for him and he hadn't said it to anyone else back then.

Jesse has adopted Six as dog, since then TJ and Jesse are proud dog parents[31].

In general, Jesse's and TJ's relationship is a very healthy one. They talk with each other about problems, they are truthful to each other and they work together through club problems. Both are enjoying each other's company and see each other as anchor in the club, especially since the club is mostly action before thought while the two are more calm and collected[32].

Jordan Lee - Friend and ProspectThis character is deceased

Jordan had been one of the first people to fully accept TJ in the club[33]. He protected TJ and didn't ask any questions when TJ went to meet with Baas and Knight shortly after TJ got blooded in[34] and he didn't let any strangers disrespect TJ from day one[35].

TJ had always had a very good relationship with him, joking around and protecting each other. For example TJ manifested a new BBMC rule to never let Jordan drive, since Jordan's driving style had been stressing him out. Additionally, TJ's first murder was a woman that had stabbed Jordan[36]. Later TJ went on Court Record to jokingly note down that he hates Jordan, since Jordan had been annoying him[37].

Jordan's murder deeply moved TJ and set TJ, who saw Jordan as a brother in the club, on his own murderous path.

Friendly Relationships

Fiona Stewart - Mother

Fiona met TJ during one of her early bank heists and adopted him. She was unhappy with him not calling back enough, but after he told her he would be quitting PD she became very proud of him.

Hubcap Jones - Grandfather

Hubcap got introduced to TJ after it turned out that Hubcap is Barry's father. They have a friendly relationship, the rockstar is a person TJ can rely on and Hubcap helps to mediate between Barry and TJ sometimes[38]. Hubcap is a rockstar through and through, sometimes getting arrested and even offered TJ "legal acid" once[39]. He is very proud of TJ becoming a criminal[40].

Emma Gaine - Friend

Emma may be the current mayor but she is still a doctor and physical therapist. After TJ's incident with BBMC he contacted her because he had problems with movement and feeling in his legs. They met up, talked with each other and Emma quickly realized that Walker needs someone to rely on in this situation, so she invited him to stay over in one of her properties with access to a car.

She removed his keys after he established himself again and found a new home. They're in contact sometimes, updating each other on their lives. Emma is relatively indifferent about him becoming a criminal.

Chatterbox - Friend

Chatter is a mutual friend of Barry and TJ. They got to know each other when TJ arrested Chatterbox[41]. TJ even teased Chatterbox by putting a clown mask on and creeping him out[42].

Chatterbox had differences with Dundee in the past, which is why TJ contacted Chatter to talk to him after his stay in the ICU. Chatterbox continues to support both TJ and Barry, tried to stop TJ from taking drugs and mediated the first talk between father and son[43].

Chatterbox was surprised to hear that TJ became a member of BBMC but both of them uphold their friendship.

John Spartan - Step-Brother

Spartan is also adopted by Fiona, making them step-brothers. They're friendly with each other, even nowadays as TJ is on the opposite side of the law.

TJ loves to get processed by Spartan and often plays the "You're my brother" card during to get some advantages.

Francis J Francer - Rival

TJ and Francis have been cadets at the same time. Francis got promoted before him and took the callsign TJ wanted. This started a rivalry between the two, even as Francis was on the opposite site of the law, the two went head to head whenever they met each other[44].

Now that TJ is a criminal, the relationship between the two changed, making them not direct enemies but you can still notice the old rivalry between them.

Damien Tinkerman - Former Hangaround

Jesse introduced Damien to TJ as a potential Hangaround. They talked for multiple times and got to know each other. TJ did relate to Damien's search for somewhere to belong to.

TJ was hesitant to accept Damien as Hangaround at first, because TJ was still very new to the club but still brought it up with other club members. On the 15th of February 2021, after a talk with Pez, Damien got accepted as Hangaround. TJ was responsible for him in the club, after some difficulties Damien became Pez' Hangaround. In the end Damien moved fully away from the club but there is no bad blood between him and TJ.

Distant Relationships

Sam Baas - Ex-Boss and Step-Grandfather

Baas is the current chief of police. Their relationship was friendly, with some differences: for example when TJ was too hot headed about Francis or the time Baas ocean-dumped Dundee[45]. He did notice that TJ was not in a good place after he got kidnapped and shot by BBMC and was worried for his adoptive grandson but still didn't find the time in 28 days to talk to him, which motivated Walker even more to leave the PD. Baas isn’t happy that TJ left and is currently angry about him shooting a cop.

