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Taylor Briggs is a character role-played by Blown.


A spaceman of unknown space origins, Taylor Briggs is an alien with close to human-like appearance (though reportedly with multiple phalluses). Descending upon Los Santos as his first point of contact with the Earth, he has become conversant in both English and Spanish. Taylor landed a job at popular fast food chain Burger Shot where he has proven himself to be a dedicated worker, even earning the honour of "Top Unit Sales" during the month the "Murder Meal" menu items were introduced. Loyal to his other "Burger Shot Gang" friends, they have in turn showered him with a multitude of nicknames which he has taken in his stride. He has even incorporated them into the naming of his motoring acquisitions, such as his car the "Dildozer".

Taylor normally wears variants of his Spaceman outfit at all times, keeping his entire body concealed. Taylor had an abortive near-marriage to heiress Marylin Hilton, which was disrupted due to a series of misunderstandings, light shenanigans and attempted assasinations. In order to evade his enraged former fiancee, Taylor now occassionally sheds his Spaceman outfit going incognito under his natural humanoid appearnace.

He dislikes comparisons to popular space themed social deduction games.

Played by Blown
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