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Tee Veeman is a character role-played by RudeNoodleNPC. He is also known as The Bard or Tee The Bard. Tee is an amalgamation of inspiration from South Park's Al Gore, Mike Judge's Butthead, and more.

The greying 37 year old is the survivor of a freak mug accident, which changed Tee from a spry up and coming reporter to a more reserved stoner. The perpetrator of the incident was the lead anchor of the news station Tee worked for. The senior newscaster ultimately faced no repercussions for his actions when the news station sent its team of lawyers to court. Tee was unable to win a clear open an shut case and was later fired by the station for what was cited as 'incompetence.' Veeman vowed to fight against corrupt news stations from that day on.

Tee would find happiness in the occasional 5 to 7 joints, music, and bike riding. He now works at burger shot with aspirations of hitting the big times in the music industry. The little jams he plays can be found here:

His interview with Humans of Los Santos can be found here. (Article)