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Tay Taay was a character role-played by Greekgodx.


Tay Taay lived in Silver Lake with his best friend Gun Gi as a pastor. After his friend was kidnapped and presumably killed he moved to Los Santos to start a new beginning. He had one goal; to buy himself a church and live his life in peace by any means necessary, even if it results in crime. He began by robbing people at the Vanilla Unicorn then moved up in the crime scene by working for Dexx Martin. Then he met Alfred his good friend. They made a gang called the TTA gang. After Alfred was deported Tay Taay met Ramee. They quickly bonded and did a couple jobs together, however Tay Tayy disappeared shortly after. No one is sure as to what happened to him, but it is possible that he left the city in search of his old friend, Gun Gi.


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Played By: Greekgodx
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