Tappy Nippers is a cat role-played by sodapoppin.


Asshole cat, that eats basically everything in its sight. Including fingers.


Tappy is thought to originate from Rust Island, sources say it was part of a group of kittens that built a colosseum and could shoot sniper rifles. This is however unconfirmed.



"they'll never believe you"

Major Events

(To be added...)

Fun Facts

  • Tappy loves to piss on criminals.
  • Tappy likes to get stuck on the accelerator, sometimes causing accidents.
  • Tappy always falls face first whenever exiting a vehicle.
  • Tappy shows his love to others by rubbing his ass hole on people`s clothes.
  • Tappy loves to nibble and chew on things.
  • Tappy still has 6 out of his 9 lives available.
  • Tappy is thought to have the ability to buff vehicles. It caused a pickup truck to go 200 mph.
  • Tappy has bladder problems.


  • Rust Island is a reference to the OTV Rust Server that sodapoppin was rping back in January 2021.


Played By: sodapoppin
Characters: Kevin WhipalooTappy Nippers
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