They met up and talked but Baas tried to "Baaslight" TJ about the incident: He didn't let TJ talk or explain and told him how to feel about everything. In TJ's mind Baas justified with this behavior the resignation of TJ from PD because Baas didn't listen and wasn't ready to see any other side besides his own.

Whenever they meet up nowadays the interactions are more hostile, with TJ insulting Baas and even pointing a gun at him[46].

Olivia Copper - Ex-FTO and Mentor

Copper and TJ go a long way back. Copper brought TJ on his first ride-along back in the day. They were great partners on shifts.

When she found out that TJ left PD she called him and they had a long conversation: She thought he could've made it far in PD and felt him becoming a criminal is a waste[47]. On the other side, she saw that his leadership in PD has failed him and thought TJ was thinking similarly to her past self. She wanted to ruin his life for leaving the PD because she sees it as betrayal.

Since then they're calling each other here and there, trying to get information from each other without revealing any, like a cat and mouse game.

Jeffrey Bundy - Ex-Colleague and Superior

Bundy saw TJ as a good friend on the force and genuinely cared for him. With the act of shooting an officer TJ broke the relationship and destroyed any outward semblance of care Bundy had for him[48].

Directly after TJ's first arrest, Bundy was cold to TJ. TJ was mirroring this and countered everything with sarcasm. It took some time, but after a while their relationship changed back into a friendlier one: When they ran into each other the mood was lighter, not as spiteful and resentful as it had been.

Bundy had commented that he saw TJ still as family, even though he put his badge on the desk and walked away[49]. They were calling each other and were talking about their lives, TJ was one of the few people Bundy had a relationship with outside of the PD. They gave each other advice and were there for each other[50].

Bundy discovered that TJ is the bomb connect for Michael Simone, a terrorist that shot Bundy in the head and effectively took his eye with that, and that broke the trust between them. Bundy tried to entrap TJ with that information and was successful with it. But nothing followed after, no arrest of TJ and no interrogation. He also told TJ directly that he doesn't trust him much anymore.

The combination of entrapment and the direct statement of Bundy changed TJ's opinion of Bundy. TJ sees Bundy almost as hostile and he came to the conclusion that he can't trust Bundy at all. Additionally TJ dislikes Bundy being so close to BBMC, while being a cop and while entrapping TJ.

Currently both are playing some kind of 5D chess game[51], Bundy is trying to find out if he can trust TJ while TJ is trying to keep Bundy away and TJ is trying to figure out what Bundy's goals and ambitions are with the BBMC.

Pez/Cody Speedwagon - Ex-Founding Member of BBMC

Pez was there when TJ got shot. This led to the two of them having a long conversation, getting to know each other as person and telling their stories.

After Pez found out that TJ had been a criminal before becoming a cop he told TJ: "Let’s be honest. Look at you right now: You’re not a cop. You never were. You’re a criminal playing dress-up."[52]. They both found many similarities in their lives and Pez shared with TJ that he's not just Pez but Cody in the body of Pez.

Cody was supporting TJ fully and was protecting him from the PD as soon as TJ got blooded in. The trust between cracked a bit, after Cody acted multiple times against TJ or the club's will, which made TJ suspicious of him.

Cody's relationship with Cleo was also bringing drama and unnecessary conflicts to the club, which was why TJ took even more of a step away from him. After finding out that Cody lied to the club and just acted in his own interest, TJ didn't trust Cody at all anymore[53]. TJ was done with the drama and is of the opinion that Cody made his bed and now can lie in it[54]. Cody being bled out of the club left in TJ a bittersweet feeling.

Cleo Shaw - Acquaintance

Cleo contacted TJ after he left PD to hear his side of the story. She was contemplating leaving PD and wanted a different perspective on things. TJ spoke with her twice per phone call and tried to help her but Cleo was a mess and TJ was unsure how to help her or if he would even be able to help her at all.

Cleo was hanging out more and more with BBMC. TJ was starting to get a better understanding of her as a person, but he still kept her at arms-length and thought Cleo can't be trusted.

After she became Collin's daughter and caused a lot of drama in the BBMC, his opinion of Cleo just became worse and worse. He was not speaking at all to her and avoided her like the plague. Currently, she's shot on sight for BBMC members, since she is a big influence on Pez leaving the club and even wants to retaliate against the club.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Unified Police Department

Rank Insignia Note Date
Solo Cadet SoloCadetLSPD.png PD Ranking Restructure; Badge #699 February 5th, 2021
Officer OfficerLSPD.png Promoted to Officer; Badge #499 June 29th, 2021
Motorcycle Cert.png Motorcycle Certified 2021
SWAT Cert.png SWAT Certified 2021
Officer OfficerLSPD.png Resigned January 28th, 2022

MDW Profile

Drivers License 4 points
DNA On File
Tags Bondi Boys MC
Criminal Record of Terrance Walker
Kidnapping 2
Kidnapping of a Gov Employee 1
Assault with a Deadly Weapon 2
Attempted 2nd Degree Murder 2
Attempted Murder of a Government Employee 44
Gang Related Shooting 1
Reckless Endangerment 1
Joyriding 1
Grand Theft Auto 4
Possession of Contraband in the Third Degree 7
First Degree Robbery 1
Vehicle Registration Fraud 1
Conspiracy 1
Disobeying a Peace Officer 2
Felony Obstruction of Justice 4
Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance (Oxy/Meth) 1
Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) 12
Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 2) 9
Criminal Possession of a Government Issued Firearm 1
Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 3) 1
Resisting Arrest 8
Criminal Possession of a Government Issued Equipment 1
Evading 3
Reckless Evading 4
Reckless Driving 1
Third Degree Speeding 1
Street Racing 1
Robbery of a Financial Institution 1


Photo Vehicle Plate Description
Cliffhanger 15337EAJ The Cliffhanger was a present for TJ by Jordan Lee, gifted shortly before his death.
Ferrari 488 ASMODEUS The Ferrari was bought from Eugene Zuckerberg for 2.5 mil after taking a personal loan from Jesse Reed and a Diamond Hand Credit loan. The license plate name is the counter part to Jesse's Lilith Demon Charger[55].
Crown Victoria 13ALPHA TJ purchased his CVPI after joining the Los Santos Police Department for use in his police work, with a loan from his step-father Marlo. After resigning from the LSPD and joining the BBMC, TJ snuck his CVPI out of the garage at Mission Row PD with assistance from Barry and Dundee[56]. To prevent it being being seized by the government, TJ had the CVPI decommissioned by Eddie Marshall at the Tuner Shop, who decommissioned it for free, in exchange for being allowed to keep the government issued components and study the cars performance. TJ had the license plate changed to 13ALPHA on the 19th of February 2022 by Ferst Temple[57].

Photo Vehicle Plate Description
Duneloader R78D2835 A gift to TJ from his father.
Transferred to Dundee to check if he could park cars at H&O and take them out even if he is in debt.


  • Has a permanent limp because BBMC shot him in the head.
  • He is colorblind.
  • His old Badge Number, the number 499, counts now as cursed. It was previously Francis' Badge Number: Now both of them, Francis and TJ, went from being cop to being a criminal.
  • His first Racing Dongle Alias was 499.
  • Commented that he has been to Purgatory before[58].
  • Has a Goldfish tattoo on his neck, matching his father[59].
  • Successfully planned & pulled off a heist consisting of retrieving his personally owned CVPI in his old police uniform from the MRPD parking garage, while having a warrant, with Dundee and Barry[60].
  • Is a self-admitted Edgelord[61].
  • During his first arrest he followed the Clubrule of not pleading guilty and told Croc to "suck his dick"[62].
  • Managed to get a second warrant hours after he got arrested for his first warrant.
  • Managed to stack up 17 OIS (officer involved shooting) charges in three days.
  • It is on Court Record that TJ hates Jordan Lee[63].
  • TJ's first Murder was on the 20th of February[64], which was ruled in Court as self-defense[65].
  • Jesse and TJ are calling each other "Friendboy"[66], as a play on the word boyfriend.
  • Loves to drag cops to prison with him when he gets send up to Bolingbroke.
  • Always wears a watch.
  • His first torture was Jim Watson on the 8th of March 2022, for selling repeatedly drugs on BBMC turf and being disrespectful towards the club. TJ took his middle finger.
  • Dislikes being called Terrance[67].
  • On the 23rd of June 2022 TJ was bored and challenged the Motor Units of the PD to a chase-off, won 5-0 against them on his Cliffhanger, and has since developed a superiority complex about his motorcycle driving skills.
  • Doesn't care about Twilight and is neither Team Edward nor Team Jacob.
  • Is currently a Ketamine and Burner Phone Connect from the Lifers in Bolingbroke[68].
  • Kidnapped Alex Suarez and his Interceptor during an active Situation and explained himself Interceptor certified 6 months after leaving the PD[69].
  • After getting asked if he and Jesse are married, TJ responded that they don't need papers to say it and that they don't deny it[70].
  • Has the habit of poisoning Police Officers with a cursed Book when he's bored.



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Played By: DocWizard
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